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Part 19: Day 39 - Motivational Speech

Day 39 – Motivational Speech

Where we last left off, we killed Twinboom, the man (or monster?) responsible for keeping the loop running on Pandule.

We then resolved to wait a day and see what happened with the loop over…

Now Playing – Summer Snow

(Has the spell plaguing the island been vanquished? Or….)

Rinna’s Father: “Excuse me, Sir! What is this white stuff falling from the sky?”

”It’s snow, buddy.”

Rinna’s Father: “What!? Is it snow? This powdery, ice-like substance is snow? No wonder it’s cold. This is so strange. To have snow fall here on this tropical island…! So many strange things have happened lately. Once the Princess’s wedding is over, the gods will be appeased and so the nature on the island might finally become normal again.”

”Speaking of, when IS that going to happen?”

Rinna’s Father: “What? You want to know how many days until the wedding? Umm, let me see, how many days was it? Uhhh. Hmmm. Let me go ask someone who knows. I’ll be right back.”

He goes inside the inn.

Voice: “Looks that way, doesn’t it?”

“The 5 day loop that has been repeating is breaking down. Our enemies seem to be having a difficult time maintaining this world.”

“What’s going on here!?”

“Most likely Twinboom’s job was to control the ordering of events in this continuum. He probably controlled and established the factors that said, “Day 1 is like this; Day is like this”, and so on. But now he’s dead, it’s all falling apart. So, with only Jawarro left to manipulate people’s hearts, the islanders have no idea when the wedding is to be held. Seems like Xelpherpolis and his minions are finally getting worn down! It’s time to go on the offensive.”

“Go on the offensive? What specifically do you have in mind?”

“There are two possibilities. One is to somehow get the Princess out of the palace. The other is to destroy Jawarro. Even though we failed with our first attempt, the best way to stop time from looping is to rescue the Princess so that the Ceremony cannot be performed. And, if we destroy Jawarro, the manipulator of people’s hearts will be gone. At the very least the islanders won’t be living without recognizing the existence of the time loop.”

“Either way, we need to get to the palace.”

And so Mouse and Ano head to the palace.

“What’s wrong with you? You couldn’t possibly have forgotten me, could you!?”

Gate Keeper: “??? Who do you think you are!?”

“I’m Ano, the Magic Scientist.”

Gate Keeper: “Ano? Hahahahaha! Have you been drinking? There’s no one by that name here at the palace!”


We then cut to….somewhere.

Now Playing – Jawarro’s Theme

Naturally, with Jawarro being the only female Xel flunky, she had to wear something akin to underpants with maximum boob exposure.

“Tsk! That child deserves some respect. I never imagined he’d be able to destroy Twinboom. I can understand how you Princess, contrary to your usual cold manner, would be infatuated with him. Heh heh. But we’re not going to let that bother us, as long as we can perform the Time Ceremony in five days time.”

Roars sound as Jawarro calls to her pets.

“DragonixBeta! DragonixGamma! They are my greatest creations! If the pest ever makes it to this tower, my children are going to have some fun with him. But…I’ve told them not to mar his face. I want to be sure that when you see the body, you’ll be able to recognise him! Aaahahahaaaaa!”

And then we cut to Claire’s basement.

Now Playing – Strategy Meeting

“I’m no longer on staff at the palace.”

“And I’m no longer painting the Princess’s portrait. It hurts, you know, losing prestige and power like that.”

If only we had more dialogue roasting Plosi.

“So, it looks like everyone’s been locked out of the palace. That means the Princess has to be there in the palace, right?”

“Most likely. We won’t know until we look, but even if we’re not exactly right, we aren’t far off the mark.”

“I agree with Claire. If all they need to perform the Time Ceremony are the three treasures, the Princess, and Xelpherpolis, then it’d be impossible to specify a location. Yeah, but something still isn’t right. For example, why does Xelpherpolis insist on a wedding?”

“I see what you mean. There must be some reason why the Time Ceremony gets performed during a wedding. Let’s go find that place! This location is most likely a place where the island’s spirits can be found at the highest concentration. And…it will also be the location of our final battle.”

“Looks like we’re going to be in for some turmoil still.”

“Ah. But, as long as you are here, I feel confident. Hey, could you help us out just a little while longer, Fang?”

“Sure. That’s why I’m here.”

“He’s so quiet. What a difference from you-know-who.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, Rummy!”

