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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 47: Stratum 1: Omens Part 1

When it proved impossible to destroy, the Silver Wolf was sealed away for all time.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

The Calling

It seems we’re finally making some progress.

It seems is already feeling the pressure of this place.

Video- “Omens Lead In”

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What is this place!?
You weren’t planning on escaping again, were you?
What’s wrong?
The air here feels different. It’s heavy… almost hard to breathe. Why aren’t you affected by it?
I feel fine.
It’s the result of the magic in this place.
The air in Besek is full of magic energy, and the human body can’t handle it.
You might feel a little weaker from the pressure, and your breath will slow.
But don’t worry, kid, you’ll be fine.
What do you mean I’ll be fine…?
Are we done with this meaningless conversation? Let’s move.
Hey, wait a minute!
(Ugh… I’m not fine at all!)

There’s no time to waste, though.

Video- “Omens Part 1”

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Ally Team:
We added Yuri to the team, she brings more healing and some potentially powerful Light attacks. Honestly, our team is seriously brutal and we’re going to hammer these Majin into the ground like railroad spikes.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a lot of very familiar Majin here, there are two of the mid-level Caprus, an Exo Machina, an Aquamote, two Dawnwalkers, and two Velox. We’ve seen them all before, and most of them are either vulnerable to Fire or Darkness so Thage can omnom them all pretty much.


We deploy simply with our toughest characters up front to take the hits. We’re going to push forward and just slug things out with the Majin, we’ve got a huge power advantage.

Tactical Objectives:
- Crush the Majin


I feel something… There’s something behind the door!
This looks like the den Raki was sealed in.
I opened the door and found a wolf inside before…
I wonder what’s behind the door this time.
Hey, you aren’t thinking of awakening a Majin, are you!?
If we destroy the other Majin, I’m sure he’ll come.

Raki starts us out by moving up a bit and casting on the near Exo Machina. We then start pushing the group up a bit to get ready to mash it and the Caprus that’s coming.

Do you think they’re welcoming us, Raki?
They don’t want us to awaken the one behind the door.
Sometimes sleeping children wake up on their own…
Ha, I agree. We’ll tear him to shreds.

We get started on the incoming Majin now. Exo Machina moves up and hits Raki, which is just fine really because it sets us up nicely to combo it down. Alexei moves up to its side to do just that.

With or without their master, they don’t stand a chance.
Tuum deleo!

Now I get Raki set up to be the other part of the combo. I want to use him instead of Thage even though Thage would actually do more damage thanks to the Strike vulnerability because I can just have her capture immediately after this way.

Shouldn’t we be more worried about the ones right here!?
We could all just panic like you. Would that be better?

We tear the Exo Machina up just as we expected to, and grabbed it up right after. It puts Thage up forward a bit, but she’s within the Aegis of Raki’s Martyr skill. This immediately saves her from being hit by the near Caprus’ spear attack.

I can’t concentrate. The one behind the door…!
Oh, you can feel his gaze…?
How interesting…

The Caprus has put himself in a great position to be taken out so it’s time to get started on that. The left Dawnwalker moves up and casts, which is fine really. We whack the Caprus with Alexei and then burn it to ash with Thage’s almighty power. Then we can lead Raki to capture it, getting it out of the way. This lets Komori run up and whack the Dawnwalker, getting a level in the process.

Komori gets Fortify this time, which is a really great buff. It’d be better if we could actually hit Thage with it but it does make all of our front line that much tougher and is coming from a hybrid fighter and not a straight caster.

This conversation is over. You can’t handle the burden.
Izel edere volo!
That’s enough from you. Time to die!

The Velox comes up and shoots Komori, which is fine because it’s not Thage. I’m not sure how Martyr interacts with arrows, since Raki doesn’t take the blow. It does take the Dawnwalker’s attack, though. Meanwhile the other Dawnwalker comes in and casts on Alexei, which hurts but he’s a big boy. He lumbers over to it and nearly kills it in one blow, exactly the result I’d want. Raki casts on the Dawnwalker near him, meanwhile, getting a level in the process.

Then Thage blasts the Dawnwalker straight to hell with a Malus. Now we’ve got the Velox and a new Caprus on this front and the Dawnwalker over by Alexei. Retica and Yuri throw stuff onto the Velox and then Alexei clocks the Dawnwalker he hit before and knocks it out of the park. He gets a level out of this. Raki then Bleeds the Caprus, which is a great start on it. Velox will be our next victim, though, falling to Thage’s fire magic. She levels up, once again getting a huge benefit from it.

Thage gets Malus II here, giving her a big stick to hit anything vulnerable to Darkness with. The Aquamote has moved up meanwhile, which was a terrible mistake for it. Raki leaves it nearly dead with a single bite and then I blow it up with Thage’s new Malus II skill, which is powerful enough to trash it even without a weakness. Caprus is at low health, so I get Raki and Retica lined up for a good old-fashioned combo.

Tuum deleo!
You’re getting to be more trouble than you’re worth.

The combo goes off without a hitch, which gets Retica a level. Not much to say about his level, he’s still a bit off of coming into his own. We’ve got one more Velox, which falls to a bite from Raki and a spell from Thage. And that’s all she wrote.

Battle Result:

Thage 8->9
Raki 7->8
Retica 5->6
Komori 5->6
Alexei 6->7

Exo Machina Lv 5 x 1
Aquamote Lv 6 x 1
Dawnwalker Lv 6 x 2
Velox Lv 6 x 2
Caprus Lv 7 x 2

Anyway the Guardian decided to stop napping and show itself.

What’s going on? The air…
Their master is here.

Sort of ironic what was behind the door.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Moon Belator.
Man, I love when a sacrifice comes here on its own.
Hahaha, we’ll see who gets sacrificed.
Why do you have that librum?
You like my librum? You must have good taste. Or… smell?
The awful stench of a prison…
Hand the librum over, so I can destroy it!
Are those blades just for show? You sure talk a lot.
I’ll trap you in this librum. Maybe then you’ll shut up.
Ha! Don’t worry. I’ll let my blades do the talking now!

It doesn’t matter how much they talk, these Majin are all trash.
- recovered text fragment