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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 31: Stratum 2: Serenity Part 2 Boss: Manti Gigas

The Church of Valdia believed that the Eternal Poison has the power to grant wishes to whoever finds it. The source of this rumor is the subject of great speculation among historians.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I


We regrouped at the far end of the battlefield as the Manti Gigas prepared to attack.

Video- “Serenity Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Same team as last time, no reason to switch this time.

Enemy Team:
Pretty diverse mix of Majin here. We’ve got the lower level Thiefler, Acrida, three Gladelashes, two Jade Sylphs, and the Manti Gigas. We’ve not seen the higher level Jade Sylph yet so let’s do them first.

They’re even more resistant to physical attacks, even more resistant to everything that isn’t Light and Dark, and have more casts of more powerful spells. At least they can’t heal yet.

Manti Gigas is a really strange Majin. It’s very resistant to Fire and Pierce attacks, but takes at least normal damage from everything else. It’s armed with Fire magic and physical passives. I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be good at, and in practice it’s one of the least threatening big Majin. Its defense isn’t impressive, so go with Strikes for best effect. He’s also the very last Howling Majin we need to count that part of the Lexicon as completed so capturing him is absolutely vital.


I initially had an idea of splitting up and handling the Majin in small groups, but I quickly decide that’s a bad idea in practice and get everyone grouped back up more tightly.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Manti Gigas


Besek is connected to the Netherworld and other realms.
Sometimes it summons Majin from those realms…
So Besek brought this thing here for a reason…?

My originally split party has already collapsed a bit in the face of what our actual opposition is going to do. I’ve collected up the melee for some buffs, and annoyingly Acrida has Bled Logue. Fortunately, I have lots of ability to cure Physical status. From this more secure core position, Olifen swings out and hits a Gladelash, which is swiftly put down by Marie afterwards. Thiefler advances, and I officially don’t want to put up with it so Logue moseys over and puts its lights out in a single blow (killing it but not overkilling it). Logue’s relatively poor magic defense even with a buff does lead to him tanking a lot of enemy fire, but that’s really the point of having him so I’m not going to complain.

How do we get through it?
I believe it’s vulnerable to striking attacks, Commander!
If he was smaller, I’d step on him!

So yeah, Strikes are how we break Manti Gigas’ Aura so we need to get Logue down there. Now I’m annoyingly fighting a Jade Sylph and soon a Gladelash on the left and an Acrida and Gladelash on the right. Even worse, the free Gladelash on the left is close enough to walk over and kill the Bound one. Olifen runs over to hit the right Gladelash, because Ares and Marie is plenty for the one on the left and indeed right after see it straight to whatever hell it came from. The Acrida continues to make a nuisance of itself on the right but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time on it because it’s also out of the way. The last Gladelash goes down to attacks from the support crew, because I just want it gone. Meanwhile I shift Levatte back to the main group, because Marie should be easily able to handle a Jade Sylph on her own now that she’s got Malus II. We start weakening it with a Pyro spell. Because I have no luck Acrida manages to Fear Stein with a Malus I, which is going to be important later. With all other enemy melee cleared out, Logue is free to charge the Gigas.

Logue catches some heat and I fortunately have that Cura II from the last map on Levatte, which gives me the range to heal him. Marie’s Jade Sylph is out of spells and is reduced to walking up and slapping her, which is hilarious every time. Olifen hits the one on the right to get started on weakening it for takedown, and Marie drops hers with a Malus II then starts moving towards the center of the map again.

It’s been too long since I’ve had a good fight! Let’s go!
I know who you are…

Logue swings for the fences again and this time manages to Fracture the big guy. Now we just need to make sure his health is low enough and that we have a good Combo ready for him. Acrida, meanwhile, is also out of magic and is annoyingly spearing my support people. Since it can’t fight back physically anymore, the Gigas throws its Fire magic around at Olifen. I send Stein over to capture the bound Jade Sylph when his Fear runs out, and the Acrida keeps following and hitting him because it’s a jerk. But who cares about it, let’s deal with its boss. I have Ares use her Fire Attack on it, because I want to do less damage. This takes it down to near single-digit health, and a Combo from Olifen and Logue finishes it off.

