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Part 27: Stratum 1: Promise Part 2 Boss: Kaelrunis

In ancient Valdia it was believed that sinners would be judged by the god Kaelrunis, who would not allow the unrighteous to pass to the afterlife.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Judgment Day

It’s amazing how much more powerful the Majin in Besek are than those we see on the outside. I have a feeling Kaelrunis will just be the first in a long line of powerful foes we’ll face.

Video- “Promise Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Same group on our side as last map. I have some Majin ready just in case but I don’t expect to need them, our group is pretty solid really and Kaelrunis ain’t shit compared to Otakuphant.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a pretty small and unimpressive enemy team when we really get down to it. There’s Kaelrunis of course, joined by two Laquo Magi, a Jade Sylph, and three Cursed Souls. Let’s look at the new enemies.

Cursed Soul is an interesting sort of Majin. It’s very vulnerable to Fire and Light, and is also taken apart pretty quickly by Slash and Strike attacks. It hits very hard for a First Stratum Majin, and can cause Diseases. It’s quite easy to kill, though, especially for Olifen’s group.

The big man is kind of interesting. He’s vulnerable to Slash, Water, and Earth. He’s not particularly resistant to anything but Air, but he does have decent defensive stats. He’s got a spear-type melee attack, which is unusual for a large Majin. Dark Thunder is an area attack but is honestly highly unimpressive for all the fuss. If there’s a First Stratum Guardian you can expect to capture the first time around it’s this guy, because Olifen can really take him apart.


The Majin are in an odd sort of cluster in the middle of the map. I could probably sneak around and totally bypass the Cursed Souls but I still need one of those so nothing doing. I want to hit them first and then clear out the two casters I have to deal with before Kaelrunis, no point being sloppy about this.

Tactical Objectives:
-Capture Kaelrunis
-Capture Cursed Soul


An insatiable hunger consumes me…
Then I better kill you before you starve to death, Majin!

Olifen levels up almost immediately, not gaining any new skills. We push up a bit to lure the Cursed Souls in, but also get the near Laquo Magus. It uses its Terra II, and after doing so makes itself no longer a serious threat.

Tell me what you’ve done with the Princess!
Maybe I ate her! After eating so many, I cannot remember.
Damn you…!

Olifen charges up and after a quick slash and a Pyro II from Marie the first Cursed Soul is already eating the sand. Logue moves up and softens up the second while the Laquo Magus continues to be a minor nuisance. Marie knocks off half of its health with an Aero for its trouble.

When fighting them, we must destroy this aura first…
Otherwise, our attacks will not harm them.
How do we destroy it?
Every Majin is different, Commander…
In this case, Kaelrunis seems vulnerable to slash attacks.
Fine, let’s try it.

Levatte tries to bring the second Cursed Soul into the red but ends up straight killing it with a Sacra, which wasn’t really a bad thing. The third Cursed Soul starts advancing, and Olifen runs up to meet it, nearly killing it in a single blow. Logue finishes injured Laquo Magus off with a Fire Attack, leveling up.

No new skills for Logue, but that’s not really a surprise. Marie ends the last Cursed Soul the same way the first one did, in fire. The Jade Sylph is moving up, though it’s not a serious threat at this point. A spell from Marie followed by one from Levatte takes the Sylph down, getting the little guy a level too.

Levatte gets Magusphere, which is pretty nice for Logue and Olifen in the long run. Now Olifen’s in good position to run up and slash Kaelrunis with his shortsword, breaking its Demon Aura.

What did you say!?
I shall revel in the sound of your screams…!

Kaelrunis swings at Olifen for little damage and then starts running around. As we’ll see, that’s sort of his thing.

I’ve never seen one with such power!
This is Besek.
We’ll be seeing a lot of strange things here!

Marie scoops up the Jade Sylph and levels up, which is a very valuable level indeed.

She gains Aero II, which can cause the invaluable Bleed status on enemies struck by it. We’ll be using this quite a lot in the future. Olifen gets a good slash in, and Levatte proves himself almost useful by Fracturing the big guy with a Terra II. We throw some magic around and quickly take Kaelrunis down into the teens, also getting Komori a level. He gets the same Fortify spell that Levatte has.

No! It is YOU who will be food! Prepare to die!

Kaelrunis proceeds to lead us on a merry chase around the map. We’re never able to get him properly cornered to land a Combo on him because of our relative speeds. Eventually I realize I’m going to need to get him totally surrounded to do it.

The only thing you’ll feast upon is my blade!
Hahaha! You will pay for your insolence, Falsin!

With it Fractured, I’m not even terribly worried about using Marie as the third point in the cage. His offense is pretty anemic in that state even on cloth.

