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Part 2: Day 2 - Dating and Demons

Day 2 – Dating and Demons

Where we last left off, we had just visited Princess Loreille while trying to rob the palace. She gave us some cryptic dialogue about the island being a prison, and then Mouse jumped several stories down to the ground of the palace.

Now we, uh…….

Actually we have no direction on what to do right now, so we can just piss around and do whatever.

Sleeping at the inn is always a possibility for spending time. As you can see, we can sleep for different time periods in case we want to hit specific times. However, unlike traditional RPGs, sleeping at the inn does not recover your health fully. As a result, Mouse’s health remains rather low for following segments. At the time, I figured it didn’t matter as most enemies do barely any damage.

Aside from an hour’s sleep, I decide to spend my time robbing houses, since we’re supposed to be an actual thief.

Pattimo decides you need to go on with the plot, and so you’re forced back to the inn.

”Sure….until you showed up.”

Rinna’s Father: “Today is Day 2 of the wedding festivities. The island’s getting lively. Everyday there will be many unusual events, so be sure not to miss anything.”

This is presumably the game’s way to nudging us into paying attention to what’s happening for future purposes. However, the game holds your hand so much in the early segments you might not take this advice to heart.

Rinna’s Father: “The “Holy Gem” ceremony is a ceremony where one of the wedding treasures, the Holy Gem, gets lifted up out of the ocean. The “Holy Gem” is kept purified in the ocean specifically for the royal weddings. If it wasn’t for the wedding, you would never get to see the gem.”

He then leaves.

(Shall we go?)

(“the island prison” or whatever…)

(They were just so fucking cryptic! Like she could have just come out and said it and saved me a head of worry!)

Could this be a significant choice?


(OK. Let’s take that route. I mean, I’m more lover than fighter, so…)


(Well, well, how honest you are. We’re not in a hurry, so I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to take in the sights every now and then. Well then, to kill some time let’s go see this so-called “Holy Gem” ceremony or whatever.)

No matter how you answer, Mouse leaves the room. Our canonical answer shall be “Yes”.

If you remember from the last update, Rinna did actually offer to take us on a tour of the island. That’s why she’s here.

“What?! He went to the beach?! Why’d you convince him to do that?! You know I only have until tomorrow!!!”

We then cut to Mouse on a beach.

But there is one person….

Because of course we happened upon our sexualised female compatriot at random, doing something vaguely sexy.

”So are you part of the ceremony?”

“Me? No, I’m not attending the ceremony. Under normal circumstances, as the Princess’s New Guard Captain, I would be involved with the ceremony, but…”

”Gee, anyone would think that was a terrible fate from the look on your face…”

“I was just swimming as a change of pace. People think I’m strange when I tell them that I like this stretch of beach. Even though it’s just a barren beach, lots of things are living in the ocean below. When I’m among all those fish it somehow makes me feel better. My apologies, I’m just rambling. I was about to come pick you up, so this works out well. I will go change immediately.”

Rummy disappears behind a rock and comes out only slightly more dressed than before.

Rummy is now formally in our party. Any character you have in your party in Ephemeral Fantasia will follow you around on the map like this.

We don’t get very far before…

Super Sea Louse. Sea Louse are a real thing, but they look more like crustaceans with legs than these floppy sausage things.

Rummy of course comes with her own set of abilities. If you’ve managed to upgrade Mouse’s weapon (which given the lack of explanations in this game there’s a good chance you haven’t), you might never get to have her use them.

Hard Punch is her basic attack, although it has a fire element to it. Scold heals paralysis of all things. What, she yells at you hard enough to jolt you out of it?

We get a short scene after this scripted encounter.

“But no matter how strong you think you are, don’t leave the town on the West side. The island is very dangerous and that area is restricted, even to the islanders.”

But you can bet we’ll go out there eventually.

While you’re technically free to move here, you can’t get very far from your destination.

Rummy will eventually force you to the Holy Gem Ceremony.

The game immediately launches into a cutscene.

Click here to watch the Holy Gem Ceremony.

Now Playing – Entrance

Loreille and Xelpherpolis arrive with their procession.

