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Part 2: The Khan

Two more monks outside. Not unholy this time.

The Christian monk has the same character portrait as the Satanist one. It's almost like the game is trying to get some message across.

A lone moaner is hiding behind the building:

The game's a bit obsessed with the theme of software piracy, isn't it.

Singers are basically moaners who... sing?

Updated my journal.
(Escape from Hell has a bunch of side quests, but it will rarely directly tell you to "do this" or "do that". This one's fairly obvious, though: find something to replace Tom's broken shades.)

The next building we come across is Hell's law office.

Too late for the advice, I'm afraid.

It makes sense lawyers don't even have character portraits, now doesn't it?
In any case, it's going to take some time until we get to Lucifer's Landing, but Flicka, huh? We'll be sure to remember that name.

The above looks like an especially nasty place.

The statue is lording over the entrance to... the Firepit!

Ironically, a gold bar is automatically added to your inventory whenever you read the sign. Despite what you might think, however, it is totally useless. Why would you need gold in Hell? No wonder there is no money here either, only barter.

We can actually explore the Firepit freely.

You may think we'll need to break into Minos' mansion at some point. Well, not really. If I remember correctly, there's nothing of interest in there. Except in case we want some Hell guards on our tail, of course.

A Diver is discovered right near the estate. A diver, you know, who dives into the sea.

The guy's in dire need of a quest compass.

A singer hands us a happy face button. In Hell, you could really use one of those.

We could even equip it, except there's no reason to.

There is apparently a Hell Guard recruitment center somewhere around the place.

A cave northeast of the city. Duly noted. And it looks like Richard qualifies. Must be thanks to his low Piety.

We meet Dave. Dave says we need better equipment. Well, I figured as much.

The 6th Court of Minos is a place full of wonders.

The wonders of bureaucracy, that is.

A condemned soul recognises Richard and warns him about the receptionist. Receptionists are evil!

As no doubt are arch devils. This one seems neutral, though.

Oh hey, it's Minos himself. Occupied with condemning others, he simply doesn't care much about us.
(According to a poster at Mobygames, Savanti Romero was the inspiration for Minos' character portrait in this game.)

Now here's the thing with the receptionist behind the counter: should we come too close to her, she'll identify Richard as Hell's number one criminal at large. Good thing we can move diagonally.

...And voilà, we stay undetected.

The telephone is useless without a valid number, and the service window is closed:

A sign on the service window reads, "This window closed until break is over... See next window."

How typical.

Another side quest we receive is finding a DATABASE for the evil woman. And no, giving her the laptop we got earlier won't do the trick. It's more complicated than that.

Interacting with one Scum now.

Side quest #3: get a light.

This Khan looks like a well-armed fellow.

Well, that's because he's the great Ghenghis Khan.

And now we have Stalin and Ghenghis Khan in our party.

Khan comes equipped with a Broad sword and a Garbage can lid for a shield. He's also carrying a frying pan for some, no doubt stupid, reason.

Richard isn't really much of a fighter, so at the moment Khan is just who our party needs. He has high Strength and Stamina, and his combat skills are quite good and diverse. He doesn't have any active skills, but that's no biggie. Khan is cool.

Next time: I KNOW WHO I AM!