The Jade Sylph goes down just after to Marie’s second Malus II. Now I’m going to make that Acrida pay for all the bullshit it’s put me through. Stein’s Fear finally ran out, so I was able to start running him back towards the group.

Fear not, Levatte. We’ll squash him like a bug!
Y-Yes, Commander Olifen!

Marie manages to level up from a buff, no new skills or upgraded magic affinity until next level though. Stein gets BRUTAL REVENGE on the Acrida by Freezing it with an Aqua II, and it’s all over but the screaming now (though I manage to get Irina and Levatte some easy levels out of dicking around and capturing things at the end).

Don’t feel bad. You’re just an insignificant bug to us!
Mark my words! My brethren will avenge me some day!
Just as long as they stay out of my kitchen…!

Battle Results:
Levatte 10->11
Marie 13->14
Irina 7->8

Manti Gigas Lv 12 x 1
Acrida Lv 11 x 1
Gladelash Lv 8 x 1
Jade Sylph Lv 9 x 2


Xiao Mei

I had been thinking about what happened with the Princess earlier, and decided to bring my question to Levatte.

Video- “Serenity Lead Out”

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(Will I even be able to complete my mission? I’m not so confident anymore…)
Levatte, can I have a word with you?
C-Commander Olifen? Absolutely, Sir. How may I help you?
Do you think it’s possible Besek can… affect someone’s personality?
No, that’s impossible.
I’ve never seen anything like that mentioned in the scriptures!
If Besek could have that effect on people, we’d have seen it by now.
I see…
Commander Olifen? Do you think… Her Majesty was really, well, herself?

Levatte suggested it might not have really been her, but there’s no way anyone but Lenarshe could have known to say what she did…

Maybe he was disguised as… well…
As much as I’d like to believe that… it’s not the case.
That was the real Princess Lenarshe. I’m absolutely certain.
Then why did she behave so peculiarly to you, Commander?
Perhaps… she came in contact with the Eternal Poison?
What’s the “Eternal Poison”?
The scriptures say it’s a mythical relic deep within Besek that can make your wishes come true.
I’d love to see it for myself! If I could get my hands on it, maybe I…
S-Sorry, Commander. Please excuse my outburst.
L-Let’s continue the search for Her Majesty! That’s our priority, right!?
Hey, Levatte, come back!

Then the kid ran off. I’m not certain what he’s hiding, but Marie had some ideas.

Rumors about Levatte…?
They say he’s one of the Pope’s favorite disciples. He’s known as “the Pope’s Messenger.”
I’m sure the Pope’s the one who arranged for him to be part of our team.
So you’re implying Levatte might have ulterior motives for being in Besek?
I wouldn’t be surprised, Boss. Maybe it’s got something to do with the Eternal Poison.
But the Pope was the most apprehensive of the Council about exploring Besek.
Of course. The existence of Besek is a complicated issue for the Church right now.
Since it’s mentioned in both our scriptures and the pagan scriptures, the Church hasn’t taken a firm stance on it.
If they take the wrong stance on Besek, it could be disastrous for the Church.
I see. That’s why the Pope was uncertain about sending a team to rescue Her Majesty.
Actually, he’s very curious about Besek and the secrets that lie within it…
So it’s no wonder he’d secretly send his most trusted disciple to gather information about this place.
Pope Renart XIV is a very cautious man.

I may not be able to avoid having to deal with this.

Do you think the Pope’s after the Eternal Poison? What could he want it for?
Any number of ways… strengthen his authority, assassinate an enemy, or perhaps something more sinister than that.
After all, this Pope’s been known for his questionable dealings… We should probably expect the worst.
If I were you, I’d keep an eye on Levatte.
He may not be our enemy… but he may not be an ally either.