Now Playing – Ritual

(Yeah, it transitions to a new song this quickly)

Loreille looks a bit out of it.

The creepy dancers do a lot of fancy moves around the pillar in the center. It goes on for some time.

The Holy Gem is summoned, and Loreille collapses to the ground. Xelpherpolis seems more interested in showing off his fancy gem than tending to her.

Loreille gets up shortly after and the royal procession departs.

Now Playing – Pandule

“Psst, psst…(Actually, there’s something I need to speak to you about. Could I trouble you to come to the palace later?)


(Please stop by the palace this afternoon….) “Please, I’m counting on you!”

”Uh, right, sure…”

Bagoth leaves.

”That guy is your General?”

“Yes, that was General Bagoth. He is in charge of the soldiers on the island.”

”Well, uh, he just wanted me to come look at the palace with him. Yeah…”

“A tour of the palace…? You should have requested that I do that…It is my job after all. Fine, then I will come pick you up after noon.”

She leaves.

(Actually, it seems like her mood just keeps getting worse and worse.)

(Not even really my fault. Bagoth’s the one whispering secret requests in my ear.)

(Let’s go back to the inn for the time being.)

While Pattimo says this, there’s no point doing so. Exploring and fighting is far more profitable at this point.

As we wander, we encounter enemies like this thing. It’s called a “Tune”. Nothing special about it.

There’s a wee farm not far from the shrine. All the female characters are identified by their relation to the patriarch, Kyaron. Hmm.

We encounter these things. They’re called Ras. They are clearly rabbits.

On the next farm over, Pattimo tries to talk us out of visiting Bagoth.

(That General looked like he was at his wit’s end. If we hear what he has to say, we’re only going to get sucked in deeper. Are you listening to me?)

(I hear you, buddy, but I’m gonna hear him out anyway.)

(You can’t help going and hearing what he has to say, can you? You’re a pain in the neck!!)

As we continue exploring, Mouse learns a new attack. In Ephemeral Fantasia, all new attacks are learned by repeatedly using the ones you’ve got so far. Jump Slash is more powerful than our regular attack, but it sets back your initiative a bit more than usual.

What you’re seeing here are Death Hiyokos. Yes, the ones we found eggs of last update. Our potential monster allies are silly looking chick things.

This thing, called a Vice, blindsides me by being far tougher than any enemy around. If I’d known I might encounter it, I wouldn’t have taken such a big risk with my health.

I had hoped I could take it down quickly, but I didn’t, and earned an entirely unintentional game over.

Letting the game over play out naturally, we’re sent back to the first day, just as we get off the boat. Curious.

We’re the same level we were when we died, and have a few items we picked up too. Curiouser.

However, nothing seems to have changed, beyond Rummy automatically knowing our name, so I decide to just reload. We don’t lose much progress.

Despite counselling us not to do it at all, Pattimo pipes up to force us to talk to Bagoth.

Rummy did not automatically track us down this time.

”I think you’ve got me all wrong, Rummy.”

“It has been so difficult to find you, so I decided to wait for you here.”

”Okay I admit, that’s my fault.”

“You will get a tour of the palace as requested. Unfortunately, I will be accompanying you too!”

”Oh no, the horror.”

Want to guess who she’ll be falling for in this game?

Rummy leads Mouse to where he can meet Bagoth.

Now Playing – Bagoth’s Theme

“My name is Bagoth. I am in charge of the island’s troops.”

“I’m sorry, but do you think you could bring us something cold to drink?”

There’s that crude translation at work again.

“Escorting Mouse is my job after all!”

She leaves.

“Ever since I spoke to you, I have been getting criticized. “Why’d you have to go take over”, they say.”

I think the takeaway here is that Rummy is mad the General appears to be taking over her role as guide.

“I’m going to get in trouble again, but….Here, Sir Mouse, come this way.”

Mouse and Bagoth exit.

Second time in one day we’ve left a girl wondering where we are.

The scene picks back up in another room.

“I love this island with all my heart. I don’t believe it’s blessed, but it is filled with the kind of simple charm that can cleanse souls.”

