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Part 29: Stratum 2: Humility

It is said that the forests of Besek are filled with Majin whose forms are grim mockeries of the mortal plants and animals that a traveler might expect.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol II


There path Morpheus opened for us had three branches. Logue’s still not feeling well, so we went for the forested path. There’s risk of an ambush, but at least the travel will be a bit lighter.

I’m not sure why Marie’s getting so angry.

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The path that Morpheus opened for us…
We should be careful here.
Is this the true form of Besek, then?
Damn Majin! They’re going to be a nuisance until the end.
We don’t have time for their games!
Calm down, Boss. How’re we supposed to survive out here if you’re acting like that…?
What did you say!?
Do you even know what it means to be a leader!?
Shut up! I do not need your advice on how to lead!
Wh-What’s wrong with you!
I know you’re upset the Princess just yelled at you, but… *sigh *
Stop being so selfish! We have more important things to do than listen to you whine!
How could you possibly understand!?
It’s obvious you only care about your beloved Princess…
Ma’am! Commander Olifen! Please stop!
Sh-Shouldn’t we be concentrating on those Majin heading right for us?
*sigh * Right.
Fine, but this isn’t over…!

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Ally Team:
I bring Vivian, Stein, and Irina along. I should have brought Nena in place of Stein in retrospect, because she can cure Mental status and those are actually very common in Forest. When I didn’t bring her to this map I sort of guaranteed I could never use her again.

Enemy Team:
Our opposition this time is three of the familiar Caprus from Desert, a Thiefler, two mid-level Velox and three of the all-new plant Majin, Gladelash.

The new Velox is a lot like the higher level version we saw later in Desert, it’s got Bleed attack and can resist physical status. As with most Forest Majin it’s vulnerable to Fire, so we just want to get it down a bit and let Marie do her magic.

Gladelash is a weird plant thing that takes double damage from Fire. I think that immediately suggests what we should do about it. One thing to keep in mind about Gladelash is that it can Sleep people, which is sort of a problem sometimes. Another is that it will kill Bound Majin in the same way as Heefler (though it’s not armed with a ranged attack at least).


I’m set up here to rush the Thiefler with Marie and smoke it before it can get to the other half of the map. It’s pretty weak so I expect to be able to do this easily.

Tactical Objectives:
-Scrape up experience for the main party


Damned Falsin!
They can speak…?
They hate the librum…

We start out the map by buffing Marie’s speed. She runs over and takes the Thiefler down pretty low with an Aero II. I was hoping to land a Bleed on it, but no luck. Much of the rest of the party starts in on the near Caprus, who we need to deal with quickly. We get it down in a good range to Overkill pretty quickly.

Ma’am! Now’s not the time!
I know, I know!

Marie quickly gets another turn and smokes the Thiefler. Another Caprus is coming from that side, but I’m not too worried about it. She even gets a level out of it.

Marie doesn’t get much of note out of this level, but she’s getting closer and closer to a class change.

Poor, poor Falsin! Your lady has abandoned you, huh?
H-How dare you…!

With Thiefler dealt with, Olifen runs over to assist with the first Caprus. It swings ineffectually at Logue, and the other one gets pretty close to our party but isn’t in range to do anything.

Majin who speak our language are known to be powerful!
We must keep our guard up!

Levatte does something quite useful, he buffs our caster group that’s about to face off with a Caprus alone for a sec with a Fortify buff to keep them insulated against its attacks. It’s a spear Caprus, so we need to be even more careful.

Sir Logue, are you feeling alright?
Your wounds haven’t fully healed yet…
I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.

A Combo from Olifen and Logue sees the first Caprus off with brutal effect. Olifen levels up, and becomes our first character to get a Class Change. As the thread wished, he’s going Templar.

Olifen gets a substantial increase in his Attack stat and access to his unique rapier attack, Everthrust. It doesn’t cause any weird status but it does a hell of a lot of damage. We smash the other Caprus hard with Marie, meanwhile. It runs up and spears Vivian and Marie, though they’re both fine. We throw some heat on it with the rest of our party and then finish the job with a Combo from Olifen and Logue.

hey, if you’re really in pain, you should tell us…!
Don’t worry about me… It’s nothing.

Now it’s time to swing around and start working on the rest of the Majin. There’s a Gladelash nearby we can easily lure in, so that’ll be our first target. Marie says something incredibly awesome here.

Sorry, but I don’t think some Majin’s gonna kill me.
I’ll make you regret even thinking about it!

We slash the Gladelash with Olifen and then whack it one good with Marie’s Fire magic. She’s a bit farther ahead than would be ideal though, and one of the two Velox moves up and shoots her for a bit of damage. Logue runs up to it and actually lands a Fracture on it, despite its resistance.

Let’s finish them off and keep moving!
Your Princess is dead! Dead! Dead! DEAD!!!
Shut up!

Olifen runs up to engage the last Caprus, who is also coming up. We throw some weak magic at Velox to get it in range to be Overkilled. Marie gets the Caprus into Overkill range as well, and Olifen and Vivian clean up the Fractured Velox. Vivian levels up, but doesn’t really get much out of it. I intentionally set Levatte up to be punched by the Caprus while capturing the Velox because a) he’ll live b) he’ll get experience c) if he DID die, it’d be hilarious. Then Marie burns the thing to the ground. Now we just need to push into the last three Majin on the map, two Gladelashes and a Velox. After a bit of maneuvering, we draw a Gladelash in to Logue, slash it with Olifen, and burn it down with Marie, who levels up.

Marie gets the Slashing Art buff, which isn’t often that useful but sure is helpful for the free experience it can get Marie at the end of maps. We set the second Gladelash up much as we did the first, it advances and hits Logue to no real effect. Olifen cuts it badly just as the other two. The Velox shoots Olifen, who levels up.