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with.

Muse: Yeah, the Eternal Poison! That’s it! It’ll make any wish come true!
Hmmm… But what if you only get one wish?
That’s not enough for me… Am I allowed to wish for more wishes?

The Count is back in town, I’m not sure exactly where he’s been.

Are you enjoying your stay in my town?
As Count of this territory, I must be a humble servant of my people.
And I must make it my duty to learn as much as I can about this realm.
My guests tell me such fascinating tales about their travels!

Komori’s been happy recently, at least things are going well for someone.

Komori: You know, my Nena has always been really shy.
But she’s become friend with Marie.
Nena seems to be a lot happier now that she has other people to talk to.
I’m so happy to see her start to come out of her shell.
Please do whatever you can to encourage her.

Alexei’s going to get fat if he keeps this up.

Alexei: The food here is excellent, and I think the next course is on its way!
Why don’t we eat some delicious food and swap some war stories?
How about it, Sir? Hahahahahahahaha!

Everyone seems to be talking about this Eternal Poison for some reason.

Ares: There’s a lot of people here for the Eternal Poison, I’ve noticed.
Not me. I’m here for the danger and the excitement.

I think even that thief Leon is trying to find it.

Leon: What am I doing here?
That’s easy! I want to find the secret treasure hidden in Besek!
Then I’ll become a legend among thieves!
That’s my plan, anyway… but I don’t really know where to begin…

I’m concerned Mana is testing things out on me.

Ah, hello.
Mana: You look tired. Would you like me to prepare an analeptic potion for you?
An analeptic, made by a witch… Is it made of dragon tails and cat whiskers!?
Mana: That’s disgusting! Now you’re just stereotyping!
Hahaha, I’m just kidding!
I AM pretty tired, but I don’t need anything like that.
Mana: Are you sure you’re okay?
Yeah, I’m just mentally exhausted. My brain is more tired than my body.
Mana: …Which is the perfect time to drink MY analeptic!
Don’t you know that you’re more likely to get sick when you’re tired?
I suppose so.
Mana: Then… I’ll make you a potion right now!
Hm, I guess I could use one, but don’t put any strange animals in there…
Mana: Don’t worry, it’s nothing strange. It’s just a bunch of snakes!

If that potion was any indication I really, really don’t like the taste of snakes. At least Shelayla wasn’t trying to poison me.

Then, I’m sorry I made you wait, my lady.
Shelayla: Hahaha, yes, of course.
Now, what fascinating tales can I pry from you today?
Hahaha… Um…
Shelayla: I’ve never been so friendly with a knight before, so I’m quite curious.
Well, let’s see if I can be of any service. What would you like to know?
Shelayla: Hm… Okay, when did you become a knight? And why?
The minimum age for knighthood is 16, and that is when I joined.
My reasons were simple. First, I’m from a military family, so it was expected.
Second, Logue joined the knights.
Shelayla: Logue…?
My best friend. He helped me save you.
Shelayla: Ah, yes, I remember him.
So was that explanation satisfactory for you?
Shelayla: Yes, very much. Thank you.

That girl we saved, Xiao Mei, is really, really crazy.

Xiao Mei: You really fit the part of a hero! Strong and handsome! REALLY handsome!
I’m Xiao Mei, your newest side character. Thanks for rescuing me.
I am Olifen, Commander of the Valdian Knights.
Are you injured?
Xiao Mei: Couldn’t be better! I’m not even winded! See how high I can kick?
O-Oh, good. I am pleased to see you are doing well, but I must be moving along.
Xiao Mei: W-Wait! Don’t you want to stay and talk awhile? It’s backstory time!
Golly, what a cold guy…!
I like that in a hero character!

Like seriously crazy. But I guess that’s just how things are in Besek.
- operation record, Commander Olifen