You know something about him?
He’s the God of Judgement in the Valdian scriptures.
A Majin with a God’s name…? What does it mean?

We had to chase him so long that his damn Fracture cured, but with his health so low it doesn’t matter. We still get him Overkilled with a Combo from Olifen and Logue.

I feel strange… but I’m better now…
Is everyone alright?
Yes, Commander Olifen…
Yeah… Somehow…

Battle Results:

Olifen 9->10
Logue 8->9
Marie 8->9
Levatte 7->8
Komori 4->5

Kaelrunis Lv 12
Cursed Soul Lv 8 x 2
Lapis Sylph Lv 6 x 1



After the Majin was defeated, Logue seemed to come to his senses.

Video- “Promise Lead Out”

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Hey, you alright? Hang in there!
S-Stop shouting… I’m fine.
Commander Olifen! Is everything alright, Sir?
I’ve heard about this…
The magic energy in the air is different here than what we’re used to.
What do you mean?
Well, the magic in Besek is more concentrated.
So if you’re not trained to control magic, it’ll have an effect on you.
If you’re here for a long time, it’ll start to take a toll on your body.
Maybe… the deeper we go, the stronger it’ll be, too…
You mean, if we continue deeper into Besek, it’ll only get worse?
Yes. That’s truly one of the mysteries of Besek. Perhaps when we get there, we’ll find an answer!
But… if the Princess is in the deepest part of Besek, w-will something happen to her?
I-I don’t know, Commander…
No, don’t tell me you don’t know…!

If things are this bad for us, I can only imagine how they must be for her. She must be so frightened…

There is no time to waste! We must save her as soon as possible!
C-Commander Olifen!
Why’s he so frustrated? He’s losing his calm.
We better get going if we want to catch up with him.
Y-Yes, Sir Logue.
(Hm… our leader’s really not keeping it together too well.)


I assume if you’re coming to see me that you have found my daughter, Duphaston…
I’ve commissioned an army of Koona, and as of yet, the search has been unprofitable, I’m afraid.
The pathways of Besek are far more intricate than we’d first realized.
Hmph… You’re all useless.
My humblest apologies…
There’s no time to waste! You must find her at all costs! Do you understand, Duphaston? Whatever it takes!
Your wish is my command, My Liege…

The Count was out when we returned to Isapolis.

That weird fortune teller was back, though.

Shivan: It is neither light nor dark, neither good nor evil.
You are the light, but know that the light can be easily tempted by the dark.
Take this knowledge with you as you continue your journey, and be careful.

Komori’s adopted kid wanted to come along, she’s tougher than she looks it seems.

Nena: My adoptive father and I are on a personal mission…
And you’re searching for the Princess? I wish you luck…
Ummm… If you’re going to fight the Majin, can I come with you?
Th-Thank you very much! I promise I won’t slow you down!

There’s even people from as far as Stag here in Isapolis.

Velnor: A fugitive from my country is here in Besek… I’ve got to find him.

Irina’s here to help us, seems we do have some support in the Council.

Irina: I have been assigned to investigate Besek by the Council.
Commander! Permission to join your ranks, Sir?
Yes, Sir! I am honored to serve with you!

Had another interesting chat with Mana, that witch we saved earlier.

How’s your Majin research coming along?
Mana: Great! Miss Archaya has been very kind to me.
I’m learning a lot from her.
That’s good to hear.
So, since I told you MY story, why do you want to become a witch?
Mana: You know, you don’t seem to be prejudiced against witches.
As long as you don’t pose a threat to our kingdom, I don’t have a problem.
Mana: *sigh * Most people don’t see things your way…
But if witches were trusted enough to research the Majin more freely…
I know we would’ve found their weakness by now and saved so many lives.
I see, so that’s the reason behind your research.
Mana: Yes, and I would appreciate any help you can give me, Mr. Olifen!
Whatever you need!

She doesn’t seem like any real problem. Not like that witch I’d heard rumors might be skulking in the area, anyway. We rescued someone else from Kaelrunis, I hesitate to think of what he would have done if we hadn’t come along.

I only did my duty as a knight. There is no need to thank me.
Shelayla: Hahaha, you are too sweet.
W-Well, I…
Shelayla: I wish there was something I could give you in return, but I have nothing…
Oh no, your thanks is more than enough.
You must be tired. Please rest.
Shelayla: Thank you.
Would it be possible for me to stay here until I can contact my father?
Please, be my guest for as long as you like.
It’s nice to have such good company in a place like this…
Shelayla: Hahaha, you are generous with your compliments.
I think I shall enjoy staying here, Sir Olifen.
As will I, my lady.

Anyway, we’re getting ready to head back into Besek proper, Levatte thinks we should be close to a new area, which means we’re one step closer to the Princess.
- operation record, Commander Olifen