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by Feinne

Part 7: Valley: Stray Boss: Morpheus

Rumor has it that despite his rumored demise, the dread Majin Morpheus still to this day rules the realm of Besek.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol. III

Morpheus and Izel

This… this terrible place. It’s to blame. We left Isapolis confident, but instead of the next Stratum we found only void and horror.

Video- “Stray Lead In”

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But it looks like we’re completely lost.
What… is this place…?
Ashley, what’s the matter?
I feel so… strange…
My heart is pounding so hard…! Something’s not right!
I’m impressed that mere Falsin made it this far…
Who said that!?

It’s where HE was waiting.

Hahah, yes. Izel.
Stop saying that name! I don’t want to hear it!
No… No! Stop it!
My name is Ashley!
No, you will always be Izel.
You’re wrong…
Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!
Die, Morpheus!

Damn that Majin…

Video- “Stray”

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Ally Team:
This time we’re going in with a very melee heavy lineup. Beyond Ashley, Reyna, and Glynne (whom we have to use) we’re also bringing Ares, Alexei, Velnor, and Stein. Ares and Alexei give me more people who can survive a hit from Morpheus if it comes to that, Velnor gives me Accelero and more ranged support, and Stein lets me cure the Physical status that Morpheus and his buddies can sometimes inflict.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a weird group of enemies this time, in that none of them can be Overkilled. Morpheus is joined by one Acolyte, three Priests, and three Priestesses.

Priests are pretty basic light melee fighters. They don’t do much and are easily pounded into the ground. They’re vulnerable to absolutely everything but Sacra.

Priestesses are casters armed with Sacra damage and Prayer healing magic. They’re actually reasonably powerful and dangerous if they can gang up on someone who’s weak to magic, as we’ll see later on. They’re very easy to smack down, though.

The Acolyte is a heavy melee fighter who can use Fracture Attack. We’ll want to kill him as soon as he starts moving towards us to ensure we don’t see any Fractures, because Morpheus can easily one hit kill anyone who’s so afflicted. Luckily the Acolyte is critically vulnerable to pretty much everything.

Here’s the big man himself. His Malus III is devastating on a level we’ve not seen on even Otakuphant, and Primal Slash is a brutal physical move that can also Bleed a unit. He’s fast and only really vulnerable to Strikes. We win as soon as we defeat Morpheus, though we’d actually like to defeat every enemy for the EXP and some other rewards.


We present a tight and solid front to the enemy here. We’re going to advance up the middle until we reach the various generic enemies and bring them down before engaging Morpheus. We want to stay as far the hell away from Morpheus as we can until we’re damned ready for him.

Tactical Objectives:
-Kill everything
-Be really careful of Morpheus, who actually could potentially kill Ashley.


Ashley, how did you know its name?
I don’t know… I just DID.
If you won’t make the first move, then allow ME!
I hope you’re ready, monster!
Holy Atona, please guide and protect us.
Morpheus! Prepare yourself!

I push everyone up to the edge of the middle ground. Ares gets a Salva buff because she’s already pretty fast. Ashley and Alexei get Accelero, Alexei needs it badly, he’s incredibly slow.

Are you really able to harness its power?
If you’re so curious, come find out!

The Acolyte moves up towards us, which puts it inside Ashley’s movement range. This proves to be a critical error on its part, as two thirds of its health drops with a swing of a mace.

(The Hero once defeated a Majin named Morpheus…)
I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be easy.

Ares pushes towards the left to draw in a Priest. The Acolyte then drops to a spear thrust from Glynne followed by a Pyro II from Reyna. He drops a pretty awesome item, a Knight bracelet. Reyna also levels up.

Reyna gains the ability to evade Strike attacks, which is nice but not as nice as some new Fire magic. Meanwhile a Priest on the right side decides it doesn’t really like being alive anymore and runs up to hit Ashley. In return she smashes it nearly to death in a single blow and then moves to the left side to support efforts there. Ares is also struck by a Priest, but when her turn comes up Salva restores most of the lost health. She tries to Bleed it, but just manages to take some health off. Reyna also shoots at the left Priest, while Glynne finishes off the one on the right. Alexei goes for the left Priest, but it’s Stein who finishes it off, gaining him a level and getting us a Forged gauntlet.

Not much to report out of this level, but Stein is getting substantially better. Ashley charges to the left to meet the enemies waiting on that side while Glynne and Reyna push towards the Priestess on their side. As everyone else waits around to draw the enemy into the trap, Ashley destroys the last Priest with a single mace strike to the back. The Priestesses fire back with Sacras at Ares, Glynne, and Alexei. Ares takes the opportunity to charge in and strike the Priestess who’d cast on her.

I’m only here to observe things.
“Observe”…? Observe WHAT!?
That is none of your concern.

Reyna and Glynne bring down their Priestess, who drops a Medicine, and start moving back towards the middle. I buff Alexei’s Magic Defense with Ashley, hoping he’ll survive if the Priestesses decide to focus on him. He moves up and Fractures the one that had cast on him last turn, and an arrow from Velnor nearly kills it. Sadly, the two of them then just barely manage to bring the big man down. It’s a shame, but again he’ll be back next fight and we’re still in great shape. Ares runs up and gets revenge, cutting the Fractured Priestess in half. She drops another Medicine.

Izel, you should be careful with your choice of words.
Ahahahahahahaha! And who are you to give ME advice!?

I have Ashley buff her own Magic Defense and advance her to engage Morpheus. I start rebuffing faded Speed buffs and chase down the fleeing Priestess with Ares, managing to land a Bleed on it. Now Morpheus decides to get in on the action and casts on Ashley.

