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Part 5: Day 5 - Fait Accompli

Day 5 – Fait Accompli

Where last we left off, we attended Xelpherpolis’ EVIL dinner party, where Rummy tried to poison/explode Loreille in a mad attempt to win Xel’s love. Then, the Demon Reactor exploded and Bagoth died.

We are once again left on our own with no direction or purpose. In absence of any goal, I go back to grinding for levels.

We learn a new move: “Charging Strike”. This attack is a godsend. Until now, we’ve been using single hit attacks to dispatch our enemies, meaning any battle with more than one opponent takes more time. Now, however, provided the enemies are aligned correctly, we can just wipe them all out in one go, or at least hit all of them.

This is not a guarantee, however. The quirk of Fantasia’s combat system is that enemies stand around in “groups”. Sometimes, you’ll start with them all in one group in the middle, which is the ideal. If the enemy surrounds you, they’ll be standing in different groups to the sides. Often these groups will just be three groups of one enemy each. Charging Strike only attacks all enemies in a given group, so it ends up the same as attacking enemies individually.

It would be faster in this instance to use more basic attacks to kill enemies, as Charging Strike sets back your initiative by a lot. but locked behind using Charging Strike a LOT is Mouse’s ultimate attack. It’s not hard to get if you grind like this, but it still takes a lot of tedious battles.

I also realise that I’ve unlocked the first of Mouse’s magic spells. This one is called “Glare”, and it has a chance to blind enemies. It’s not very useful, as far as I’m concerned.

At 6AM, we trigger a cutscene.

Loreille is seen on her balcony, looking very upset.

And Xelpherpolis is on his, acting exuberant. And that’s all the scene has to offer.

Incidentally, as Rummy has been arrested, she can be found in the palace’s dungeon. If you try to go find her immediately after her arrest, the guards just tell you night time visits aren’t allowed. After 6AM, however…

Riveting dialogue. Given looking for Rummy after this is a far more intuitive action to take, you’d think they’d make a scene for her, but no.

I go back to grinding for some time, until 12PM, when wouldn’t you know it, a potential scene arbitrarily presents itself.

You would never think there would be any potential to interact with the base of Loreille’s tower, nor would you think such an opportunity would crop up at 12PM on this day specifically. Yet here it is.

Even worse, you have no idea what you have to do to make something happen here. The thing we need to do hasn’t even been explained by the game, so it would be easy to never realise you could do it.

What we have to do is “use” Pattimo. He is an item in our inventory, as you might have noticed in a screenshot or two. When used…

You get a prompt to replay songs that you’ve performed in the game. We only know the one right now, so all we can do is replay Impression.

If you do that here….


“So, why? Why would you still try to defy him?”



Our designated romantic interest, everybody.

“From the very first time I heard your song, I had a premonition of the kind I’ve never had before. I guess it was just my imagination.”

Whatever we answer…

Loreille leaves you with nothing but ellipsis.

“Oh, no. Didn’t mean to cause trouble here.”

”You’re nothing but trouble these days, Pattimo.”

“There’s nothing we can do. Let’s go, Mouse.”

”Oh no, I’m not done! Freaky evil demon island or not, Mouse doesn’t strike out with the ladies this badly!”

Now, you would think there would be no way to continue this scene, but there is. Typically, the game gives you no hint anything could happen, but something has.

We have a new song to play.

“Love grow” will completely blindside you with how much beyond Impression it is. The songs aren’t even in the same ball park. Playing naturally, I completely fuck the song up and get a D.

Click here to hear me butcher this song.

Of course, I have the power of cheating on my side, so I slow it down and get myself a B. I’m not sure exactly how high you need to trigger the next scene, but failing like above won’t get zip out of Loreille.

If we succeed, she comes back onto the balcony…

Now Playing – Love Grow

Mouse looks up to see Loreille has gone back inside after tossing down the flower.

”Hell yeah, I’ve still got it! Xelpherpolis, eat your heart out!”

The flower in question is called a "Loreille Flower". Apparently it can revive an entire party's worth of characters in combat. Of course this is so far from necessary at this point in the game it's not funny.

With that done, we’re back to being completely aimless. So I return to grinding.

Yet another advanced enemy spawns for my trouble. This one’s called an “Omega”. Not only does it hit harder, but it can also slow you down like a Doug. In fact, its slowdown ability affects your entire party, not that we have anyone else right now. It can also inflict “Stop” with an energy ball attack. Naturally, Stop entails you being frozen for a while, usually long enough for every enemy present to swing at you once.

I figure that, since the palace is updating according to my level, other places must be too, right?

Indeed, out in the forest, I encounter “Noons”, which are white Nons with spikes. Just like the other new enemies, they hit hard.

