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Part 49: Valley: Stray Boss: Morpheus

The dreaded Demon Lord slew countless noble heroes as though they were mere children. Stories of his dread power spread throughout the land, and the people cried out for a savior.
- excerpt, The Demon Lord

Dreams of Izel

We left the first Stratum, and ended up in an empty space in between the Strata. We weren’t alone, either, a rat was skulking around.

Video- “Stray Lead In”

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How long do you plan on hiding?
I never thought someone like you would be sneaking around…
Isn’t that right, Morpheus?
Ah, you know of me…
I would expect no less from the great Izel and her Guiding Sage.
I enjoy your compliments.
So, what do you want with me?
I want that librum you’re carrying.
Do you really think I’d just hand it over?
Of course not…
Hahaha, then we’re in agreement.
Mark my words, I’ll pry it from your hands by force if I have to.

Rats should really be exterminated.

Video- “Stray”

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Ally Team:
We’ve added Velnor to the party, so we’ve got a full team now. We’ve got no real choice still, so it’s no thing.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against the exact same group of enemies we always fight when we fight Morpheus. Let’s look at that smooth pimp daddy once again.

For Thage’s party we want to be really careful about Morpheus getting to Thage, because he can pretty much one-shot her with Primal Slash. Her Fire magic is probably best against him because he does resist Dark a bit.


We deploy in a plug, we’re going to grind forward at first then spread out to smash the flanks. Once all his allies are dead, we will collect again to fight Morpheus.

Tactical Objectives:
- Kill everything.


Will you hand over that librum peacefully?
Hahaha, you’re just bluffing.
Fitting words from the ultimate sacrifice!
Have it your way! I shall murder you!

We push up in formation, which draws in a Priest and the only Acolyte on the map. That’s pretty much perfect as far as what we want.

Perhaps, but I must be permitted to link with it.
“Link” with it? What are you talking about?
It’s a talent only I know of. Not even the Silver Wolf…
Knows how to unravel a librum’s secrets.

Raki runs up to hit the Acolyte and warm it up for its inevitable demise. I’ve got some stored actions, so Thage’s turn is going to be quite fun, for me.

This is already a dream, from which I might never awake.
This world doesn’t need a Majin like you in it.
I hope you’ve made your peace with this life.

I lead Alexei to Fracture the Priest that advanced up to him and get some healing done, then Thage moves up and blasts the Acolyte down.

Kid, this isn’t the time to start daydreaming.
I don’t take orders from you, Majin!

Retica moves over and shoots the Fractured Priest, killing it. We then move up to start drawing in another wave on the right while Raki runs to the left to smash a Priest there. The close Priest on the right moves up and hits Komori for a bit.

Hmph… I thought you perished long ago.
Nothing is impossible in Besek. You should know that.
Your desires aren’t part of my mission. Begone.

I decide to tickle the Priest that just hit Komori with a spell from Thage, which turns out to not so much tickle it as kill it in one hit. This also gets her a level.

Komori pushes up to the right even farther and heals himself back up, getting a level in the process. He doesn’t gain much out of this level, though. Raki meanwhile takes a minor hit from the Priest he had engaged.

Don’t want it anymore…? Typical…
I already linked with the librum, and now I know…
Link with it, huh?
The librum has entered Besek from the outside world.
A lot has transpired, as of late.

Raki finishes the job on the Priest and moves back to the right to help out there.

I know of its existence, but it is of no interest to me.
If you tell me everything you know, you might live.
Hahaha, what an interesting Falsin.
You and my former self would have really gotten along…
A pity you have nothing useful to say.

Now I start pushing to lure in the right Priestess and Priest with Komori. Then I can blow them up with everyone else.

Oh my, are you looking for something, little boy?
Next time, try asking your questions before attacking!
You attacked us!

Sorry Retica, but Morpheus can’t hear it when losers talk. Anyway Komori does indeed manage to lure the Priestess in, and we have gotten people into good positions to fry it in just a sec.

I have nothing to say to a Majin!
Hahaha, how bold of you.
It must be unbearable knowing that you have no future…

Thage throws some magic at the Priestess, I intentionally go easy on it though so Retica can finish the job for the easy exp. I then move Komori up to draw the Priest in as well.

H-How do you…?
There is always a reason behind each choice we make.
What makes you think you know me, you filthy Majin!
Be careful not to become that which you seek…
Hahaha, Besek. I won’t be a pawn to your whims.

Retica runs over and shoots the Priestess in the face, killing it quite dead. Meanwhile, Alexei and Yuri are on the left to try and draw the other Priestess out of hiding. We also send Raki over to start hitting it with some magic, which should get its attention. The Priest moved up to hit Komori, and I bring it down low with some fire magic from Thage.

I suppose I can leave him alone…

Retica shoots the Priest down right after that. We manage to drag the last Priestess out into the open and start mugging it down, but any desire to milk it for experience goes away when Morpheus runs up and nearly kills Komori in a single Malus III. Our desperate efforts to drag him back up get Retica a level, though he doesn’t get any new skills out of it. I set up my melee to keep Morpheus from running right into the casters, then Raki runs up and I manage to land a Bleed on the big guy. It does reduce the amount of experience I can drag out of him but reducing risk is worth it.

