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Part 101: Better Know A Majin: Exo Machina

Better Know A Majin: Exo Machina

Name: Exo Machina
Meaning: A sort of clever play on words here, the name is both a reference to the phrase ‘deus ex machina’ and to the fact that Exo Machina is a mechanical exoskeleton.
Appearance: Exo Machina is a floating suit of armor whose pieces are not directly connected. It’s weapons are actually a pair of wing-shaped swords at its back.
Physical Power: High
Physical Defenses: Medium
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Low
Vulnerabilities: Exo Machina are mainly vulnerable to Strike attacks, though magical attacks of almost any type tend to work well too. Attacks that aren’t Strikes aren’t going to be as effective, and they seem immune to the sorts of physical status you’d expect an empty suit of armor to be immune to.
Skills: Exo Machina are all about physical attacks. They can throw around a lot of really nasty physical status and can do some serious damage if they get into someone who’s not well defended. Make sure you’ve got backup able to remove Bleeds and Fractures, or you’ll be in serious trouble when the Exo Machina arrive.
Tactical Assessment: Exo Machina are really the premiere mid-game melee Majin. They’re reasonably quick, tough, can move far, and can do some serious damage. They’re some of hardest hitting Majin of the late First Stratum and mid-late Second Stratum and don’t have the really glaring magical vulnerabilities of Majin like Hecta Gigas and Armatus. Go all out on them right away and limit how many you’re fighting at once because a few of them can mob down even a strong character with healing support.
Threat Level: Medium