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Part 52: Stratum 2: Sojourn Part 2 Boss: Escha Gigas

Some Majin are suggested to grow continuously over a given incarnation and will eventually reach massive size if they continue to survive their battles with their fellows.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We’d gotten off to a bit of a rocky start with this guy, but I’m not going to a let a big pile of rubble talk to us.

Video- “Sojourn Part 2”

Click Here for Video with Commentary

Ally Team:
Our same team from last time will be here again, though we’ll be seeing a lot more flux this time around through this Stratum.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a similar group of Majin to what we were fighting last time. There are three Hecta Gigas, three Sprites, an Uro Lumen, a Magiquarius, and then the Escha Gigas.

Escha Gigas is one of the strongest bosses we’ve faced yet for this part of the game. His Aero II is a nonevent but Wild Swing does massive damage and Escha Crush hits everyone around him. He’s not particularly vulnerable to magic but his laughable Magic Defense stat means he doesn’t need to be. Get him low then pound him with a big Strike attack or a spell.


We deploy to the left side here, because we’d have to fight an extra Hecta Gigas and Magiquarius on that side whereas I expect I can avoid at least one of the extra Majin on this side.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture the Gigas


I start out pushing to the left. I expect the Uro Lumen and maybe Sprite to attack, so I start luring them in to get it out of the way so I can move on. Uro Lumen takes the bait but surprisingly Sprite doesn’t, which is actually just fine. After the Uro Lumen advances Raki slaps it hard.

I’ll grind you down and watch the wind carry you away!
He’s not very bright if he thinks that’ll work.

Uro Lumen then catches a bad case of being dead from a Malus III, though I am one HP shy of an overkill on it because it had a lot of gas in the bus when I did it. Got the damn thing out of the way, though, which was the objective. One of the Hecta Gigas from the platform has come down as well, so it’ll have to be my next target.

Yes. We should attack him with Water.

So this is why we got an Aqua skill for Thage, we needed it to break this Demon Aura. Anyway now we get started on the Hecta Gigas that’s coming in. It catches a barrage of attacks from most of the party and quickly falls to low health, causing it to pull back into range to be healed by the nearby Sprite. That’s not going to save it, though, and Thage easily Overkills it.

You must be annihilated, right here and now.
Ugh, why are Majin always after me…?

Alexei levels up when he captures the Gigas, no new skills or anything but every bit helps. Sprite falls shortly after to some attacks followed by, surprise of surprises, powerful Malus magic from Thage.

Do these filthy Majin really know what camaraderie means!?
Child… why do you have the same scent as us…?
Wh-What are you talking about!?
Those with cursed blood cannot be allowed to live!
A talkative pile of rocks… You won’t last long.
Don’t worry, we’ll carve a nice epitaph in your remains.

Now we capture the Sprite and move up to start luring in the Hecta Gigas that’s still up there. I’d also like to lure in the Escha Gigas but he’s kind of shy.

The words of a Falsin have no impact on me.
You’ll change your mind after I capture you. Ready?

Hecta Gigas moves up into my main melee group, which is ideal. Escha Gigas annoyingly throws out an Aero II and then runs away towards the Sprite on the right. We toss out a spell followed by a Combo to drop the Hecta Gigas instantly then go chasing after the big guy. I need to get a safe position for Thage to hit him with an Aqua to break his Aura. Komori comes in to provide that protection, but he gets shot by the Sprite as a result which causes him to level up. This gives him the Piercing Art skill, which is useful sometimes. We then manage to break the Demon Aura on the big guy, but there is a price.

You get to experience the last thing Komori saw this map right here, he falls to a brutal Wild Swing from the boss. Still, we’re good to get started on the Gigas now and start pouring attacks into it. I even manage to get it down to single digits before I think through the fact that a Sprite is like right there and can heal it. It does so, but at least we smash it into the dirt with Thage and get her a level.

Thage now has her unique attack, Last Rites. It’s a brutal melee attack with a librum, we’ll see it in a few maps. Anyway we keep throwing attacks at the Gigas. It does some bullshit thing that lets it move to Alexei’s side so it can kill him with a Wild Swing, but it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Should we carve something on him?
Thage, what did you have in mind?
Hey, can’t we focus on the battle!?

Thage smokes the Gigas with a Malus IV, and Retica levels up capturing it. And that’s all she wrote.

Your body has outgrown your mind. You have no future.
Hahaha, Guiding Sage, I shall be watching you…
But for now, my remains will meld with Besek…
*pant pant pant *
Why do the Majin want me dead…?
I can’t die yet. I have something I must do first.

Battle Result:

Thage 15->16
Retica 9->10
Komori 9->10
Alexei 10->11

Escha Gigas Lv 13 x 1
Hecta Gigas Lv 10 x 2
Sprite Lv 8 x 2



I had some guests after we finished with the Majin.

