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Part 10: Stratum 2: Forsaken Part 2 Boss: Terranus

The so-called Black Knight of Besek, the Majin Terranus, was notorious for ravaging the countryside in search of strong warriors to battle. None can say how many brave men fell to his cruel blade...
- excerpt, “Legends of Besek, Vol. III”

The Black Knight

With the Cancer Gigas defeated, their master appeared to face us.

Video- “Forsaken, Part 2”

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Ally Team:
I use the same team as last time. I’m actually specifically tasking Vivian with capturing any Majin that would be inconvenient for a real character to capture.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a whole bunch of Majin we saw last time and one all new boss. We’ve got two Acridas, two Vespulas, two Laquo Magus, and Terranus. We know what the generic Majin do, so let’s look at Terranus.

Terranus is, as we expect from a boss, a large Majin. He’s got an absolutely devastating physical attack power and advanced critical and counter skills. He can also cause the utterly devastating Curse status, which makes a unit unable to use Skills and makes skills like Critical activate 100% of the time against them. Malus attacks are totally useless against him, and Water is nearly so. However, he’s not particularly resistant to physical attacks, Fire attacks will badly hurt him, and Light will send him back to where he came from in a heartbeat. His Demon Aura falls to Combo Attacks, which is about as easy as it gets.

The generic enemies are going to start on both sides of the raised pathway. This is important to keep in mind because we can’t afford to go down there to deal with them. We’ll need to draw them towards us if we want to kill them and reach Terranus before he gets bored and leaves.


We’re going to advance right up the middle here. If we do this right we’ll fight Majin one or two at a time, allowing us to subdue them with overwhelming force bit by bit. By putting our weaker characters in the core of the group we draw the Majin either up onto the walkway or up to its edge, where we can smash them into the ground.

Tactical Objectives:
-Capture everything, especially Terranus so I never have to do this ever again.


We start out with an aggressive advance towards the middle while starting to buff. This positioning will lure the Vespula up onto the platform and the Acrida relatively close to it. They move in to attack and cast, just as expected.

Hah! Even my mere presence is too overwhelming for you!
How utterly pathetic…

Ashley moves over to engage the Vesupla, joined after by Ares, nearly killing it. Things are going pretty much exactly as we’d like them to.

Every Majin has a weakness.
The only way to break his is with a combo attack!
I guess we’ll have to work together on this one…

We start throwing some attacks at the Acrida, and the Vespula seals its fate by attacking Vivian in the back. Acrida hits Velnor with some magic itself, then screws itself too. Stein moves in and Freezes it with an Aqua II. Ashley Overkills the Vespula, then moves over towards the Acrida. This is because she’s probably the best bet for Overkilling it as well. Ares captures the Vespula and then starts moving up. Meanwhile, we start pushing the party up a bit to lure in the second Vespula.

Because Majin are bullshit it can shoot through this pillar that I can’t. Still, we throw some fire at it and some more ice at the frozen Acrida. Then a Sacra from Ashley Overkills it. Velnor pulls back, causing the Vespula to fly up on the walkway to chase him. Vivian moves over to capture the bound Acrida. Meanwhile, Ashley pushes back towards the fight and heals the stricken Velnor. Putting some high heat on the Vespula on the walkway quickly Overkills it and ends the Disease threat.

Power dictates your standing amongst the Majin.
The more power you have, the more Majin you will command.
I have honed my skills on the battlefield for this.

Ares gets a Salva, and then we push up just out of the range of Terranus. This draws out the second Acrida, who is still just slightly out of safe reach. We capture the Vespula. The Laquo Magus to the left decides to join in on the fun now too. We’re going to need to pepper it while also drawing it into a good position to take it out.

Power is absolute in any world. Even your own.
Without power, you are nothing… a mere servant.
With power, you are the one being served.

Velnor buffs Ashley’s agility again and levels up to ten. He gains a new spell, Slashing Art, which improves the Slash resistance of a friend at the expense of their Strike resistance. It’s nice if there are really strong Slash enemies on the map. Meanwhile, Acrida is down to shorter range Malus spells and moves right up into Ashley’s face to cast on Velnor. This is because it’s deeply stupid. She makes it suffer for this, and we keep the offense up on the Laquo Magus as well. After an exchange of fire between it and our party, Ashley’s turn comes up again and she sends the Acrida straight to hell.

