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Part 3: Day 3 - Occam's Villain

Day 3 – Occam’s Villain

Where we last left off, we tried to escape Pandule after magical demons started appearing in the castle. But Mouse’s boat was simply brought right back to the island, seemingly confirming Loreille’s words.

Once again, we start the day with no clear direction. Pattimo did suggest going back to the inn, however. Maybe that’s an idea?

In fact, if we want to catch a certain scene, we need to get back to the inn quickly, else it might pass us by. Once again, no clear indication this might happen.

On the way back to the inn, we see Kyte standing around. Maybe he has something interesting to say now?

“The currents around the island are a bit odd. In a small boat, you’d simply go round and round the island and never get out to sea. Small boats can come into shore, but if you want to leave, you’ll have to wait for the next passenger ship out.”

Is that the reason we can’t leave? It would be weird for Loreille to be so hung up about a little detail like that.

We pass through the bazaar, and look at two treasure chests with messages inside…

Was that an attempt at humour? It can’t be commentary on klepto video game characters, because Mouse really is a thief, and stealing shit is what he does.

We saw this exact line of dialogue in the first update, but I wanted to show you again to make the context of the next scene all the weirder.

Anyway, upon talking to Rinna’s dad….

”Why do you care? You get paid either way, right?”

Rinna’s Father: “But it’d be best if you didn’t camp out just anywhere. Not all of the islanders are decent people. I heard that just last night the bandits attacked the outskirts of town. The bandits have their hideout in the Northern part of the forest. Every so often they’ll come into town and wreck (sic) havoc. But now with the wedding festivities, they’re much more active.”

Gee, wonder if the bandits will be relevant to something?

Now Playing – Rinna’s Theme

Despite it being entirely possible you spoke to Rinna not two seconds before her dad, the cutscene plays like she just found you regardless.

“I’m begging you, Mr. Musician. My father hasn’t given my any chores to do today, so please let me show you the island this afternoon! I was selected to be one of the dancers for the wedding ceremony. It is customary for the dancers to dance for 3 days and 3 nights!”

Rinna’s Father: “And what are you doing talking as if I’m some kind of devil or something?”

“Oh….Ah! But…but it really is very exhausting! So, that’s why this afternoon is my only chance to get to know you.”


As hilarious as it is to piss all over Rinna’s enthusiasm, it would be antithetical to the point of this LP not to show this off.


Rinna’s tour proceeds as a series of short scenes.

Now Playing – Sight Seeing

“The left-hand tower is where Princess Loreille lives, and the right-hand tower is where Xelpherpolis lives. There’s a shrine in the back of the palace. That’s where the wedding will be held. I bet it’s going to be incredible!”

”After we dance for 3 days and 3 nights, we’re going to remove the cloth that covers this statute of Sir Xelpherpolis.”

”So there’s gonna be a giant statue to your lord in the middle of the city. Ego much?”

“If two people come here together, they’ll fall madly in love with each other! Hee hee. I’m here alone with you, Mr. Musician.!”

”Uh, that’s not true, those people behind us are here too!’

”Don’t be silly, Mr. Mus-“


“Being the innkeeper’s daughter isn’t bad, but I bet it’d sure be nice to live in a house like this too.”

(The rich district, eh? This tour wasn’t a total waste after all….)

“Because I HATE doing homework, I never come here, but…If there’s anything you want to know about the island, come here. You should be able to find the answers to most questions.”

“But I don’t come here all that much. I never liked this bird statue much…The bird looks like it’s glaring at you.”

Believe it or not, this is foreshadowing.

“All the furniture used in town, as well as lots of other things, are made here. Some woodcutters live on a cliff upriver form here. They float the trees down river from there. I’ve always wanted to go the (sic) woodcutters’ village, but my father won’t let me.”

“I’m sorry. I looked at the register and saw our name. I can’t call you Mr. Musician forever, so do you mind if I call you by your first name?”

”Sure, whatever.”

“Thanks so much for everything today! Now, I’m going to take you someplace really nice to show you my gratitude. I’ve saved the best place for last! This is my secret place. I don’t tell anyone about it. Don’t you go and tell anyone else about it either!”

(Please let there be treasure, please let there be treasure…)

Now Playing – Rinna’s Forest

This is the forest area we poked around in on the previous days.

Rinna leads us on a short but winding path.

Mouse pushes his way through the trees.

”Songs, eh? Well I’ve got a song for you…”

Oh joy.

Rather than come up with anything unique, Mouse decides to just play the same song he played at the start of the game.

If we do well, Rinna reacts thusly…

If we muck it up, her actions don’t change, but her dialogue does…

“Totally astonishing!! I’ve never heard any music like that before!! This must be what they call “progressive” music! I mean, the part that people don’t understand is what’s so amazing, right? I don’t really get it, but now I can brag to all my friends that I was the first one to hear it!”

Is she airheaded, or just being nice? You decide.

Either way, one of the tracks from the Holy Gem Ceremony starts to play, and Rinna hears something…

“Let’s go check it out, Mouse!”

(Blast! My sweet treasure chest will have to wait!)

Click here to see the Holy Gem Crown Ceremony.

Anyway, the Holy Crown Ceremony is basically a repeat of the Gem Ceremony, except…

The dancers have Bull masks rather than Snake ones.

And a crown is the prize, as you might expect.

“But there was something very cold and distant about her. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well or something….”

We are now free to move, once again with no direction. However, Rinna’s in our party for the time being.

