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Part 21: Tower of Myraglen, Part 3/3

To access level 9, and with it the final part of the game, we need a whopping five keys.

Luckily we have them all, and are allowed to proceed.

We enter another large room, similar to the one on floor 3, but this time it's 3x3, not 3x4, and without deadly traps of any kind.

What we really need is the secret passage in the eastern wall, but let's explore around a bit first.

First we come across a door leading to a pot room.

No, really, a room full of pots.

The next door has an iron storage behind it.

An iron placard reads, "Iron Storage And Metal Work."

(The Repair Zombie is just a random spawn.)

Then there's the northwestern door.

A sign on the door reads, "Wood Work And Storage."

It leads to a room full of wooden planks. My best guess is, left to right, the rooms signify something like the Wooden Age, the Iron Age, and finally the Age of Clay, i.e., of Man (?). Weird stuff in any case.

The doors along the southern wall have a different pattern and seem to continue the story.

A sign on the door reads, "Ceramics And Clay Work."

Another pottery storage, which coupled with the text probably represents the transition from the Age of Man to... a Zombie Age?

No, really, a Zombie Age. The next room is a Zombie room, after all.

The disease-corpuscles comparison again.

And yet another Zombie storage is to the southeast.

Independence through murder, huh?

There's also a Wasp room nearby, with some further rooms behind it that we don't really need to explore, but let's visit them for the sake of the LP.

Someone clearly has a severe case of megalomania.

The coffins here aren't worth the trouble.

Let's rather head back and through the secret door I mentioned earlier.

The closer we are to completing our quest, the closer is the good old wizard to death. Probably has something to do with us fighting his dark side.

The message we get here is directly tied to one of the bad endings.

And here are the stairs up to the tenth floor.

Floor 10 is no big deal, being totally linear.

With each door we enter, Mendalick is one step closer to death.


Dragon: No myth is more solid than that of a dragon. It is a powerful fire-breathing lizard with talons that cut through steel as if it were nothing! Only magic, say the legends, can withstand the power of this beast!

The next room has a dragon, and it would obliterate us if not for the music box we're carrying. Good thing we grabbed that thing earlier -- and good thing that "beasts of power and unknown ways love art".

All right, we're almost there. Our destination lies to the south; there's nothing to be found in the Hall of Eternum to the east except the new floor tiles:

Those adventurers have all achieved a very... weird sort of immortality.

We'll run into dead and frozen adventurers a bit later, so I assume those were all our predecessors.

First we must go down a corridor of flames, and this is where the Ring of Fire Resistance becomes essential.

Another black/white tile puzzle, identical to the previous one.

The puzzle continues in the Terminus Tod Chamber, stock full of dead adventurers.

The next room features a single suspended adventurer; I wonder what's his story.

In the Terminus Assault Chamber, we're greeted by an ungodly amount of enemies.

We're left at almost half HP once we've dealt with them.


Mind Warper: These are creatures of extreme mental ability. They are known for their ability to "out think" their opponents. They use sceptres, which look like slicks, to channel their menial energy into their opponents. They actually harm other creatures through their thoughts!

And the next room has Mind Warpers; luckily, this is our last fight in the game. There's no "boss fight" or anything.

Alas, poor Mendalick. We have indeed killed him.

But are we proud? NO, we are not. (If we answer YES, we're only asked Are you sure? until we yell NO.)

I live as the tower!

A new passage appears, which we take.

To end the game, we grab the Medallion of Soul Stealing off the wizard's body.

There's even something like a cutscene. We're first shown the medallion...

...and then the wizard, welcoming us.

There are multiple endings, to boot. The outcome depends on what we choose to do now that the medallion is in our possession.


Yes, the King entrusted us with the task of getting the medallion, so it's our duty to give it to him.

That didn't go too well, now did it? Well, it was an obviously foolish thing to do.


No, we're going to keep the medallion for ourselves this time.

Yes, we will use it to conquer the world!

Oh well. Should've acquired the Medallion of Invincibility as well while we were at it.


We can also try doing it the peaceful way.

No, because the king is evil.

No, because we are good.

No, killing is wrong.

Well, you can't say we didn't have it coming.

Let's do it the proper way now.


No, the king is too evil to be given the medallion.

No, we're too good for that.

Yes, because he's evil and we're good.

Hey, we have won the Tower of Myraglen!

The wizard approves.

Listen to the ending music:

A little extra: Richard L. Seaborne and Jeff A. Lefferts interviewed about The Tower of Myraglen: (skip to 9 minutes in, that's where it starts).

P.S. swamp waste summing up the game's writing:

swamp waste posted:

Ride a white horse, upon the golf course. Suck mens dicks to gain their life force of course, ein sof, om mani padme hum, get down, get dumb, to avoid the fate of a bum. Always attempt to have success and someday you'll acclaim, the very best. Richard Seabourne, Tricky Dick Sea, axis unity '89, motherfucker

The bonus LP ends here. Thanks for reading!