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by Feinne

Part 26: Stratum 1: Promise Part 1

For example, the northern reaches of Valdia were once devastated by a terrible dragon known as Umbra. A group of Valdian Knights set out to slay the dragon, but only one returned…
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia


I’m not sure why, but this horrible place seems to bring back a lot of memories.

Maybe I’m thinking about it because that mission changed everything…

Video- “Promise Lead In”

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Heeey! Logue!
And how’s Valdia’s greatest hero doing today?
Whaaat!? If you’re here to make fun of me, get the hell outta here!
Hmph, finally learning to stick up for yourself, huh? Good for you.
Anyway, you wanted to see me? What for? …Or are you just going to laugh at me?
I’ve been assigned to a mission.
Really!? Congratulations!
There’s no way they won’t make you Commander, now!
Hey, I haven’t even left yet. I mean, who knows? I might not even make it back alive…
Who’re you kidding? You’re a… You’re a one-man-army, you know?
Wait… I heard a group’s leaving to slay the dragon ravaging the Northern Lands…
Yeah, that’s me. I leave in three days.
Oh, I see. Too bad you couldn’t leave during warmer weather.
But I guess the people in the North can’t wait any longer, huh?
That’s about right.

I still can’t quite believe how things turned out.

Wh-What? Me? I… I don’t think I have what it takes…
If it was meant to be, I’d’ve been promoted already. I’ve been here for four years.
There’s no way I’ll ever be a famous hero… like Rondemion.
So you’re just gonna give up?
Listen, I really think you have what it takes to be Commander of the Knights one day.
I don’t know about that…
(That was… the last conversation we had before he left on his mission…)
(It’s odd how that memory came flooding back all of a sudden.)
Olifen…? Hey, Olifen!

For once the landscape of Besek was very unfamiliar.

Olifen, I think what Levatte was saying may be true. This place DOES change its appearance based on who’s there.
Y-You mean this place…!?
Yeah. This is the cave where I fought the dragon Umbra.
How’s that possible? We’re nowhere NEAR the North. Why is this place in Besek!?
I don’t know, but I’ll never forget this godforsaken place!
C-Commander Olifen… this may sound crazy, Sir, but… I have another theory.
This place may have been born out of memories.
Memories? You mean… OUR memories?
If this place is just stolen from my memories, then how do you explain the presence I can feel here?
“Presence”…? You mean Umbra!?
I thought you slew him?
I did, but the Majin presence I feel… it has to belong to him… I… Ugh!

Logue was in bad shape, but the Majin weren’t going to let us sit around and have a break.

Video- “Promise Part 1”

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Ally Team:
We’ve added Komori to our team, he provides some extra healing which is what we really need right now.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a pretty nasty group here, we’ve got two of the higher level Laquo we met back in Ashley’s story, two of the now familiar Jade Sylphs, two upleveled Stelios, and two Laquo Magi. Let’s look at the new Majin.

These are a lot like the Laquo Magi we met in Desert, they’ve got Aqua and Terra magic. Their only really threatening spell is Terra II, which can fracture. They’re pretty vulnerable to physical attack, but are less so to magic than a normal Laquo.

The higher level version of Stelios has gained a single cast of Cura I. They’re just as vulnerable as the lower-level version, so kill them with Fire.


We choose this side to start on because it’ll let us hit the near Laquo and Jade Sylph with relatively little interference. Jade Sylphs generally take a while to deal with so we’d prefer to hit them fast.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Majin. There’s nothing new here species wise, but two are new versions of old Majin.


Levatte! Are you okay?
I-I’m fine, Ma’am… The Majin’s power is so strong…
Did I hear the Majin’s voice…?
He’s here… hiding. My old friend…
It’s nothing. Let’s go.

We start out throwing some buffs around. Logue rushes up and hits the Laquo while the rest of the party advances a bit more cautiously. I get a Magus Def on Logue but totally forget that Komori is very vulnerable to Air. The Jade Sylph reminds me of this by nearly killing him with an Aero.

