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Enemy Zero

by Niggurath

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Released initially on the Sega Saturn in December of '96, Enemy Zero was meant to continue Kenji Eno's ideal of developing the digital actor in the realm of video games. This was an idea he had first touched upon in the bizarre adventure, cult classic called 'D' and would later continue upon in the sequel to 'D', and it was quite the revolutionary idea. And overall Eno, and his development studio 'WARP', were well known for their revolutionary ideas but sadly not all the games could be winners. Such is the sad case of Enemy Zero.

Taking place in some distant future, Enemy Zero finds the player aboard a space based transport vessel called the 'Aki'. While the Aki is making it's way across deep space and the crew are deep inside a cryogenic slumber, something in their cargo hold breaks free and causes the ship to go into full alert mode. At least that's what I think the intro movie is supposed to get across but it's a bit hard to tell. Needless to say, it's pretty much the plot of Aliens and expect all the twist and turns that you already got from that sci-fi horror classic. But not everything is the same as it was in the movie Aliens; no, we don't have the classic xenomorph here. These aliens have a key survival feature that is a pivotal plot point to the game and that's they are completely invisible. The good news is that we have a seemingly endless supply of futuristic ray gun ammo and a nifty sonar's super helpful.

The real focal point of any Kenji Eno game are the digital actors though, and we see not only the return of the digital actress 'Laura' but also a few faces that would later pop back up in recurring roles in 'D2'.

Laura Lewis
The protagonist for our story and the focal point for many a goofy, confused animation when approached with a locked door or meeting her boyfriend. As to what her past is or any real information on her, don't expect the game to be too forthcoming as it goes to the old standby of the character having amnesia. But is there something darker lurking under Laura's confused demeanor...only time will tell.

Kimberly Hurd
Laura's bff on the ship Aki and a member of the military security force on the ship, Kimberly is one tough cookie with a softer side that really comes to light when her friends or loved ones are in danger. But how far is she willing to go to protect the military's best interest aboard the Aki and is she really as trustworthy as she seems?

Kimberly's boyfriend and pretty much instantly made into alien chow. Not too much information is given about Parker before his demise, but Kimberly seems to state he's a pretty sensitive man who cared for a little blue bird of happiness. They must have had a magical relationship.

The proclaimed 'pilot.captain' of the Aki, not much information is given about Ronny. The only times that Laura is able to talk to him are over the computer intercom system where he bestows some pretty helpful knowledge on Laura and some words of encouragement. Otherwise I'm fairly certain Laura would just mentally shut down.

David Bernard
Laura's boyfriend and resident hunk (only behind the ultra manly Ronny), we never really learn too much about David. The only thing we can know for certain, at least from the interactions he has with Laura, is that David has no real social skills and is more than likely blackmailing Laura into a relationship.

George Takahasi
The native nerd on board the Aki, this naturally means that George comes off as very stand-offish and prone to strange mood swings. One moment he's offering some good-natured advice and the next moment he's telling you that it's very rude to talk to him. Also make sure never to touch his computer; he's very sensitive about that.

Died before we ever really got to know him. Maybe he was a cool guy, but it doesn't matter now cause he's super dead.
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