Morpheus, by the way, is very special. He doesn’t have an operatic intro, and has his own special battle music when he attacks. That Malus III does almost a hundred points even to Ashley, by the way. It’s really devastating. We cast and shoot at him a bit for very little real effect, then unleash the fury of Ashley’s special move, Punishment.

Morpheus is critical, but there’s still a stray Priestess around to deal with. It heals itself, but the Bleed drains quite a lot of its health afterwards. Ares brings it down to near death with her next swing. Morpheus almost kills Reyna with his next Malus III. Glynne spears him, bringing him terribly low. I can see on the turn order that Ares will get a turn before the Priestess, so I just heal Ashley and Reyna with a Cura II. Ares cuts down the last Priestess, who drops a Bandage. Morpheus makes me pay for this delay by hitting Reyna with another Malus III. But now it’s time to finish this.

Don’t tell me what to do!

A brutal Combo from Glynne and Ashley takes the big man down. Glynne levels up, gaining him a passive skill that gives him 5% Evade.

Is that all you have to say?
Oh, don’t worry. I don’t plan on ending this right here.
Farewell, Izel.
Many trials still lie before you in Besek.
Hahah! It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of you!

Battle Result:

Glynne 9->10
Reyna 8->9
Stein 6->7


Knight x 1
Forged x 1
Invoker x 1
Medicine x 2
Bandage x 1


Things only got worse when Morpheus left.

Video- “Stray Lead Out”

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Damn! He got away!
No, not again… What’s happening to me…?
(Remember me… I’m the part of you that you erased!)
No… Nooooooooo!

It appeared again, and this time I wasn’t the only one who saw it.

Ashley, what’s going on!?
What!? Two Ashleys!?
Did you forget all about me? Silly boy…
Don’t you remember yet? I’m the persona you thought you could get rid of…
Yes, I’m you… the other half of you…
No! You’re not me!
But I am… And you’re me. We’re two parts of the same whole. Inseparable.
No! It can’t be!
(This isn’t possible…)
I will destroy you!
*pant pant *
It’s no use! You’ll never be free of me!
Shut up!
Ashley, are you alright?
Glynne… I’m so confused… What’s going on?
Don’t worry about it.
Besek must be playing tricks on us.

Besek shook, and we heard a distant roar. I think this place is alive.

It almost sounded like Besek was howling…
Besek… howling…?

Still, I’m not afraid. After all, I’ve got my best friend Glynne here with me.

I understand your instructions, Your Holiness… but why do we need a third in our group? Who is she?
She is an accomplished Protector, and I have my complete faith in her loyalty. She will meet you two at the appointed hour.
Whatever happens, my child, do not fail me. You must fulfill this mission, whatever the cost.
Understood, Your Holiness.
I will do exactly as you’ve asked…

We left that horrible space and returned to Isapolis to rest. The Count seemed especially worried that we’d met Morpheus out in Besek.

Really…? You saw Morpheus? Here in Besek? How positively ghastly.
I had thought he was slain by the Hero of Legend!
I am glad that you are safe, though. Please be careful.
Is something the matter? If you require anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Muse: If you sacrifice a bunch of Majin, you’ll get something special!
These special items are more powerful than regular items!
But cute things are the best! Let me know if you find something I’d like!

Leon: With COMBO, you can lead allies to simultaneously attack the same enemy.
Use the LEAD command to select COMBO, then select the ally you want to use.
It’s really brutal! Not only is it the two people dishing out damage at once…
but it also can’t be evaded or countered! You have to try it!
…But you don’t have too many people, so it might be difficult to execute.

I feel bad for the Koona, living in fear of the Majin.

Toma: Oot uoy…?

Basil: Take heed that there are three paths through it.
Forest, Aether, Desert… each poses its own unique challenges.
Regardless of which you choose, it will be difficult. I’ll be praying for you.

Ares wanted to take a look at the Librum, but for some reason I can’t seem to bring myself to part with it recently.

Ares: Is that the one that lets you capture the Majin and take control of them?
That sounds pretty dangerous. Mind if I borrow it sometime?

Alexei seems to be much better now, I’m glad. He was badly hurt while we were fighting Morpheus.

Alexei: Cheer up! That frown doesn’t befit such a pretty face!
Take care and feel better!

That fortune teller had something interesting to tell us about Besek.

Shivan: Like a silent hand in the sea, Besek reaches into the depths of your mind.
It may conjure landscapes of distant memories long forgotten.
Do not be deceived by its illusions. May the gods protect you.

Komori: Don’t you think my Nena is adorable?
I’m so proud to have a daughter like her.
I know that teenagers tend to start rebelling against their parents…
I just hope that we can remain close as she continues to grow up…
I don’t know what I would do without my Nena!

Evan still seems to be in shock about his situation.

Evan, you still look pretty freaked out…
Evan: I am slowly coming to terms with my situation.
But I think I would rather not discuss it right now.
Just take things slow, okay?
Evan: Yes, of course. Thank you, my lady…

Zadikus seems to be doing well, though.

Zadikus: That’s right sweet of ya!
You were saying something about a tournament the other day…
Zadikus: I sure was, ‘cause I won it! You’re talkin’ to the champion, see?
Wow, so you must be really good!
Zadikus: 80 wins, no losses! Heck, I’m settin’ all kinds of records, I’m sure.
Then, you must’ve fought some really strong people…
Zadikus: Now, hold up, Miss. You sure are interested in boxin’ ain’tcha?
Someone I know used to box, a long time ago…
Zadikus: Is that right? He any good?
Uh, I don’t know…
Zadikus: If he’s good, ya bring him here, okay?
I don’t even have monsters to practice on. I’m getting’ rusty, here!
Okay, I’ll talk to him…
Zadikus: Really? Thanks!

I can’t let any of this distract me from why I’m here, though. I need to find Master Leto. I’m sure he’ll have an answer to all of this…
- journal entry