Rinna’s one and only attack is called “Spring Cleaning”, where she hits the enemy with her mop. Yes, she fights with a mop. As you can see, she does fuck all damage. She’s just here to play meatshield for Mouse.

We double back to Rinna’s secret hideout, which is just south of the Holy Crown Ceremony altar. The treasure is a stat raising item, so that’s nice.

The rest of my time is spent with random battles and trying to get some more map pieces. But at 4PM…

“We’ll be dancing at the Symbol Tower in the center of town, so come by and see us if you feel like it. I’m going to do my best to dance to the very end, so I hope you’ll do your best in composing that song. Maybe that’d get the Princess smiling!”

Rinna leaves.

Rinna’s Father: “Oh, that reminds me! A messenger from the palace stopped by to request your presence at the Wedding Announcement Reception.”

”Oh THAT’S what Rummy meant when she said it was “tomorrow”! Anyway, was it her that came?”

Rinna’s Father: “Was it Miss Rummy? No, it was someone else.”

(Well, there is last night’s dinner incident, so she’s either really mad or else she’s very depressed. Either way, unless we go to the palace, we’re probably not going to discover any secrets on how to get out of here. So, think we should show our face at this Wedding Reception thing?)

(Yeah, it’d be a good idea to see what I can get from Loreille on the matter…)

The “Wedding Reception” won’t be for some time, however. Until then, we have free reign.

My goal is once again to find map pieces.

Hmm. Mysterious.

At 6PM, we get a cutscene…

Now Playing – Dance Ceremony

Rinna and her dancer buddies rush out to dance the night away.

You know, she said they’d be dancing in front of the “Symbol Tower”, but that’s the veiled statue of Xelpherpolis she showed us on her tour.

Also, did you perhaps notice that in the first image, all the girls are wearing shorts, except for Rinna, who looks like she’s in her underpants? Yeah. It seems to be the theme that NPCs wear sensible clothes while playable characters wear sexploitation gear. Just compare Rummy to the other royal guards.

It also starts raining for whatever reason.

Fortunately, we’re not forced to go watch Rinna dance, so we can just keep doing what we’re doing.

This guy was mentioned on the first day: he’s a member of the Rummy fan club.

We get him to tell our fortune for a mere 30G.

Sanjo: “All right, let’s get started. Oh my! Th…this is quite…! Hmmmm….You’re feeling very lonely right now….While lots of people coddle you…you don’t really have a single person you can really call a friend…But…on this island….there are people who could become friends in your life….some people who like to drink, some strong buffed men….and a woman with a gorgeous figure, just my type! I can seeeeee youuuuuuu!”

”I regret this.”

Sanjo: “Whoooah! All done!! It’s on the house this time. Let me give this to you too!”

Not only do we get out of paying, but he gives us a map piece. How nice! Or it would be, if I didn’t suspect he did it because he got to see Rummy in his vision. Eck.

At 7PM, this lady comes to force us to attend Xelpherpolis’ event.

Click here to see the, uh, “Wedding Reception”.

Now Playing – Bride

“This gathering is my way of thanking all of you who have supported the royal family over the years. I offer you an early glimpse of the Queen’s wedding dress. Allow me to present my future wife, Loreille, in her wedding attire.”

Damn, to think they actually restrained themselves from being horny with her wedding dress. Of course they couldn’t hold back from making her sparkle with “beauty”.

Suddenly, there’s an explosive sound.

Now Playing –Gallhint’s Theme

Gallhint was mentioned in the intro. That makes him important.

“Everyone! Save Sir Xelpherpolis and the Princess at all cost!”

A chaotic melee ensues.

The fighting continues for a bit, until…

“What a sinful woman she is, my Princess! She can even charm bandits.”

Because that’s her fault, obviously.

Bagoth makes off with Loreille while Xel and Gallhint duel.

“It’s a farce. It’ll be over soon. The bandit will get stabbed in the chest and…”

You know this game was rented for me when I was less than 10 years old.

The remaining bandits are defeated and captured.

Now Playing –Evil

(Could they be any less subtle?)

(Hey, it turned out just like the Princess said it would.)

(Thank you Pattimo, I noticed.)

“But you aren’t mistaken. Your intuition is good. After all, I did put my faith in you.”

”…come again?”

“I bet this is what you’re thinking. “There’s something wrong with this island. I have a strange feeling about the place. I better get out of here soon!” But this sense that something’s not right, this uncertainty, you’re not really sure where it’s coming from. You don’t know what it is or where it is.”

“In front of you is the source of the uncertainty and unease you feel.”

Xelpherpolis snatches Loreille up.

“In time, you will simply be another foolish performer acting in the drama of my choice.”

”….the FUCK!?”

To recap what we just learned: Xelpherpolis is EVIL! He is behind literally everything: the reason Bagoth feels ill at ease, the reason we can’t leave the island, and the reason that Loreille is sad and depressed! What a dastardly bastard!

And….is anyone surprised? There was going to be a villain to this game, someone who was keeping Loreille on her “prison island”, and who else would fit the bill but the guy running everything? The only surprise is that he came out and said it so quickly. Not even sure why: why would him stabbing a bandit be so indicative that he’s evil? Was the cat really out of the bag?

Loreille knew this was coming, apparently. Did she somehow hear that Xelpherpolis had arranged for Gallhint to come die by his hand? Or is there more to it?

We won’t find out today, and we won’t find anything more out at all. For this is where I shall leave things for now.

Join me next time, where Xelpherpolis twirls his figurative moustache at us some more.