It’s hard to see here but the Laquo Magus has finally be drawn in close to the walkway. One more spell and a stab from Glynne later and it’s been Overkilled as well. Now we want to be careful, because we’d like to get the Laquo Magus near Terranus engaged without entering Terranus’ range immediately. What I do is send Ares over, because that sword we got from Irving gave her two casts of Meta I. It casts back and then runs next to the big guy, who decides he wants a piece of us.

Let me feel the spray of your blood as I slaughter you!
You’re quite impressive, but you’re still a Majin!

Terranus should really learn not to write checks his ass can’t cash. A brutal Combo from Ashley and Glynne breaks his Demon Aura, which gives Glynne a level. He gets his Class Change here, and as the thread wishes now he’s a Mystic.

He’s also gained that Slashing Art skill with this level, because Glynne takes a while even after his Class Change to really get going. Terranus moves over and smashes Glynne brutally with a Curse Attack, showing exactly how scary something with that much Attack can be. Ares Bleeds the Laquo Magus, who casts on her and then flees. We shoot Terranus with Reyna, then cure Glynne’s Curse with Velnor. A quick stab from Glynne takes Terranus down to critical health. So let’s END THIS.

We Overkill both the Laquo Magus and the big guy with a Sacrasphere from Ashley, gaining her a level.

Ashley doesn’t gain any news skills this level, but she continues to gain resistances to all forms of attack bit by bit. Her attack is even higher than Terranus, and her physical defenses are nearly impenetrable to most Majin we’re meeting. Anyway, we capture the Majin and finish things out.

Izel acknowledges the strong… and so do I…

Battle Results:

Ashley 15->17
Glynne 11->12
Ares 10->11
Velnor 9-.10
Vivian 6->7

Cancer Gigas Lv. 8 x 1
Vespula Lv. 9 x 2
Acrida Lv. 11 x 2
Laquo Magus Lv. 10 x 2
Terranus Lv. 12 x 1



After the battle, I decided to talk with Reyna about what was going on. He might be the only other person I can be certain isn’t trying to kill Master Leto.

Video- “Forsaken Lead Out”

Click For Video

(But maybe that’ll be favorable, all the same…)
Hey, Reyna, did you still want to know about the Church?
Yeah, I’d like to hear what you know.
Well, the Church is in the middle of a split at the moment.
There are those still loyal to the Pope and those that follow Master Leto.
Master Leto’s sect wants to stop the Pope from controlling the Council. He’s afraid of a Church with too much power…
The Pope is trying to maintain order between the two sides, but Master Leto directly oversees the affairs of the priests.
The Pope’s afraid that if he openly opposes Master Leto, he might alienate himself from the priests…
So if he makes the High Priest’s death look like an accident in Besek, it can’t be traced back to him.
That might be what he’s plotting. He’s sent a lot of groups like ours into Besek… He may have placed an assassin in each one…
That’s enoush.
There’s nothing else to talk about.

Ashley, let’s go. Now.
(Glynne’s behavior…)
(I may need to investigate this further…)

Reyna disappeared off somewhere for a bit after that conversation. When I asked him where he’d been, he muttered something about needing more proof…

And how is your mission progressing, my child?
(It’s just an illusion… but it seems so real. Is Besek playing tricks on us? The Pope isn’t really here…)
It’s moving alone, but there’s still no new information on our target.
It’s alright. It will all come together in time.
Take as long as you need, but remember, the fate of the Church rests with you!
Yes, Your Holiness. I’ll do my best to honor you and the Church of Valdia.
That’s my boy.
Crush Leto. I ask nothing else of you.
As you wish.
(I knew something was wrong! Glynne’s a… a traitor.)

He was sure even more distant from Glynne when we got back.

Leon: They always seem ready to kill each other…
How are you okay with that? I wouldn’t be…

Muse: I’ve noticed you’re always talking to the Count…
What do you guys talk about? I mean he’s a Count!
I’m so nervous around him, I never know what to say…!

We got some new allies, too. Another of the Koona joined, they sure are enthusiastic.

