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Part 33: Auroran - Part 02 - November 25th, 1177 NC: The Stakeout

Alright, I'm still very busy at the end of the term so this plotline will probably be in shorter segments - as opposed to nothing at all. I intend to finish this LP before May hits and not updating doesn't help at all on that front!

November 25th, 1177 NC: The Stakeout

Last time, we were setting off to smash up a drug factory to avenge Michaeleen's death. We're currently en-route to Mairim.

Jumping into the system, we're met by a Pirate Enterprise and a Manticore. Even the dinky little heavy shuttle can outrun them, and I slip planetside before they can chase us down.

Evasion doesn't make for very pretty screenshots.


After avoiding the orbital patrols you and Flynn quickly move through the facility smashing and killing everything you come across. Flynn is just a whirling dervish of destruction and whenever you find yourself getting pinned down he somehow manages to pull off the impossible and pull you out of trouble.

After the better part of an hour of fighting your way through the crashed ship, everything is quiet and Flynn plants his charges and the two of you take off as soon as possible to avoid any further entanglements with pirate goons.
There's not much to do here. I pick up another Sigma Shipyards mission while waiting for the engines to spool up. The same ships meet us in orbit but are once again easily dodged.

A maurading Pegasus hits us up on the way back to New Ireland. It's almost cute.

We return without further incident and are debriefed. As before - we seriously tore shit up, slaughtered dozens of noncombatants and blew up their only shelter. We're then sent to deliver a car bomb to a shipping warehouse.


You watch in grim satisfaction as a news reporter makes a telecast from the front of a burning warehouse. Great gouts of black, oily smoke billow from the building, and the Reporter has to shout to be heard over the roar of the flames. Switching off the holo-receiver, you head for the stars and ultimately, New Ireland.
Harsh. Back to New Ireland once more. We get some entertainment on the way back.

Any ideas as to this reference?

We return just in time for the new year!


"We saw your handiwork on the news," Flannigan smiles as he meets you at the hatch. "I especially liked the bit when the authorities tried to take the credit for the destruction of a large shipment of drugs, and breaking the smuggling ring. Funny thing about crooked cops. If something too big happens, they take down everybody, get promotions and medals, and sleep well at night knowing that they have heaps of cash and have still done their jobs." Flannigan shakes his head, and you wonder just how the police and security forces were tipped off.

"Go and get some rest in a real bed," he finishes with a warm smile, "and take some time to wind down. The next stage of the operation is going to be tricky, so I'll need some time to set it up."


A couple of days later, you are quietly enjoying the company of some of the Rovers in the bar, and discussing the types of operations you have been doing. It seems that McGowan may be starting to suspect the Geese, and you have noted that the number of unexpected ships passing through Tuatha has increased. Apparently, too, the Geese in Spacedock Six have been getting harassed by more interdictions than normal.

Flannigan walks in and orders a drink, and you head over to see if he has any information for you.

"Hello but you're a girl, How have you been?" Flannigan asks you, lifting his glass in greeting.

You and Flannigan are exchanging pleasantries when Tara Collins rushes into the Bar. She hands Flannigan a data-cube, and he quickly loads it into his wrist-comp and scans its contents. Flannigan jumps to his feet, and indicates that you should follow him into the corridor.

"But you're a girl, I have been waiting for this to happen," he states, suddenly business-like. "With all the problems we have been creating for McGowan, many of his regular sources of information are beginning to doubt McGowan's strength. Some of our operatives have been able to discover the position of McGowan's main prison ship. The sadist likes to capture those who may well prove to be opposed to his pirate organization. There is one individual who is currently languishing in McGowan's prison ship, the 'Desperation' that we are particularly interested in talking to. His name is Eiric, and he is attempting to create a union of free traders to combat the position of McGowan's organization. Or at least he was, until he was captured by McGowan, and put into the 'Desperation'. We now know where the dread ship is, and want you to go and raid her, freeing the prisoners and in particular Eiric. Are you interested?"
Well, that's something different.


"I'm so glad you have decided to take on this mission," he slaps you on the shoulder with a grin. "I could task some Geese to do it, but we are glad of the anonymity that your 'privateer' position gives us. You have proven to be more than trustworthy, and we are very pleased with the progress we have made with you on our side."

You feel the hot flush of a blush rushing into your face at Flannigan's praise.

"You'll find the 'Desperation' in the NGC-1894 system and you'll have to take care of her escorts before you can disable her and board. Once you do, take the prisoners aboard your ship, and bring them back here. Sound simple, huh? I can assure you it that it won't be. The 'Desperation' is notoriously well guarded. But with your skill you should be able to do it."
Well this can't be too bad, just pop in and...


Add in a handful of Pirate Starbridges and Enterprises and we've got a recipe for pain. I hightail it out of there and look for an upgrade. Suggestions? I'm leaning towards a Wild Geese Lightning because... it seems fitting and I apparently have a pathological dislike for Valkyries and Starbridges.