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Part 39: Stratum 3: Silhouettes

It is hard for modern scholars to reconcile the issues brought up by tales of Besek’s Third Stratum. It is said that many of the Majin there were actually creatures of Light rather than Darkness.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol III

The Halls of Izel

Time is running out for everyone.

This stratum is beautiful, but the constant Majin attacks remind us we’re still in Besek.

Video- “Silhouettes”

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Ally Team:
We’re sticking with our solid mercenary team. After this map we’ll also have some good Majin we can summon as backups potentially.

Enemy Team:
Here it does, we’re almost outnumbered two to one. There are three Ocenyx, two Lapis Sylph, two Cephalocthon, two Aquila, and three Unseelies, our new Majin for the map.

Unseelie is my all-around favorite Majin in the game, I love its design and they’re incredibly versatile and useful. They’re only really vulnerable to Fire, Darkness, and Strike attacks. They have both a Longsword and Longbow, and can unleash brutal Light Attacks with either. They have the ability to remove status effects and can buff the strike resistance and provide regeneration. They’re awesome for use because they can fill in for any role we need except direct healing and are usually more effective than whoever we were using in that role.


We deploy towards the first junction of the map. We will go from junction to junction engaging the Majin, taking out everything that comes and then moving on methodically until they’re all gone.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Unseelies


We’ll eat you alive! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
They’re growing more powerful as we go deeper.
The magic in the air is getting thicker as well.
They have the advantage over us, I’m afraid.
Logue, you alright?
Don’t worry about me, Commander!
We must break through them. Let’s push forward!

As noted in the deployment, our first goal is to buff and take control of this junction just ahead of us. We can potentially draw in two Ocenyx, an Unseelie, and both Aquila before we push on, which would leave the Majin with very little in the way of melee fighters.

Your dream…?

Our first catch of the day is the near Ocenyx, who charged in to greet us at the first junction. Ares Bleeds it, and then a barrage of attacks brings it almost to its knees before it can even respond.

Unfortunately, no…

You’re not going to be able to miss a SHADE DRAGON Olifen, Jesus. Anyway, we finish the job on this Ocenyx with a Delirium from Marie then capture it with Olifen, taking solid control of the junction.

We will make YOU the sacrifice for the ritual!
Why should I be sacrificed for your senseless ritual?

The Aquila and Unseelie to the other side have reached the junction now, so it’s time to push hard on a new set of Majin. One nice thing is that both of them right now have a Striking Art buff, which means they’re vulnerable to Pierce. We’ve got a lot of that in our melee team, and we can take advantage.

Sh-Shut up!
Umbra: (This place is the source of power for Majin…)

We spear the Aquila, hit it with magic from Levatte, and shoot it with Irina to bring it down to a good health level. Meanwhile Marie starts on the Unseelie, who is vulnerable to Fire. The Aquila falls to an Everthrust from Olifen, and is quickly captured as well. The other Aquila has engaged as well hitting Logue on the other front.

Umbra: (Your rage fuels my power!)

Logue cracks the Aquila’s bone with a spear strike Fracture Attack, and we pour a huge amount of firepower onto it as well. Olifen slashes the Unseelie behind my main front and Marie finishes the job with a Pyro III, getting a level.

We don’t expect much new other than maybe improvements in resistances and maybe even aptitudes at this point, though those things are welcome. We get an Ocenyx on the main front now, though this isn’t a big problem. The Fractured Aquila flees the front, wisely sensing that it’s dead where it stands otherwise.

Umbra: (Soon, I will consume you completely!)
Ugh… I can’t… anymore…
Logue!? Dammit!

We pour fire onto the Ocenyx and Bleed it with Ares, even getting Irina a level. I think she gets Divinus at this level, which is always nice. Ocenyx never quite gets killed and manages to flee back to support, getting healed by a Lapis Sylph and getting its Bleed removed by an Unseelie. The Aquila also gets cured, but it doesn’t get healed. Rather than stay back, it charges into combat again, which proves to be a costly and terrible mistake for it. A brutal Combo from Olifen and Logue lays it low.

If you can’t do that, the Majin will eat your soul!
I-I know!

We capture the Aquila, concerned about a Lapis Sylph Releasing it, and then get ready for the next wave. It’ll be a returning Ocenyx, a Cephalocthon, two Unseelies, and potentially a Lapis Sylph.