Logue gets his unique skill, Dusk Strike. It’s a powerful axe attack that can Slow targets, it’s really nice. Vivian bashes the Gladelash with her librum, and Logue finishes the job with a Fire Attack. The Velox is meanwhile weakened with a spell from Marie followed by Olifen’s Everthrust attack, which takes it to the teens. Marie finishes the job with Fire, always a crowd pleaser.

You could at least thank your “troops” for their hard work…


Battle Results:

Olifen 11->12
Logue 10->11
Marie 9->11
Vivian 6->7

Thiefler Lv 7 x 1
Gladelash Lv 8 x 3
Caprus Lv 9 x 3
Velox Lv 9 x 2


But whatever her problem is, I don’t have time for it.

Video- “Humility Lead Out”

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You’re mad at him. You should ease up a bit, though.
You’re probably right about him…
Of course I am!
He’s supposed to be the Commander! How can he lose his head like that!
But I don’t think your way of handling it was very appropriate, either.
WELL… I guess I was a bit harsh…
But he’s so…! UGH!
So, if YOUR true love sent YOU away, you wouldn’t lose your calm…?
I… guess I shouldn’t judge…
His emotions are as much a strength as they are a weakness.
From how he’s acting, I’d say he’s having trouble dealing with what’s happened.
We should try to ease his burden and not add to it.
You’re right…


I must say, My Princess, your taste in venues is a little… suspect.
I tried to think of a place that would suit you well.
Hahaha! Your words are as cold as ice, Milady…
Especially considering the countless hours I’ve spent as your devoted servant…
Enough joking around.
If it wasn’t for our plan, I wouldn’t even be talking to you.
Alas, you always know just what to say to wound me. My heart is cut in two…
I said that’s enough. Now, are you holding up your end of the bargain?
Everything’s going to plan… except one element…
I wouldn’t want My Princess to get in my way.
What are you talking about?
If you want to play dumb, I’ll let you maintain your illusion.
Mark my words, though, My Princess. I won’t let it slide again.
A dog that bites its master’s hand is easily put down.
You’ll do what I command of you. Do you understand?

The Count’s been heading out a lot recently, I wonder where he’s going…

Muse: I just saw the Count on his way somewhere.
He seemed really distant. Do you think he’s off visiting a girlfriend?
I hope not! I think he’d make an amazing boyfriend… for me!

We picked up another reliable ally, Ares seems quite skilled.

Ares: You should be more excited. You’re on an adventure.
Life’s too short without some thrills.
Need another sword?
Thanks, this is gonna be fun.

Alexei’s also in town, but I think he’s more interested in taking advantage of the food at the Libertine than slaying Majin.

Alexei: I just came here to eat!
I would be honored if you joined me!
Perhaps we can have a friendly eating contest! Hahahahaha!

I wish this fortune-teller would explain things a bit better.

Shivan: One is darkness mixed with light. The other is light shrouded in darkness.
I’m certain both of these colors will be a part of your fate soon enough.

It seems the Koona are a bit more forthcoming when the Count’s not around, though I’m not sure exactly what it was trying to tell us.

Toma: Ti wonk i… Anook stae Master D.
Ni em tnuoc annaw uoy? Anook! Anook!
Uoy htiw krow ot desaelp! Emosewa!

Komori’s been glad to get to work with his adopted daughter.

Komori: Don’t you think my Nena is pretty?
Hahaha, I know that, as a parent, I’m biased…
But I think the man who wins her heart will be very lucky!
Well, it’s no use telling you all this…
You’re already engaged to Princess Lenarshe!

I managed to find out how Mana ended up in Besek earlier.

You look energetic as always.
Mana: Yes, thanks to you!
Tell me, what kind of people do you go to Besek with?
I believe you have already met them.
Mana: If you mean when I was rescued, I can’t honestly remember. It’s all a blur.
Well, in a situation like that, it’s pretty understandable.
Mana: Yeah! I was completely surrounded by Majin… Types I’d never seen before!
I’ve never been so scared in my whole life!
What were you doing all the way out there, anyway?
Mana: Well, isn’t it obvious!?
I was there to do research on the Majin.
And you got captured by them?
Mana: *whimper * It’s pretty embarrassing. Please don’t tell anyone…!
Hahaha… I won’t, I promise.

Shelayla’s been asking around about me, it seems.

Good day to you, my lady.
Shelayla: You must be going through some very troubling times…
I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been talking about you with the townspeople.
Was your fiancé really taken into Besek!?
Uh, well…
Shelayla: Were you betrothed since childhood?
No, it was a recent engagement.
Shelayla: Did your family arrange it for you?
Why? Do you have an arrangement, as well?
Shelayla: Now now, we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you, Sir Olifen.
Oh, uh, right…
Shelayla: Do you love her?
Very much. I worked hard to become the Valdian Commander, just for her.
Shelayla: Oh…?
I’m jealous. She is lucky to have a man who feels so passionate about her.

I’m not sure how someone’s butler ended up in Besek, it’s very unfortunate luck.

No thanks is required. I was doing my duty as a knight.
Sebastien: Master Olifen, you are very modest. That is most respectable.
If my Master back home met you, he would be very impressed.
Is that so?
Sebastien: You are a model gentleman, Sir. I would butle for your estate anytime.

Sebastien: Oh, but don’t tell my Master that! Please, take this.

Feinne’s Notes: This book has Malus II in it, it’s going on Marie right away because we want a good Dark spell for her to deal with things like Sylphs.

Is this for me?
Sebastien: It is all I have to offer you for your heroic rescue.
I must be off now. Farewell.

Hopefully we’ll be ready to return to Besek soon. We need to hurry, no matter what she says I need to get Lenarshe out of here.
- operation record, Commander Olifen