Wouldn’t you like to know…
What would you say if it was summoned by my hand?
I’d have to thank you, for giving me just what I needed.
So selfish. No regard for other beings.
This place is a Majin hunting ground. That’s all.
Ah yes. Besek has a way of granting one’s desires…
Let us fight, and to the victor go the spoils!

I keep pouring attacks into Morpheus and eventually he bleeds down to one health and ends up next to Alexei. So as to end this with CLASS, I seal the deal with a Combo from Alexei and Thage.

What an unoriginal thing to say. How disappointing.
Hahaha, you amuse me, Izel.

Battle Result:

Thage 11->12
Retica 6->7
Komori 6->7


I’m not sure what Morpheus was up to, especially as it seemed like he didn’t even need to attack us to find out what he wanted to know.

Video- “Stray Lead Out”

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Say what you must.
The librum you hold is incomplete. It’s not worth taking.
This is the Librum Vespera.
It’s incomplete now, but soon, it’ll take on its true form.
And I’ll be back to claim it from you.
You try that, and I’ll capture you inside it.
Hahaha, I look forward to it.
Let me tell you something interesting, before I go.
“The unholy mix of human and Majin blood…”
“…will bring ruin to this world.” I know the prophecy. It’s meaningless, right?
You are walking the path of destruction. The unholy blood will beckon you deeper and deeper…
Hahaha, I’ll try to keep that in mind.

It seems even the poorly informed know of the Demon Lord.

Could that Morpheus be…
He’s the Majin that the legendary Rondemion once fought.
How’s there a dead Majin here…?
History and truth don’t always tell the same story.
Morpheus is alive, and he’s here.
That’s all there is to it.
Let’s hurry. Now’s not the time to talk.

Besek’s started shaking. Raki assures me it’s nothing to worry about, which makes me worry.

Raki, what’s happening?
Besek is trembling.
It’s almost like Besek’s soul. Its guiding voice.
It trembles because the path to the next Stratum is open to us.
We must proceed, deeper into Besek.
*pant pant pant *
(This air… The pain…! Should I really not be worried about all this…?)

The Count seemed somewhat concerned that we’d encountered Morpheus, which makes sense really since he’s trying to act like he’s Lord of Besek.

My word, you saw Morpheus out there!?
I had thought he was slain by the Hero of Legend!
Well, I’m pleased you managed to return safely. Please take care.
Is something the matter? If you require anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Some of these mercenaries are easy to have fun with.

Komori: Isn’t my Nena lovely? She’s going to be a beautiful woman someday…
Wh-Why are you looking at me like that!?
How dare you accuse me of having such thoughts! I-I demand an apology!
Fine… Anyways, I only hope she can overcome her hatred of the Majin…
Then she could find a good man to settle down with and be happy…

One of those little Koona bears asked to join up, it’s got a hilarious little sword that I’m sure is terribly ineffective but I said yes.

Toma: Ti wonk i… Anook stae Master D.
Ni em tnuoc annaw uoy? Anook! Anook!
Uoy htiw krow ot desealp! Emosewa!

Lots of people with odd motivations around here.

Ares: I don’t know how he sits around here all day… Where’s the thrill?

That general eats all the time. I’m shocked he can still move.

Alexei: The food at this tavern is very good!
And no matter how much I eat, Iryth never complains!
What a generous woman!
Hahahahaha! Oh, all that laughing is making me hungry again…

I’m annoyed because Elizabeth was actually right about, well, anything.

That’s a pretty ungrateful way to talk to someone who saved your life.
I could tell the whole world about the count’s daughter who cried for help.
Elizabeth: Y-You think I’d fall for a threat like that!?
You wouldn’t dare.
You’re far too proud to be caught slandering a noble lady like me…
You couldn’t live with yourself.

Elizabeth: Hahahahahaha!
I think I shall have to excuse myself. Good day!

That she’s not worth my time, that is. Shockburt annoyingly doesn’t know anything about the Eternal Poison.

I’m just passing through.
Shockburt: I can see you long to stay, though. Please, have a seat.

Shockburt: Aha! You’re intrigued, aren’t you? I apologize for being so charming.
I’m leaving.
Shockburt: Hey, wait! You came here to ask me something, didn’t you?
In Besek, did you see or hear anything about the Eternal Poison?
Shockburt: Eternal Poison? Hm, I don’t recall anything like that.
May I perhaps offer you some tea, though?
I’m fine. I only wanted to ask about the Eternal Poison.
Shockburt: Ah, but I did find the Jewel of Besek!
The “Jewel of Besek”? Never heard of it.
Shockburt: I think you’re quite familiar with it. To find it, just look in a mirror…
It’s you, my lovely Jewel of Besek.
I’m out of here.

Maybe we’ll find more information about it in the second stratum, the path should be open now.
- recovered text fragments