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by Feinne

Part 34: Stratum 2: Mirage Part 2 Boss: Trinity

In the land of Stag some believe that death is not final, that Trinity, God of Rebirth, will grant a new life to the faithful after their ends.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Snake in the Grass

Three heads, five heads, a hundred heads, we’ll cut down any Majin that gets in our way.

Video- “Mirage Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Our familiar group of mercenaries is back again for the last time, because we’ll be getting a new one after this map that we’ll be using.

Enemy Team:
There are two Jade Sylphs, two Heeflers, two lower-leveled Aranea, and Trinity on this map. Let’s take a look at the new Majin.

The level 14 Aranea is just like every other Aranea, it’s a physical attacker that has attacks that cause Mental status, do Dark damage, or drain health. Light attacks are best in theory, but Fire and Pierce are much more accessible to our party so that’s what we’ll be doing.

Trinity is a really interesting Majin. It’s a Fire/Earth/Dark caster, and resists all those elements. It’s vulnerable to the other three, however. It’s resistant to Slash and vulnerable to Pierce. It’s also very fast. The tricky thing about Trinity is that its max health is pretty low relative to its Overkill HP, so we need to be careful we don’t kill it accidentally. Also it’s Demon Aura is potentially ruinous, as we’ll see later.


The actual deployment zone for this map is huge, and there’s really no reason to choose one side over the other here. We’re going to push this side and kill the Majin on it really quickly, and try to avoid as many of the others as we can. Heeflers are aggressive enough that we expect to see both of them but the others are pretty dozy so we’ll probably be able to skip them.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Trinity


Levatte, Marie, we better finish this quickly!
Understood, Commander!
Sure thing!

We push forward to lure in the Aranea and throw some buffs around, we need to be cool here and not go too fast because there are a lot of powerful casters around and they’ll batter people down in a heartbeat. We toss a Pyrosphere at Aranea followed by a sword slash and already have it in a good position to take it down. Both Jade Sylph and a Heefler are coming, so we need to be ready to deal with Aranea then capture it right away.

Umbra: (When you are overcome with rage, we shall become one!)
D-Damn you! Sh-Shut up!

Logue tries to spear the incoming Heefler and annoyingly it manages to dodge the blow. Marie makes up for it by cooking the Aranea, which I rush Irina up to capture. She even levels up, but doesn’t get anything really impressive out of it. She catches some heat from the Jade Sylph but we’ve got someone to heal her on deck so it’s no big thing.

Do you know how to destroy it?
I remember reading that he’s weak to Wind magic…
But no small breeze will do. We need a powerful spell.

Yeah here’s one of the biggest dick moves of the game, Trinity’s Demon Aura requires a powerful Air spell to break. For Olifen’s party that’s simple, we just throw an Aero II from Marie and call it a day. Everyone else either needs Aero II from a Skill or a Majin, and if you don’t have it you get to see Trinity leave in disgust eventually. Even worse, you’ll have to replay the front end if you don’t have a Skill or Majin for it because you can’t go back to Isapolis in between the two-parters. Now I want to deal with the Jade Sylph and Heefler. I weaken the Sylph with Logue and then Stein, who is about to get very unlucky sadly. The Jade Sylph decides he’d make an excellent target for an Aero II, and while Olifen does Lead Marie to take it down with a Malus II this is of limited consolation to Stein, who was doomed as soon as the Jade Sylph decided to attack him. She does level up, though.

Marie gets her amazing unique skill, Delirium. It’s a short ranged Meta attack that requires an equipped librum, and it’s great for Overkilling Majin that otherwise we’d have problems with. We capture the Sylph with Olifen to make sure Heefler doesn’t kill it. It sure kicks the hell out of Stein, though. It also runs away a bit, so we might as well engage Trinity. An Aero II from Marie breaks its Aura and takes off a full third of its health. Now I need to try and get Trinity into a good position to be Overkilled while also ensuring it won’t be killed by a Heefler before we can capture it. This is especially complicated by the fact that the second Heefler, who still has spells, is also coming.

A Majin with the same name as a god!? It’s no coincidence.
But do we really want to find out the truth here?

So our plan now is to just kill the stupid Heeflers while keeping whoever Trinity is attacking alive and also getting the positioning and actions set up for the Combo that’ll overkill it.

And… there’s a Majin with the same name!?
Wh-What does this mean?

Levatte does something seriously right, though, and levels up from casting on the Heefler. Even better, he gets his Class Change, becoming a Prophet.

There’s no skill he gets specifically for becoming a Prophet, it’ll be a few levels before we see the real benefit. It’s coming, though, and it’s worth it. We quickly take Trinity down to a good health level, so we’ve just got to get through the Heeflers. Olifen chops down the first one, leveling up in the process.

Olifen is at least getting a lot less vulnerable to magic as he levels up. It’ll be a bit before we see him get a new skill. Ares levels up shortly after, not really getting anything new out of it. She’s tanking most of the fire on the map at this point, and actually is doing pretty well at it since she doesn’t take enough damage in between my chances to heal her to die. She eventually finishes the job on the second Heefler, and we Combo down Trinity soon after.

Impossible! How could we…!
Your arrogance was your downfall.
Foolish Falsin…
Only death and despair await you… on you… journey…

Battle Results:

Olifen 15->16
Marie 17->18
Levatte 12->13
Ares 10->11
Irina 8->9

Trinity Lv 15 x 1
Jade Sylph Lv 14 x 1
Aranea Lv 14 x 1



We’re moving faster than we can sustain and we’ve still made no damn progress.