Video- “Sojourn Lead Out”

Click For Video

Anook! Anook!
Og Luna did erehw? Anook! Anook!
Huh? Lenarshe? You mean the Princess?
Reh dnif! Thagey! Thagey!
You mean me?
Thagey! Thagey!
I… see…

It’s not as though I am in principle against helping her out if it’s on the way so I suppose I could keep an eye out. I am however in principle against their master’s request.

What do you want, Count?
I was concerned for your well-being.
You sure have a lot of free time on your hands… for an aristocrat…
Oh well, I was wondering when you’d come ask me about my librum.
I see, so we can dispense with the formalities then, and move right to the very topic preying on both our minds.
Too bad… I don’t have anything to say to you.
And this book is incomplete.
Is that so? Might I have a glance at it?
I can’t let you see it. It’s not complete yet.
How unfortunate, indeed.
Perhaps in the near future, you might allow me the honor, though…? Perhaps once it is complete?
Later, maybe.
It would be a delight. Oh, and there is another purpose to my visit…
The Guiding Sage will not lead you down the path toward what your heart desires.
I don’t mean to pry into your affairs, My Princess, but I did feel obliged to share that morsel of advice with you.
I understand…

As though I need to be told that.

Pata: Yrgna yrev yrev Anook!
Nioj Anook a tel uoy lliw?

We got joined by that archer Velnor’s sister.

Vivian: You’ll traverse a lot of open terrain, so be wary of flying enemies.
Don’t let them get the upper hand.
If we work together, we can both find what we’re looking for. How about it?
Very good. I can depart whenever you’re ready.

The Count just won’t stop asking about my librum.

Would you mind if I took a look at the librum? Oh, don’t look so angry.
I’m aware of its incompletion, but my curiosity simply cannot be sated…
Its many mysteries are ever so intriguing, would you not agree?

There are some very shady people here in Isapolis.

Stein: No one speculated there would be so many!
Hahaha… There’s nothing quite like the excitement of making a discovery.
Don’t you agree?

And of course the opposite.

Yuri: What’s the reason for my journey?
I want to live a life of purpose by helping people!
That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

And Muse keeps trying to get eaten by Raki.

Muse: You can capture Majin with that big book?
I want a book like that!
Then I can capture Raki and make him my pet!

I think something’s going on with Elizabeth.

It must be hard for you to cake on all that makeup every day.
Elizabeth: A commoner like you wouldn’t understand.
Just like I didn’t understand that stench in your room last time.
Who gave you that incense, anyway?
Elizabeth: A friend… of royal blood. Someone too important to ever associate with you.
Elizabeth: He visits me every day.
When did he start coming by here?
Elizabeth: Hm, I wonder how long it’s been, exactly…
Do you hear any strange sounds when he comes by? Or feel the room get colder?
Elizabeth: Actually, yes. I have noticed that.
He said it was just fairies in the area playing pranks.
Ah, I see. Would you mind introducing me, next time he’s here?
Elizabeth: Well, if you insist…

Could be a big problem if I’m right. Anyway, I’m going to keep Shockburt busy.

I feel alright.
Shockburt: You deserve better than just “alright.”
A beautiful lady like you should never feel anything less than bliss.

Shockburt: Hahaha, so modest! Now, what can I help you with, today?
I was wondering if there’s a cure for doctors who talk too much.
Shockburt: Dearest Thage, why must you hurt me so? I like a girl who plays hard to get.
I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving.
Shockburt: No, wait! Are you in need of my help? I cannot turn down my services to you.
Raki has a stomach ache.
Shockburt: Alas, my specialty is in human patients.
But you will see him, won’t you?
Shockburt: For you? It would be my pleasure.

We also saved some guy from the Church.

Claudius: Thank you so very much for your assistance back there.
As a member of the Church, I thought I could have handled myself alone.
But alas, I required the aid of a girl so conveniently lovely as yourself…
It seems I still have a long way to go. Thank you for lending me a hand.
A girl doesn’t have all day to listen to this much talking.
Claudius: Believe me, my dear, I know that I am guilty of my share of faults.
But the ladies do actually find my innocent words quite charming.
You should be careful. You might have a different idea of “innocent”…
Claudius: A-And what are you implying?
I just mean that you should be careful, given your position and all.
Claudius: There is no need for you to tease me about my positions, my lady.
Perhaps this small gift will redeem me, though.

Feinne’s Notes: This is a good hammer that’s appropriate to our current level for Alexei.

Claudius: It’s time for me to head back to the Church. Farewell, my lovely maiden.

I just need to keep moving forward, everything will sort itself out in time.
- recovered text fragments