What are you worried about? I thrive in the heat of battle!
Logue… are you…!?

The Laquo moved back while the Sylph moved up, so we’re in a great position to whack the Sylph a few times to get it in Overkill range. The Stelios moves up as well but the Sylph isn’t below the threshold that will lead to it being healed. Anyway hold on for more Logue going crazy.

This place will overflow with your blood!
S-Sir Logue…?
Wh-What’s going on here!?

Laquo rejoins the party, which is going to go very badly for it in a bit. Meanwhile Lapis Sylph becomes our first kill, falling to Levatte’s Sacra. The kid gets a level for it too, always useful.

Levatte gets Terra II this time around, which is actually not totally unwelcome. The power isn’t amazing, but it can Fracture enemies so it’s worthwhile to use on tough foes. Stelios joins it soon after, we stab it with Olifen and then char it well-done with a spell from Marie in the same action, the sort of power a real caster can bring us.

It’s been too long since I’ve felt this glorious sensation!
H-Hold on a minute!
There’s definitely something wrong with him!

I mean at least this party isn’t so chill about things they should clearly not be chill about. That Laquo’s an eyesore, and Marie puts it out of our misery, getting her a level as well.

Logue’s moved up front again, and draws in the near Laquo Magus. It casts on him, getting him a level too.

Logue gains Fire Attack now, giving him a good option for vulnerable enemies. Meanwhile I start advancing the party while also scooping up the Majin with Komori so he can get the free experience. A quick stab from Olifen followed by a timely use of Logue’s new Fire Attack overkills the Laquo Magus.

Pull yourself together, Boss. Lead us.

Olifen charges the second Stelios, who counters somewhat pitifully and then runs away. Not far enough, though, because we overkill it with a spell from Marie. We’re now down to just one Jade Sylph, Laquo Magus, and Laquo left. The Jade Slyph is first, and hits Logue with some magic. The Laquo Magus joins it, but fortunately he’s got a lot of health to keep him going. We weaken both of them, getting them into good position to be overkilled.

What’s going on here…!?
M-Ma’am, please calm down!
I AM calm!

Jade Sylph goes first, taken out by a Sacra from Levatte. He levels up, not getting a new skill this time but it’s still welcome. Logue whacks the Magus down to the single digits while the Laquo advances on Olifen. Marie burns the Magus down, getting another level herself but no new skills. Komori levels up while scooping up Majin, no new skills to report here either. I spend a lot of time now just setting up a combo to try and grab Komori some extra experience, because I want him to be more useful in the second half given how undermanned I feel at five.

Is this what’s causing Sir Logue to go mad!?

A Combo from Olifen and Komori and it’s all over.

Battle Results:

Logue 7->8
Levatte 5->7
Marie 6->8
Komori 3->4

Laquo Lv 6 x 2
Laquo Magus Lv 7 x 2
Lapis Sylph Lv 6 x 2
Stelios Lv 6 x 2

Levatte’s senses were right on the money it seemed.

Why don’t you stop hiding and come out and play, my friend?
Logue! What do you think you’re doing!?
I KNOW you’re there! Show yourself!
How very interesting… Yes! I will play your little game!

I guess this must have been one of the ‘Guardians’ he told me about earlier.

I haven’t enjoyed the taste of Falsin flesh in so long…
How generous you are to offer yourselves to me!
I am Kaelrunis the Conqueror!
Puny Falsin! I will butcher your meat for my feast!

Fighting with Logue in that condition wasn’t ideal, but we had no choice.

You… You smell different! I can’t wait to have a bite!
Ha! Come over here and try it, Majin!
Boss, I don’t think we should keep fighting like this!
Retreat is not an option!
May Holy Atona bless our swords with her might!
We shall vanquish all evil, in the name of Valdia!

One thing was certain, we were in for our toughest battle yet.
- operation record, Commander Olifen