“It can’t be helped. It’s the truth.”

And then everyone laughed.

The scene ends there. Our party members are now permanently gathered in Claire’s basement, eliminating any need to go searching for them.

As the loops have ended, we now have infinite time to explore and pot about on Pandule. Time will never loop, and the day is permanently set to “?”, but you can pass the days and transition to different times like night if you want. If you wanted to go hunt down every Death Hiyoko egg or some shit like that, this would be the perfect time to do so. Of course that’s the most tedious thing ever, so why would you want to?

One adverse effect of losing the loops is that chests will no longer restock. While time was looping, you could raid chests with stat boosting items as much as you liked and eventually get your stats to maximum. It would be long and tedious, but you could do it.

However, the only thing left for us is to find a way into the palace and proceed with the plot.

Taking a step outside Claire’s shop…

We’re under assault by Pandule’s army! Not only can we encounter soldiers, but also those wooden toy enemies from the castle.

This implies that Xel has put out a general order to have Mouse and Co. captured or killed. You’d think this would be a big deal, especially as time is no longer looping and these people will be quite dead when we defeat them. But this is not acknowledged by the characters: Pandule city simply becomes an active encounter zone with no warning.

One quick mention I’ll make is of this bloke. He shows up in the Public Office after a certain point (someone suggested after getting all the Pattimo songs?), and he’ll play all the songs in the game for you. This includes songs you haven’t even heard yet, like the final boss theme.

Now, let’s get on with the game. We can’t go through the front entrance to the palace, so we have to find another way in.

Our way in is the secret entrance Rummy showed us to escape through when we rescued Lloyd-L. Why Xel or Jawarro didn’t think to close this off is beyond me.

While some NPCs have had their dialogue changed to reflect the fact all recruitable characters are now un-people, none of them try to stop you, and many still have generic dialogue. Lazy lazy lazy.

Our objective in the palace is, for starters, to check out two rooms in the basement/dungeon that require Twinboom’s key to unlock. This one has three little rooms like this one where you can see a wee red carpet. Touch the carpet, and…

We fight the three bosses we fought back when we were gathering the three treasures, only now they’re time demons.

Click here to us kill the Generals for the second time.

Most of them will start by using a super spell that will knock off a huge chunk of everyone’s health. Then they settle into attacking normally, and are easy enough to beat from there.

For each one you defeat, you can reach the treasure chests they guard and grab a key from them.

Opposite the key rooms is the area where the wedding is usually held. Our destination, called the “Sol Tower”, is through the doors you can see there.

Now Playing – Shrine

Oh joy of joys, our dungeon is yet another grey, featureless maze! Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

It is particularly important to make sure you don’t stumble into this dungeon before you grabbed all the keys. If you didn’t, there’s a strong chance you will saunter up the closest stairs in this place and get lost trying to find out where you’re supposed to go. This dungeon is a maze, but all the maze hides is optional treasure. The way to the plot is far more linear.

To proceed, we need to feed the keys we found into those slightly duller and greyer things you can see pictured above. There’s three total, and each one takes a specific key you won from the prior fights. Once all three are placed, the path forward will open up on the first floor of the dungeon.

As for the encounters present here, they appear to largely mirror the ones from Ano’s Ruins. You can also fight time demons here.

This one’s new: a pallet swap of the Strange People from the Quarry Ruins. They can cause Confusion.

These guys are “Centaurs”. They have a decent area-hit lightning spell, but that’s about it.

These ones are particularly nasty: “Ramiars” (presumably Lamias) can put your whole party to sleep and use a health absorbing spell that doesn’t wake you up. They also tend to come coupled with Harpies who have their own group pummelling spells. Were it not for the fact they tend to physically attack enough to wake up your dudes, and you’re generally in much better shape by this point, they’d be scarier than the spirit enemies from the Forest of Illusion.

Just before the door to the plot, you’ll find all your allies gathered. You can change your party, but as you’ll soon see, this is redundant.

Mouse opens the door.

Something we can’t see rumbles towards us.

Now Playing – Evil

I bet you never would have guessed they’d be dragons, after Jawarro called them shit like “DragonixAlpha”.

Also, why did we get some weird shaky camera effect coming towards us if the dragons teleport into the room afterwards?

We get to select our party members for each dragon fight. There’s no real point to using anyone other than your A-Team though.

Click here to see the Dragonixi in action.