Is it a ritual to resurrect Izel…?
We must hurry, then…

Ocenyx does manage to hit Marie, who I used to capture the Aquila. I’m not too stressed, she’s tough. We start pouring firepower into it and the Unseelie that joined it right after, and a Combo from Logue and Olifen proves to be its undoing. The Unseelie sees so much heat that it is forced to flee back to support, but it’s not far enough. It gets Overkilled by a Pyrosphere that also bloodies a nearby Cephalocthon. The Lapis Sylph nearby Releases it shortly after, which is a shame but does use up that vital skill early. I’ve now started to take the second junction, and catch both the remaining fresh Unseelie and the Cephalocthon with another Pyrosphere, Overkilling the fish. Now I’m trying to weaken the previously Bound Unseelie enough to get it again with a Combo.

Hmph. Just leave me alone… I’ve got it under control!
Good to see you can still act tough.

Sadly the Combo from Olifen and Logue just fails to Overkill it, I get unlucky on the critical hits. I get a lot more lucky on the last one, though, spearing it then finishing the fight with a Pyro III that Overkills it. The Lapis Sylph that was backing them up withdraws, suddenly very alone. The other one starts moving up too, so now we’re going to engage two Lapis Sylphs and the last Ocenyx at this front. Marie’s going to go alone in the other direction, because there’s a lone Cephalocthon she’s perfectly suited to deal with. Now we begin a Benny Hill-esque attempt to drag the Lapis Sylphs down into Overkill range and then actually execute on them while they continually drop group heals down. We get some levels out of this, though, so it’s worth it. First is Logue.

Logue’s getting pretty tough, though his magic defense is still laughable. While we keep wasting time with the Sylphs, Marie smokes the Cephalocthon and levels up again. Nothing new or exciting, but we do start sending her back to the front. Meanwhile Irina starts moving back that way to actually execute the Capture. Our next level of the map is Yuri, who cloth tanks a Lapis Sylph for a while and gets a lot of experience as a consequence. No new skills, she got one last time so that’s no surprise. As we continue our efforts to make headway against their healing, Levatte levels as well.

Levatte gains Sacrasphere, which is very welcome firepower for him. We’ve finally made a bit of progress by completely surrounding one of the Slyphs. The other Sylph and Ocenyx both flee a bit in reaction to their low health, and I run Ares up to keep them busy while Marie finishes the fight against the first Sylph with a Malus II. We now dogpile the remaining Majin, Overkilling the Ocenyx with a Combo from Olifen and Logue that gets Olifen a level. Marie ends things with another Malus II to the other Lapis Sylph.

Battle Results:

Olifen 20->21
Logue 17->18
Marie 21->23
Levatte 15->16
Yuri 12->13
Irina 11->12

Unseelie Lv 19 x 2
Ocenyx Lv 18 x 3
Lapis Sylph Lv 17 x 2
Aquila Lv 16 x 2
Cephalocthon Lv 17 x 2



Logue’s just getting worse as time goes on. We need to find this Majin soon.

Video- “Silhouettes Lead Out”

Click For Video

Sir Logue, are you feeling alright?
Yeah, I’m fine…
For every step we take deeper into Besek, the curse grows stronger.
You’ll feel better when we find a way to remove it… Just hold on.
I’m… used to it… Don’t worry about me…
Try to stay in control, Logue. We’ll find that dragon soon.
Olifen… I’ve got a favor to ask…
Levatte, would you please excuse us?

What Logue asked, though… I know I might have to do it, but I just won’t accept it while there’s even the slightest hope.

The dragon’s curse keeps getting stronger. He’s gaining power over me.
I don’t know when he’ll completely take over, but…
I won’t let it happen! I’ll stop it first!
I know you really mean that… And I can rest easy knowing that everything’s in good hands…
Don’t be a fool!
You can’t give up now! I won’t let this be the end of you!
If the dragon takes over my body, I’ll turn my blade on you!
I-I can’t bear that… I’d rather die than let that happen…

When I’m no longer in control of my body, I want you to be the one to do it…
No! I’ll never do it!
Olifen, please do me this favor…
No! Don’t ever ask me that again! This place is not going to be your tomb!


That’s enough…
I beg your pardon, My Liege…?
There’s nothing anyone can do about Lenarshe anymore.
Whatever do you mean by that, My Lord?
Tell me about the intruders. How are they proceeding through Besek?
There are some who have made it as far as the Third Stratum.
I see.
My Lord, if I may intervene for a moment…
Mind your own business, Count. Your new objective is to deal with the intruders.

The Koona are kind of creepy sometimes.

Ossa: Ruos etsat Anook…!

As is Leon.

Leon: I’ve especially noticed all the pretty girls, hehehe…
I like Nena! She’s really classy, and has such an innocent and caring face.
Ares is just plain stunning! You think she’d be into a younger guy like me?
Huh!? We’re the same age!? She seems to mature… but I like that!
I love how Vivian looks in her uniform! She can order me around anytime!
Irina’s tough… I bet she’s a challenge! And Yuri’s so cute and quirky!
Hmmm? Oh, and, umm, I think Marie is pretty too! Can you tell I say hi?