Now Playing – Bagoth’s Unease

“I live each day haunted by such thoughts. In fact, I can no longer tolerate it!”

“and I’ve been conducting investigations all over the island. And while monsters appear here and there on the island, it is peaceful otherwise. I could just be deluded. Besides, I can’t recall when this fear erupted, but it’s so definite. I’ve had this feeling of unease for years…Telling you this makes me a little uncomfortable Sir Mouse…after all, you are a guest of the royal family…but I can’t help it. After seeing you yesterday, I started thinking….You are a very wise person and you can look objectively at the island and the islanders.”

”Me, wise? Huh….”

“That’s why I’d like you to give me your honest opinion.”

Could this be a meaningful choice too?


“….I thought so. I’m so terribly sorry. Please forgive me. I’m not making any sense. Forget what I have said. Do enjoy the island and write a wonderful song for the Princess. Well, I should be going, so if you will excuse me, please.”

And then he leaves.


”Yeah, I had this one really cryptic exchange with the-“

“So….this means that I wasn’t simply suffering from some illusion. Thank you, Sir Mouse. I have one more favour to ask, despite the imposition I’ve already made. If during your stay on the island you uncover anything about the identity of this situation, please report it to me. But please, do not mention this to anyone. Sir Xelpherpolis and Princess Loreille are no exception. I wouldn’t want to cause anyone to worry. Well, I am counting on you, Sir Mouse. I thank you very much for your time today.”

After giving us a vigorous handshake, Bagoth departs.

(Let’s just pocket the advance, steal a boat from the harbour and get the hell out of here.)

(Ah come on, he’s just a bit on edge. I was too after Loreille said that stuff. It’s not like we’re in any danger, are we?)


Now Playing – Battle Theme 2

Indeed, shortly after conversing with Bagoth, we are forced into an encounter.

This is the “Pendulum”. It attacks with spear thingies hidden in those weird arms.

And this is….”Doug”. Was it meant to be “Dog”, and the translators were just too stupid to know Doug is an English name?

Doug spends all his time reducing Mouse’s speed, which equates to making his action gauge fill out slower. The horrible sound of its magic attack will nauseate the ears.

The demons are not all that strong, although Pendulum takes two Jump Slashes to kill.

Click here to watch Mouse kill a pair of random demons.

(In all of my 300 years of living, I’ve never seen anything that looked like that!)

(I hear you, buddy. Time to bounce!)

Pandule Palace is now an active encounter zone. You will keep encountering Pendulums and Dougs until you leave. No matter where it happens, nobody notices, implying the fights are happening in some magical space.

We can’t warn Bagoth we saw demons in the palace. I suppose it would be a bit unbelievable, but you’d think we could try?

We once again have no clear direction, so you just have to wander around. Perhaps you could consider hitting the docks to fetch a boat out of here, but there’s no indication it would work. Regardless, at 5PM on this day….

“Darn! I wish you’d give me a break! I don’t care that you’re a special guest. I’m getting really mad!”

”Hey come on now, you should realise it was Bagoth’s idea to ditch you earlier!”

“You’re enjoying making fun of me like this, aren’t you? Sir Mouse. I want you to listen to me this time. I’ve been instructed by Sir Xelpherpolis to invite you to dinner this evening. The reservation at the restaurant is for 19:30. I will be waiting for you there, so be sure to come. You MUST come!!”

Rummy gives us a piece of map that marks the location of the restaurant before leaving.

(Too bad we’ll have to stand her up.)

(We’re not standing her up.)

(What!? But the demons!)

(Hey I’m still gonna bounce on this island, but maybe I could get me some company for the boat ride out, if you know what I mean?)


So, given how this game’s gone so far, we can just pot about until we get magicked off to the restaurant, right?


Ephemeral Fantasia has decided not to hold you by the hand this time. If you do not go to the restaurant at 19:30, you will miss this event altogether. There’s no indication this would happen. Maybe giving you a map to get there was a hint, but the game has been forcing you here and there beforehand, so why not now?

