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Part 13: The numbers we dial

The people have spoken. Mozart is the one to accompany Richard and Alan to level three.

But first we must recruit Alan, of course.

"I better not say... who knows what could happen this time."

Alan replaces the blonde.

Alan is okay, even if nothing special. His max HP is average for a lvl2 character (better than Mozart's though, as we're about to see). He's slightly better at melee than ranged weapons, which is a bit of a minus now that we're moving on to the last part of the game. There's nothing too remarkable about his selection of passive skills, and his only active skill is Swimming (which will prove useful to us on Hell's level three).

To recruit Mozart, we head to Satan's Halo and then inside Club Moranda, making sure to strip Sparticus of all useful items before chatting the composer up.

Interaction with Mozart

We use Richard's Electrical skill... disconnect the speakers and save Mozart's head from exploding.

Our goals are indeed a little bit more selfish than Mozart understands them to be. Overthrowing Satan, if we happen to achieve that, will just be... collateral damage.

So this is the party we're going to be using all the way until Satan's Fortress.

Naturally, what those voting for Mozart didn't know is that he only has 35 hit points at level 2. Oh well, I'm sure I'll manage somehow. At least he has high Intelligence and some Marksmanship experience and so must be good with ranged weapons, which should surely come in handy. In any case, some grinding will be in order if we are to survive through Hell's level three.

Mozart is carrying lots of Fairy Dust, so we may as well experiment around with it... after saving the game, naturally. When used on the world map, Fairy Dust teleports you to a random location on the map; nothing special about that. When used inside a town or a building, however...

We reappear...

Oops. Must be the depths of Sheol.

We run around a bit, but no luck getting out so far.

But then it turns out we are, in a sense, outside Club Moranda.

There is, however, no way we can get back inside from here.

We use Fairy Dust again...

...but again don't get very far.

And the third try places us back at the club's entrance.

Well, that wasn't too exciting, but at least now we know why the manual warns us against using Fairy Dust indoors.

Manual posted:

A Word About Fairy Dust: were warned when you picked this stuff up: use it only in dire need. It's great for escaping a tight situation, but if you use it indoors, you might wind up in an undeveloped section of hell. Worse yet, you might materialize in stone -- which means instant bye, bye. If you find yourself in an undeveloped section of hell, try a few things to get out. Things like walking around to find a door back to where you came from, or using the Fairy Dust again. If none of this works, it's time to reload your last saved game.

We hurry to Los Diablos next to recharge our weapons as well as learn Rifle from Wyatt Earp again now that we have a new party. Last time we were here, it completely slipped my mind to rob the Bank of the Undead, so let's do just that.

The demon guard mistakes us for a blood deposit. It doesn't take him long to realise his mistake.

Inside the chests, we discover an Asbestos Suit, a Healing Spray, a Silver Necklace, a Hell Sabre, a Bomb, and a Dry Suit. In other words, nothing really interesting.

And now it's finally time to return to level one using the transporter in Capone's City.

Several hours of flight later, we arrive to the destroyed Lucifer's Landing.

Going back to where Hell Captain Flicka previously was, we can witness what's left of him. Satan's cruelty definitely knows no bounds.

We pick up another Care bracelet, just in case.

Next stop: City on the Edge of Eternity, Minos' 6th Court.

Interaction with 1 Evil Woman

We approach the evil woman in need of a DATABASE...

...and give her the one we took from Caesar.

With the number we've been given, we can teleport to Hell's level three right away using the nearby DTI phone.

But! We shouldn't forget to obtain a Consultant's Badge from the evil woman's sister first, or we'd be in for a lot of backtracking later.

The Superior Cloak is cool since it can be equipped on top of normal armour: you know, the typical RPG cloak stuff.

We can't return to level two at the moment, by the way. We can't even re-enter Lucifer's Landing! And no, the Hell badge or Richard's Bluffing skill are of no help to us this time.

Which means level three is the only way to go from here.

Let's dial the number, then!

I... don't think I like that face.

Level three. What kind of infernal horrors await us here?

Next time: Wie geht's?