Now Playing – Combat

The dragons are all largely the same. They hit pretty hard, a lot harder than any generic enemy we’ve encountered thus far. But they’re hardly difficult to manage, and I kill them all just fine.

We really don’t, but you know how it is.

“Better choose who you want to have continue on with you, Mouse.”

“I’m going with you.”

Claire is forced into our party for the following. Fortunately, she was already a regular of my party.

“All right. We’re going ahead. Catch up with us once you’ve recovered.”

With the dragons out of the way, we can proceed up some stairs towards Jawarro. It’s a completely linear path from here, so no worry of getting lost. It’s just a series of flights of stairs up to the top of the tower.

Click here to see Jawarro go down.

“She’s here!”

Now Playing – Jawarro’s Theme

“Isn’t that right Gresto?”

“No one has ever caused Sir Xelpherpolis as much trouble as you have. I must commend your tenacity. You just might even be able to replace both Grantus and Twinboom. Would you like me to bioenhance your body for you?”

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

”Not that I’d say yes, but shouldn’t I be the one responding?”

”Hush Mouse, we’re speaking for you.”

“Oh, ho ho ho! What nonsense!! Could it be that you are simply incapable of understanding the situation?!”

“The island of eternity…Pandule!!”

Now Playing – Jawarro Battle

Cue boss fight. The gimmick here is that Jawarro is completely invincible. Nothing we do to her will kill her. Her Gresto minions are the ones to beat, as defeating them all ends this fight. The minions aren’t very strong: their attacks do barely anything, and the worst they can do is poison you, which can be cured with Claire’s Heal Circle.

“Why you…!!!”

The fight starts again, only this time the enemy is all the tentacles attached to Jawarro. She still can’t be harmed, but like before, if you kill her minions, the fight is over.

Each tentacle does something different. One heals the lot of them, and for a lot at that (1600HP!). Another can revive the others, making it imperative to destroy. The rest perform attacks of various kinds, but none really threaten us. This simply becomes a matter of destroying the healers as quickly as possible, and then sealing the deal.

This time Jawarro fights alone. And she’s a pushover who goes down in three solid hits.

Now Playing – Sadness

Apparently we could only tell how pretty she supposedly was after her little mask fell off.

“I like to think so too.”

“Absolutely. That is my fate as a “master”.”

“This is the legacy that has been passed down in my blood.”

“”Master”…that refers to a class of the KANON Clan. You had said that Grantus was a “soldier” of the lowest class, didn’t you? So, are you Masters the ruling class of the KANON?”


Loreille just got herself down from her faux crucifixion on her own.

“Is there a class above them?”



“The powers of the Holies are far beyond those of the Masters. So, we continually reconstruct new bodies for ourselves. Since ancient times, the Masters have been attempting to bridge this gap. In order to do this, our only option was to bioenhance the bodies we were born with. The KANON Holies are Gods. If only we could just get a little closer…we just wanted to be more like them.”

“That’s absurd.”

“To change your body like that…just because…”

“So that’s it. You’re a KANON Master too!”


“You and I are of the same lineage.”

Unless she’s suggesting she changed her entire face too, it seems like it’s pretty easy to imagine what she looked like without the scales and shit.

“I wonder if I hadn’t gone ahead and completely reconstructed my body, would I have been as beautiful as you…?”

“You’re very beautiful.”

Remember when Pattimo mocked Mouse for having low standards for talking to Claire in the bar?

This scene grinds my gears: we get all this wishy washy pity and empathy for Jawarro purely because she’s “beautiful”. Twinboom probably bioenhanced his body worse than her, but because he was an ugly ass bird man, nobody cried tears for him. Of course I’d say neither deserves anyone’s sympathy, villainous douchebags that they are, but at least consistency would be appreciated.

They did the same shit in Legaia 2: when Velna died, everyone was sad and wished they could have reconciled, but Avalon was just a power drunk asshole who didn’t deserve pity. The only difference was Velna was a woman. It’s nothing short of sexism at work.

Also should mention the only thing we were all apparently crying over was the fact that Jawarro wasn’t as BEAUTIFUL as she could be due to using technology to change her body. Honestly, I’m on Jawarro’s side: bugger beauty, give me super strength. It’s such a pointlessly purist argument.

“Really. The KANON Holies aren’t even close to being anything like gods.”