Video- “Mirage Lead Out”

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(I can’t get distracted. The Princess has to be close…!)
Hey, can we talk to you?
What’s the problem?
Levatte’s exhausted. He needs to get some rest.
What happened?
The effects of the magic energy here are draining him. It can be poisonous…
I’m starting to feel it a little myself.
You seem just fine.
I’m from the Reev tribe. We have a natural resistance to magical power.
But what about you guys? You two alright?
I feel fine. Maybe it’s because of the Count’s librum…
Everyone okay?
If Levatte needs to rest, we should rest. Right, Olifen?
Damn! Each minute we spend on ourselves is a minute lost for the Princess!
P-Please… don’t worry about me, Commander.
Don’t be ridiculous. Let’s find you somewhere to lie down.
Y-Yes, Ma’am…

I know we can’t push any harder, but still…

You’re under a lot of pressure, but you need to give some attention to your men.
I… I know.
This isn’t like you…
You’re the one who always said a leader needs to be decisive, Logue… That’s what I’m trying to do, here…
Umbra: (Look at you… Having a serious talk, huh?)
(It’s none of your business.)
Umbra: (Hahaha… I will consume your body and soul very soon, Logue…)
(Shut up!)

I try to kid myself that I’m not tired, but even I’m having issues.

Leon: You don’t look so good, Commander!
Your face is so pale!

It seems we’re getting close to the end of this Stratum, which is good news.

Vivian: Please exercise extreme caution.
If you need anything else, come talk to me.

The Majin just get stronger and stronger, though.

Stein: No one speculated there would be so many!
Hahaha… There’s nothing quite like the excitement of making a discovery.
Don’t you agree?

The Count had some information on the Guardian of this Stratum.

You might have already noticed that a powerful Majin guards each gateway.
Now, you’re about to meet Dahlia Queen, guardian of the woods.
She may look quite elegant in her floral array…
But remember, the most beautiful of flowers bear the sharpest of thorns.
I pray those thorns don’t pierce your brave heart.

We are still managing to find extra help in Isapolis.

Yuri: I was wondering, what’s Levatte like?
He could become the next Pope, right?
That’s so incredible… I’m just a low-ranking priestess!
Sir Logue kind of intimidates me. He’s always alone and brooding!
I wish I could talk to them, but I don’t even know where to start!
I wonder why I’m so comfortable with you?
You know how I’m here to help people? I wanna help you now! What do you think?
Great! I’ll do my best!

It seems everyone’s got problems.

Muse: Logue and Levatte also look depressed!
You guys need a good rest. You should be taking better care of yourselves.
Hey, I’m depressed too. Something really tragic just happened to me…
I… I gained four pounds! FOUR POUNDS!!!
And in this outfit, it must be really obvious! No more snacks from now on!

If I don’t get more sleep Mana’s going to make me drink another horrible possibly deadly thing.

Mana: Hm, you still look pretty tired.
Hm, you still look pretty tired.
No, no, no, I’m feeling great today!
Mana: I don’t think so. You’re probably just on a second wind…!
I better prepare a stronger potion! Hm, you got any snake blood?
I’ve already learned my lesson twice that I shouldn’t rely on medication.
Mana: But—
I will go to bed immediately. There’s no better remedy than rest.
Mana: Oh, that’s a good idea.
But, if you’re not feeling better afterwards, come see me!
I’ll whip up the most amazing potion for you!
Y-Yeah… Thanks…

Shelayla sure asks a lot of questions about me.

Greetings, my lady.
Shelayla: Hahaha, now it’s your turn for a tale again.
Fine… what’ll it be this time?
Shelayla: How long have you known Sir Logue?
We’ve been best friends since childhood.
He’s also from a military family. Our fathers fought together many times.
Our families knew each other, so we were always close, growing up.
…Though I’m sure I’ve been more trouble than I’m worth for him…
But he’s always been there, during the hard times.
Shelayla: He sounds like a great friend.
He is. Maybe I should introduce you. Don’t tell him I said anything, but…
I think you probably shouldn’t let him out on the dance floor, though…
Shelayla: Hahaha…

Xiao Mei continues to be crazy. I think she’s making me crazy.

Oh… H-Hello.
Miss Xiao Mei, what country did you say you were from?
Xiao Mei: I came from the land of Arcanadia.
I’ve never heard of it.
Xiao Mei: That’s okay, it’s kind of niche. I bet you’re more into Action/Adventure.
Huh? Tell me about your country. Are those clothes normal there?
Xiao Mei: My clothes? Yeah! There are many other styles to choose from though!
Wh-What? D-Don’t you feel a little… exposed?
Xiao Mei: Hahaha, so innocent. Golly, you’re really good at this “hero” thing!
But a heroine’s fashion choices should always show a little bit of skin!
It helps you fight monsters and attract multiple love interests!
Um… “love interests”?
Xiao Mei: Golly! You’ll never pass for a hero if you don’t even learn these basics!

I think Nadesico is feeling a bit better now, though I’m not sure where she’s from or how she’ll ever get back.

You look much better today.
Nadesico: Resting helped a lot.
You have my thanks, Mr. Commander.
I am in your debt.
Nadesico: What’s wrong?
Well, just… Your clothes…
Nadesico: They are a little different from what people wear around here, huh?
*sigh * I just can’t seem to fit in.
Do not worry, Miss Nadesico. Given the situation, you are doing quite well.
As time passes, you’ll understand our ways.
Nadesico: I am trying to learn more about your culture.
You are doing just fine.

For someone lost in Besek Christina seemed not really to be in much trouble.

That is correct.
Christina: Thou hast my eternal gratitude.
It was my duty as a knight, Milady.
Christina: Of course…
I hesitate to ask thee for a favor after thou hast saved me…
But might I remember here until my butler cometh for me?
It would be our honor.
Christina: Many thanks, Sir Knight.

Anyway, we’re getting ready for the next battle now. If the Count is right, we could be in for a hell of a fight.
- operation record, Commander Olifen