Pata: Pleh ot evol ew tub!!!
Daeha deeps lluf!
Nioj Anook a tel uoy lliw?

Pata of the Koona is a bowman, and if I were going to use a Koona I’d probably use him. He’s super vulnerable to magic, though, and unlike Velnor he doesn’t get awesome buffs. Personally I’d say it’s not worth bothering.

I also saw an old friend again, and this time she decided to join us!

Yuri: It’s nice to see you again! It’s been a long time!
You were mentored by High Priest Leto, right?
I remember you left the seminary to start your training…
But I’m glad you’ve climbed up the ranks so fast! I’m still at the bottom!
Hey Ashley! Are you going deeper into Besek? Can I come with you?
Please? For old time’s sake?
Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!!

It’s not pictured but Yuri also has Cura II. Anyway, Yuri is a goddamn amazing mercenary and is going to fill a really vital hole in our roster right now of full-time healer and magic support. She’s got healing magic, powerful Light magic, she can group magic resist buff, and can group physical debuff cure. She’s a clothie, so you need to keep her safe from things like Vespula, but now we can dedicate Ashley much more full-time to smashing threats like that from the sky. Yuri’s really a lot like Ares, she should be considered a vital part of all of our endeavors in Besek as soon as we get her.

Stein is normally pretty quiet, so when he brought this up I had to listen.

Stein: I see you’re still traveling with Glynne.
Don’t be foolish. If I were you, I’d be more careful whom I choose as friends.

I just hope he’s wrong. The Count finally figured out that Reyna’s a he, by the way.

I’ve recently heard rumors that your companion Reyna is actually male…
Verily, in my last conversation with him, I noticed his voice was changed.
How could I be tricked by such a disguise?
I had thought my ability to spot a disguise was impeccable…!

Basil: Are you heading out of town again? You’re so committed to your mission…
Please be careful. I do not wish to see you harmed.

Vivian: I’m not familiar with Valdian customs.
Please let me know if I don’t mind my manners.

The fortune teller also seemed to be hinting at something.

Shivan: I see a light slowly being swallowed by darkness.
Beware of your own disillusionment.

Evan’s given up on trying to destroy space and time, thankfully.

How’re you holding up?
Evan: Much better, my lady. I apologize for raising my voice last time.
No no, it’s okay.
Evan: Thank you… for everything.
You don’t have to thank me at all.
Evan: But I do. You saved me once, and now you are saving me again.
First, my life, and now, my soul.
Y-You’re exaggerating things… I just say what I feel. That’s all.
But I’m glad you’re feeling better now.
Evan: It’s all because of you, Miss Ashley.
Oh, stop flattering me.
Evan: I am trying to figure out what to do next. Until then, might I stay here?
Of course!

I’d arranged for a treat for Zadikus, who I’m not sure quite got it.

Zadikus: So, darlin’ ya got somethin’ for me?
As a matter of fact… Yes!
Zadikus: Whooooooo-WHEEEEEEEE!
Since you said you needed some exercise…
I borrowed a boar from next door!
Zadikus: A… boar…!? Hey, now, I don’t know what you were thinkin’ but…
Listen, we’ll let him loose, and you can run around while he chases you!
There’s plenty of open space for you to run around in near the Count’s.
You can get all the exercise you want!
He’s a feisty one, though, and I think he’s already loose. I’d start running!
Zadikus: Th-Thanks…
Get moving!

That girl we rescued from Terranus is really strange, I have to say.

Hi, how’re you feeling?
Keiko: I feel just fine! It’s only a couple of bruises…
Really? That’s good to hear.
Keiko: I guess I was lucky.
Hey, Ashley, can I ask you a favor?
Sure, what do you need?
Keiko: I wanna go back to my world, but I don’t know how…
Can I stay here until I find a way?

Keiko: C’mon, Ashley! Are you listening?
What do you mean by “my world”? Where are you from!?
Keiko: I’m from a different world than this one. Didn’t I tell you that already?
Well, I guess you could stay here, if you need to.
Keiko: Yay! I love you, Ashley!

I’m feeling more and more confident that we can succeed at our mission. There’s nothing these Majin can throw in front of us that we can’t defeat together.
- journal entry