Naturally, you would have no idea this was coming beforehand, so it’s possible you could be rather far away from the restaurant when Rummy insists you go. It can take some time to reach it, and you probably aren’t familiar with Pandule by now, so it would be easy to lock yourself out of it by accident.

Fortunately I knew this would be a thing, and I know where I’m going.

This is the place. As long as you’re in there before the deadline, you get to see the scene.

Now Playing – Rummy’s Dream

”How about telling me about yourself?”

“What? You want to know about me? There’s really nothing worth talking about. I am nothing more than a guard and escort for the royal family.”

”Don’t sell yourself short. You’re the captain! There must be more to it.”

“Normally, women who serve the royal household as New Guard Captains were “sorceresses” who perform sacred rites for which they have been trained. But my situation is different. I have never been a sorceress”. It was just that I was tougher and better than the average man, so the Commander chose me.”

Ah, the dreadful anime trope of women not feeling enough like women because they’re not delicate and submissive or what have you.

”So, uh, how bout’ that wedding?”

“I’m sure you are already aware of this, but the wedding is tomorrow.”

”What!? I thought there was still a few days to go!”

“The ceremony will be performed at the shrine in the back of the palace on the 5th day at 21:00. Mouse, you will be performing the song for the wedding there.”

”Oh…you mean they’re getting legally married tomorrow, and the ceremony is later or something?”

“Weddings in the royal household are not all that frequent on this island. Essentially, in Pandule, for generations there has only been one person who held the succession to the throne. Princess Loreille’s parents, the previous King and Queen, also died when they were young and there were no sons.”

”So what about Xelpherpolis?”

“He’s a magnificent person. He always has a kind word, even for the commoners. It was Sir Xelpherpolis who placed someone like me as the New Guard Captain for the royal household. Sir Xelpherpolis is not a native of Pandule. But he has worked himself to the bone for this island. That’s right! Ever since he has been here, the monsters have stopped appearing in town.”

”And the princess?’

“About Princess Loreille….? She’s the sole descendant of the Pandule Royal Family which has ruled the island for generations. She is a very wise and kind person. And…she’s also a very beautiful woman. But you are already aware of that, Mr. Mouse.”

In game, you have to ask about these topics more than once to hear all the information possible. However, if you ask about Loreille twice, the conversation will end. If you’re not careful, that’s exactly what will happen if you try it first without knowing.

When we do ask twice…

(Your grinning ear to ear while listening to things about the Princess has gone and put her in a bad mood again! Didn’t you notice that yourself?)

(Man I am off my game…)

Mouse pursues Rummy onto a balcony.

”Sorry about earlier…”

“No. It’s not your fault, Mouse. It’s awful that a woman like me would even be envious of someone like Princess Loreille. It’d be impossible to compete with her. I was supposed to accompany you for the entire evening, but with the situation as is, I fear I will only embarrass myself further. I will part company with you now. Excuse me.”

And she leaves, leaving us once again with no clear direction.

Pattimo has floated the idea of leaving the island a few times now, but there’s no clear indication you could. Even if you could, why would you? Ending the game early, never finding out what’s going on? Sounds like a big waste.

And yet, there is a way to act on Pattimo’s suggestion.

All we have to do is find our way back to the dock we started on. Which isn’t easy, given Rummy autopiloted us away from it when we first arrived, so you have to know where it is or just wander around.

Now Playing – Kyte’s Memory

(They use this later to do with Kyte, if you’re confused by the title)

(Yeah, it was inevitable. Still, leaving behind some beautiful ladies. Sorry Pandule, but demons just aren’t my cup of crazy. Anyway, I’m gonna get a few winks in while the tides carry us out…)

We awake on the boat the next day.

(Ah fuck, she meant it literally…)

(What time is it?)

(6 AM)

(At this hour, nothing’s open. Want to go back to the inn or would you rather walk around town?)

Our decision will have to wait for another update.

To recap, we discovered that there are magic demons that only we can see in the palace, all out for our blood. We tried to leave the island, but got turned around, proving Loreille’s words to be true. Whatever could happen next?

Join me next time, where the reason for our misfortune reveals itself.