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Part 63: Ships Part 06 - Vell-os

Let's Meet the Vell-os Ships

Vell-os Dart


When a Vell-os has completed his or her basic training in the psi arts, one of the first things they attempt to construct is the delicate Dart. Like all Vell-os 'ships', she is actually a pure psychic barrier that protects the Vell-os pilot within. It is perfectly formed for hyperspace travel (nearly matching the beautiful Wraith), and will remain intact as long as enough of the mental energy of the Vell-os remains.
The most common Vell-os ship, Darts are inertialess and hence incredibly agile, able to dodge almost all incoming fire with ease. Where they suffer is from the same lack of inertia: armed only with a short-range, fixed-position laser, they cannot bring their weapons to bear for very long. The short range also eliminates the agility advantage - Darts at close range are very vulnerable to enemy fire, especially EMP torpedoes, Hail chainguns and ionizing beams. It's the perfect ship to run away in, especially since the lack of inertia greatly speeds up hyperspacing.

Vell-os Arrow


The Arrow is an undertaking that has been known to be completed by a very skilled T3, but is more usually the in the purview of a T2. It is a mental barrier of enormous proportions that affords the Vell-os pilot excellent physical protection. The Arrow differs visibly from the Dart, in that it is significantly longer and more streamlined. This is certainly a powerful vessel, but it is rarely seen in these dark times.
A huge step up from the tiny Dart, the Arrow has over twice the energy, 4 or 5 times the shields, and most importantly mounts a turreted laser, invaluable for taking down enemy fighters and enemies in general. Unfortunately, the laser range is still low, so Arrows can be easily killed via the Monty Python manuever.

Vell-os Javelin


The Javelin embodies the hopes and desires of all the Vell-os people. A Javelin has been known to be created by very powerful T2's, but as a general rule, only T1's are capable of constructing one of these glorious works of art. A completed Javelin pulsates with the enormous mental energy of the Vell-os pilot as it travels. This mental construct is most often created by a Vell-os who is also capable of launching the devastating Autumn Petal attack and of disassociating their mind to create subsidiary vessels, making the Javelin one of the most powerful objects known to man. Only a few Javelins exist now, as it is rare for a Vell-os to be allowed to construct one.
Javelins are better Arrows. They can carry Darts and are generally slower and stronger than their smaller brethren. They are similarly vulnerable to the Monty Python manuever and EMP torpedoes.

Krypt Pod


Krypt has always been curious about the universe at large. She created these nanite globes to explore her surrounds soon after she became conscious. Any globe is a part of her body; she suffers its ill-treatment badly, and will respond to force with force. Not that she truly understands that these strange asteroids that appear in her space actually contain living beings; she is unaware that other life exists.
Krypt pods are inertialess bundles of terror. Their nanites ignore shields entirely, cannot be jammed or outrun, and deal enough damage to one-shot many ships. They can be killed, but are inordinately tough and provide no reward. The best hope is to ignore them, or to provoke them into attacking enemy ships via careful flying.