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Part 104: First Round: Boards 1-5

Stones of Fate: Round 1

Let’s begin with round one of Stones of Fate, the five boards we start with. Stones of Fate is simple as can be:

Just for fun, I’ll put up the boards so you can try to solve them on your own. I’ll of course also have the art we get for them (one caveat, the art doesn’t unlock in order and doesn’t have titles so I’m guessing on some of them).

Board One


“The Forests of Besek”

“Besek Unleashed”

Board Two


“The Gates of Besek”

“Twilight’s Rest”

Board Three



“The Libertine Pub”

Board Four



“Archaya and Camellia”

Board Five


“Majin Extraction”


Next Time on Stones of Fate:
Boards 6-10, from Thage’s Tale.