“A god-like being that exceeds all the powers of the KANON…When I hear that, he’s the only one that comes to mind…”


Well, anyway, we beat the boss, the princess is free, and now all we have to do is leave…

Now Playing – World of Darkness

Oh right, Xelpherpolis is still here.

Click here to see how Xelpherpolis’ intervention plays out.

”You know, it seems like you could have jumped in and helped her at any time…”


“As always, I am taking her with me.”

Plosi, hide your stupid face, this is supposed to be a dramatic moment.

“The same tomorrow will never be repeated again.”

“Hmm. Just when I think I know what you’ll say…How do you vermin have the gall to make such a declaration?”

“What did you say!?”

“I’ve already seen your true identity. And the magnitude of your strength was terrifying. But that was then! We’re a lot stronger now. To be honest, I don’t feel nearly as fearful as I did the last time I faced you like this.”

“you’re starting to feel that we can defeat Xelpherpolis due to your amazing strength from your transformation! Even though your powers are god-like, there isn’t that much of a difference between you and Jawarro and the like who have been reconstructed via Magic Science. I’m not saying it’ll be easy to defeat you. But you’re no longer an opponent we can’t defeat!”

The game prompts us to pick party members. No point changing it up now.

Now Playing – Xelpherpolis Battle

Hoo boy, that’s a lot of damage for one strike! I guess this might be hard after all!

Or maybe all we need is two rounds of damage…

“Just as I thought. Xelpherpolis, your secret to controlling this island for so long wasn’t your strength, but was only because you obeyed the rules of Time Magic.”

“But people grow. No matter how much your strength resembles a god’s, eventually we’ll be as strong. That’s if time is allowed to flow correctly toward the future.”

“Beating you is our proof, wouldn’t you say? We beat you, a KANON Holy! ….!”

“….!? Ha ha ha….Ah ha ha! Ohhhh ho ho. Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

“Just like Jawarro and Twinboom and that watchmaker girl there, I am a Master. KANON Holies are nothing like us. They are “Absolute Beings” filled with the power of eternal time.”

“So, Xelpherpolis wasn’t a Holy after all.”

“So where is this so-called “great one” hiding!?”

“It’s right here in front of your very eyes.”

“My bride, Loreille,…is this world’s one and only Holy. She’s the sacred KANON, holder of the most powerful magic.”

We briefly cut to outside the Sol Tower, where a storm’s brewing.

“The ancestral origin of the KANON Clan is this island. In other words, the homeland for all the KANON descendants who have spread throughout the world is right here. Those who have traces of KANON blood have all unwittingly answered the island’s call, completely unbeknownst to themselves. Before I came here, I had no idea of the history of my bloodline. And Loreille, who was born and raised here, had no inkling of her true identity either. This, despite being the legitimate heir of the Pandule Royal Family.”

“As time passed, those who could recall the past, or even those who realized that such a thing had happened eventually disappeared. But the instant I laid eyes on Loreille, I knew exactly who I was. I could feel the KANON blood flowing in my veins. It was as if a long forgotten melody began to play in my ear. I discovered an ancient ruin and found all the information I needed. And it was then that I was able to confirm that Loreille was a Holy. A KANON Holy is like a Queen Bee. In each world, only one exists. I tried to devise a plan to accomplish what the Masters have never able (sic) to achieve. That’s when I came up with the idea.”

“Then I would absorb all her power over the years. But because her powers were so immense, it took a long time. Ingenious, don’t you think? By manipulating the power that she herself couldn’t even govern, I was able to keep her locked in this time prison.”

“I would have been happy to live my life as a normal human being.”

“Oh, you have never been normal, Loreille. To have spent so long…to have lived he same days over and over again, yet not lose sight of yourself and resist me emotionally are anything but normal. Your power is no ordinary spiritual power. After all, you are a KANON Holy. A KANON God! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Do you get that much pleasure out of torturing people?!”

“Now and forever!”

”Well boohoo, cause we just kicked your ass and can do it again!”

”Ah, but you see my dear Mouse….this isn’t even my final form!”

Now Playing – Convulsion

“But if I release the amassed power of Loreille, the power of a KANON Holy….I can do things like this!”

Mouse’s grip slips, and even he is sent flying off.

Sol Tower sinks into the ground…for whatever reason.

And time magic is wrought upon Pandule once more.

This is where we must end, as this update is far too big as is.

Join me next time, where we see the aftermath of Xelpherpolis’ big tantrum.