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Part 61: Ships Part 04 - Polaris 1

Let's Meet the Polaris! Part I

The Polaris are the most terrifying faction in the game. Their ships will completely shred any others, and they'll take all the punishment you can throw at them and come back for more. Their ships are also just plain nicer to play in with the fast-jumping and multi-jumping outfits. If you've got the money to burn, capturing or buying a Polaris ship is the way to go.


Polaris Sprite posted:

One of the Tre'pira's greatest achievements was the exquisite timing and scheduling control required for efficient use of the giant Cambrian. There are times, however, when it's simply not feasible to divert a Cambrian from its course to pick up a rush job, or a small load of goods. Thus the Sprite takes up the shortfall; going in where the Cambrian can't fit, getting the smaller loads of cargo, ferrying cargo from the huge freighters to stations and planets, and all the other little tasks that the Cambrians simply aren't suited to.
It's a light freighter. The equivalent to the Terrapin but better armoured, carrying twice as much cargo and twice as much energy. It also costs about four times more, but it quickly pays itself back. It carries no weapons.


Polaris Cambrian posted:

This immense vessel is the Polaris counterpart to the Leviathan. Plying its way through hyperspace via massive Etheric Wave hyper-engines (mounted as part of its bio-organic skin in its nose and tail), the Cambrian transfers huge amounts of raw materials for the construction of new worlds and the upkeep of old ones. These ships are usually assigned to a particular caste for a period of twenty years or so before rotation, but these timetables are quite flexible, and reflect the Polaran distaste for inefficient bureaucracy.
It's much cheaper than a Leviathan and has less cargo space to match. Nevertheless, with respect to tons per dollar, it's the most cost-effective freighter in the game and is available as soon as you start the game, making it popular for traders. It carries no weapons.


Polaris Manta posted:

A pilot in the Nil'kemorya comes of age at 16. It is then that he meets the Manta that will be his fighter and personal transport for as long as he lives, no matter how far he advances in rank. Grown from a DNA sample taken from the pilot when he was initiated into the Nil'kemorya, the Manta will bond with him in a very personal way. These fighters are not only swift and powerful, they are also the most 'alive' of the Polaris ships, having approximately the same level of sentience as smart dogs. It incorporates a potent bio-organic laser into its nose as its only weapon.
Arguably the best fighter in the game. It's fast as hell and will shred anything in its path. The high-end variants can take down fleet carriers on their own. If encountered, only engage at a distance, preferably with high-impulse weapons.


Polaris Striker posted:

When the Polaris first settled on Kel'ar Iy, they arrived in ancient Deimos-class spacehulks and a myriad of smaller ships. They had no weapons, exhausted first-generation hyperdrives and generally little to recommend themselves. As the Polaris' well-founded civilization granted them new technologies, they began building cybernetic ships which were a combination of mechanical and biological components. The first ship to be built like this was the Striker. It serves as a long range scout and as a first line of defense against intruders.
Pretty badass little ships. Armed and armoured well enough to stroll up to enemies and dish out the pain without even flinching. The best option when fighting one is to try and outrange its lasers while flying fast enough to dodge cannon fire, or swarm it with escorts.


Polaris Dragon posted:

The Dragon is a strange ship by Polaris standards, but a much more conventional weapon than their other creations. The Dragon's main biological component is the self-repairing skin that also acts as an etheric wave hyperdrive. Apart from that, most of the ship is conventional, if somewhat high-tech. It mounts twin wraithii cannon as its standard weapon, and has excellent speed and agility. It is the only Polaris vessel sold to outsiders, and then only to trusted friends of the Polaris.
It's like a Striker, but more expensive and shittier in every way save cargo space. It's very pretty though, and it's only slightly worse than a striker, so it's not completely irredeemable. It carries a turreted laser which is more useless than it sounds on such a fast-turning ship.