Irina’s wondering about something I’d never really thought about.

Irina: Why is Isapolis so peaceful when it is in Besek?
Could the Count be using some secret magic to protect this place?
But if it means saving innocent lives, I have no objections.

Vivian’s brother teamed up with us.

Velnor: Normally we’d be enemies, but there is no need for us to fight here.
Besek is a terrible place, but at least you and I can coexist here.
Are you looking for something in Besek? So am I. How about working together?
Thank you. My sister Vivian would approve of us working together.

Nena wants to grow up to be Marie I guess.

Nena: Uh, ummm, do I need to become a priestess if I want to be strong…?
Strong like Marie…?
I want to grow up to be just like her!

Muse is sort of weird too.

Muse: Komori seems like a really great guy, but he has a kid already…
And I think Velnor’s really cute! I wonder if I’m into younger guys?
What!? He’s older? That’s a surprise!
Alexei acts very macho, but I think he has a kind heart.
Stein is so cool and handsome! I love how I can’t tell what he’s thinking!
Haha, are you jealous?

The Count’s been getting pretty strange, even more so than normal.

“The light is drawn to dark, dark to light, evil to good, and good to evil.”
I hear you’ve chosen the light path for your friends…

Xiao Mei left today, which is probably good because I think she’s actually driven me crazy.

No compliments today…? Is something troubling you?
Xiao Mei: No, I’m fine…
What!? Quit moping and let me help you.
Xiao Mei: I’m sure you’re too busy to worry about my problems…
I thought we were sharing things with each other! Was that just me?
Xiao Mei: *sob * Stop it! I know what you’re doing!
You’re just trying to get me to fall for you, like all the other girls do!
H-Huh!? You’re the one who said I should work on my hero appeal!
I can’t let the Count beat me at attracting the heroines!
Xiao Mei: *sob * You really want to be a hero THAT badly, huh…!?
Xiao Mei: Really? Here, have this!

Feinne’s Notes: This is a decent bow that also has the Bowmaster skill in it. This skill makes bows do more damage, it’s straight up awesome.

[b}Xiao Mei:[/b] Between you and me, girls love archers!
Thanks! With this on my back, NO ONE can steal my hero status!

Now I need to learn how to use the thing. Anyway, Nadesico left today too. I think she found a way back to whatever place she’s from.

I heard that you are planning on leaving today.
Nadesico: It happened so suddenly… I didn’t have a chance to tell you.
Did I come at a bad time? You seem very busy right now.
Nadesico: Actually, I was waiting for you.
For me?
Nadesico: It would be impolite to leave without saying goodbye to my savior!
So thank you… for everything.
Stop it, you’re embarrassing me…
Nadesico: Aw, I think that side of you is adorable.
Nadesico: Hehehe… Make sure to stay true to your Princess, okay?
I-I will…
Nadesico: Here is a gift… to remember me by…

Feinne’s Notes: Troubadour is an awesome ring that gives a lot of Wind resistance to someone, it’s very worthwhile.

Nadesico: Sayonara, Mr. Commander.
Take care…

Christina left too, she’s immortal I guess so I shouldn’t be too worried.

Hello, Christina.
Christina: Thou art just in time!
Oh, did you want to see me?
Christina: Yes, I plan to recover my butler from the vice of Besek.
But I wished to bid thee farewell ere I depart.
You’re going deeper into Besek? Alone!? It’s too dangerous!
Christina: The blood of the immortal clan runneth through me. I shall not fall so easily.
Christina: If thou hast time to worry, spend it worrying about thy own safety!
Perhaps this shalt aid thee.

Feinne’s Notes: Magus is a great librum that also comes with the Hex spell, which Curses a target. Curse is awesome and so is this librum.

Christina: I hope that our paths crosseth one more…

Still at least I don’t talk to birds.

Ducalius: I can almost hear it speaking to me…
How are you feeling?
Ducalius: Oh, I’m doing just fine. Thank you so much.
My little friends are wanting to move on to the next city.
We’d like to thank you for letting us stay under your roof.
That’s alright. I’m sure you would’ve done the same.
Ducalius: Here, I have something for you.

Feinne’s Notes: Hallowed is a pretty great gauntlet that gives you a lot of Light resist among other things.

Don’t forget, I saved you too, not just your birds…
Ducalius: Hahaha…
I wish you a long life filled with happiness.
The same to you. Take care, Friend.

I just hope we find the Princess or this Penumbra soon, we’re running out of time.
- operation record, Commander Olifen