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Part 102: Better Know A Majin: Uro Lumen

Better Know A Majin: Uro Lumen

Name: Uro Lumen
Meaning: Latin, ‘burning torch’.
Appearance: Uro Lumen is a floating chalice filled with fire. It has no obvious front or sides.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Low
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Low
Vulnerabilities: Uro Lumen are totally immune to Fire and largely resistant to Light. They’re vulnerable to all other forms of magic and Strike attacks, though.
Skills: Uro Lumen are powerful physical attackers, and additionally have the ability to cause special physical status like Fracture. Furthermore, they have Evade abilities that help protect them from Slash and Pierce attacks.
Special Notes: Flying
Tactical Assessment: Uro Lumen are powerful physical attackers that can dish out some pretty nasty physical status. Their biggest weakness is that they can’t move very fast. It’s very easy to batter them from outside their movement range and then pound them down with a powerful Strike attack. Just keep in mind that they can fly, which makes them very adept at slipping through your lines if they do start moving. If they reach a person in cloth armor it could be all over for them.
Threat Level: Medium