On the beach we found Rummy, I find “Sunfish”, which are poor imitations of the real thing. They are too easily slain for me to find out what they’re about.

As I wander the beach, a cutscene suddenly plays.

The statue of Xelpherpolis is revealed with fireworks and aplomb.

This cutscene also has a disturbing amount of closeup time with Rinna in her pseudo-panties. I’m talking deliberate ass shots.

I continue wandering and battling until nearly 9PM.

(You had promised to deliver a song on stage for the wedding, but it looks like Xelpherpolis is going to be getting a very different present.)

(Yeah, I’m thinking something sharp.)

We are now teleported to the wedding.

Click here to watch Xelpherpolis’ happiest of days.

Now Playing – Wedding March

Seems like a small turnout for an island with a few hundred people around.

We go through lots of set up shots for how the place looks.

The treasures are on display, including the sword that Bagoth died for.

You can spot Loreille coming onto the stage in this shot. The existence of lights like this implies they have electricity, but knowing this game, they’re probably MAGIC SCIENCE creations.

A bit hard to see in this shot, but Xel’s sporting some fancy pants wedding clothes of his own.

Not only can you see his clothes better here, but you can also see he’s got his Day 4 flunkies with him too.

And then everyone clapped. No, really.

Mouse is here.

Ano is watching, looking characteristically joyless.

Rinna is too, looking uncharacteristically worried.

Naturally, we have to play the wedding song. It’s called “Eternal Love”, and I couldn’t think of a cornier or blander love song title. Basically, this song is Impression on steroids. And I do mean steroids, because just like Love Grow, I flub this one big time playing naturally. Cheating is the only way I do good.

Click here to watch me commit an atrocity against music.

Whatever result we get, the cutscene that follows looks the same.

Loreille claps for you immediately, until…

Xel’s dialogue depends on how well you do. He continues as follows for a poor result:

“To be honest though, I was disappointed, Mouse. Your performance didn’t meet my expectations of such a famous musician.”

Given we know the bastard’s evil, we can safely say the man deserves a shitty song for his forced wedding.

However, I go get myself a good grade to see what he says:

“Magnificent! That was a wonderful song! What a tremendous performance! And a melody that seemed to be from another world….”

Regardless of how you do, the cutscene continues as follows…

“Please give a big round of applause to my genius musician friend, Mouse, for his superb gift on this most joyous of days.”

And then everyone clapped again.

Xel invites us onstage.

Mouse walks forward. We hear his heart pounding.

Now Playing – Evil

“I thought you were more of a coward than that. You defied my expectations, in a good way that is.”

”I slaughtered my way through your palace’s demons, and you expected me to back down!?”

After a while of locking blades, Xel kicks Mouse away.

You spoke to him for a single day, Rinna.

”I killed hundreds of demons over the last two days, I can take these wimps!”

“Forget the soldiers, you can’t win against Xelpherpolis. He’s too strong!”

“It’s already too late, Loreille.”

It’s hard to tell by screenshot, but the crowd is frozen in place.

“…it’s the same power as the creatures that attacked in the castle!?”

“Your skill as a swordsman is impressive as well. You know, I like you even more than before.”

“Unless you destroy me, you won’t ever be able to leave this island.”

Now Playing – Xelpherpolis Battle

You can make out Xel’s flunkies making some kind of wacky electric barrier in the background.

”You better brace yourself, Xelpherpolis! I slaughtered my way back and forth through your palace for two days straight! My sword is stained with the blood of hundreds of demons! I was able to kill most of them with a single stroke by the end! You don’t stand a chance…. Now take this!”

”….you’re not even hurt, are you?”

”I could pretend to be, if that would make you feel better?”

”No, it really wouldn’t.”

As expected, this is a hopeless fight and Xel will destroy you no matter what happens.

Now Playing – Defeated

”I can….jump….higher than most walls….”

The Bull flunkie pushes Loreille forward.

Xel then forcibly takes her by the hand.

“Hahaha. That’s proof of your defeat.”

Mouse’s vision starts to flash white.

“When you come to, you won’t remember anything, not that you defied me, nor that you fell in love with Loreille. People are pitiful life forms. When time loops around again, most people will do the same things again. Most likely, you won’t be immune either. Ha ha ha…”

Xel walks off with Loreille.

Mouse completely freezes up.

The treasures glow.

”Woah, asshole! No need to be literally pushy!”

Mouse disembarks the way he did on the first day.

The boat leaves like last time, until…

It vanishes into the mist, like it was never there.

I think you can all tell what has happened. But learning more will have to occur on another day.

Join me next time, where we finally learn what we’re really gonna have to do in this game.