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Part 53: Stratum 2: Discord

The Majin know Besek as the Tetractis, though none are willing to discuss what it means to them.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I


This place is nothing like the real world.

The perfect place for the Majin.

Video- “Discord”

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Ally Team:
We swap out Komori for Vivian this time, I’m confident I can make it with two healers given how much power I can bring to bear against the Majin. I did get Thage some impressive new power, though. She’s got some Aero II from a Magiquarius and she’s finally high enough level to give her the Regenerate skill we have had waiting for her since Ashley’s Tale. This is a real game-changer, because it means a Majin has to really seriously try to kill her or she’ll just come back at full strength in a bit.

Enemy Team:
We’ve got our last new normal Majin this time. There are three buffed up Sprites, two Magiquarius, a Thiefler, a Zyr Phantasm, and three Aethon.

These Sprites have traded their Water Attacks for a Light Attack. They’re a lot like the lower-level version otherwise. They haven’t gotten any more resistant to Fire, Dark, or Strike, so take advantage.

Aethon is a really nasty Majin. It’s a powerful spear attacker with lots of passive skills that can make it a real pain. Pierce and Fire attacks are best, though Water also works. They’re hard to overkill for this point in the game.

There’s not much to the deployment, we’re going to push at the Thiefler and take it down.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Aethon
- Chests


(Why do they say I have the same smell as them…?)
I like your enthusiasm, but look out. There’s one behind you.
What!? Oh no! Huh…!?
Hahaha, you have to pay attention to your surroundings. Alright?
You two can leave your conversation for a later time.
You’re right. There’s more Majin for me to capture still.

Raki rushes up to hit the Thiefler with a spell. Now this is a tense sort of time because Raki’s going to be dangerously out on a limb for a while.

The road to Izel…

The near archer Sprite comes up and attacks Raki. This actually puts it in a good position for us to get started on it, though, and Thage blasts it with a spell. Magiquarius also joins the fun with a spell on Retica, but that’s no big thing really because it doesn’t even do much damage. The Aethon are coming in, and Thiefler tries to make a break for it. Fortunately, Raki can reach him and takes him down. Unfortunately, that does put Raki at a lot of risk of being killed by the Aethon here in the coming turns because we can easily be blocked off. The sword Sprite comes in meanwhile, though Alexei’s got it blocked off. The bow Sprite tries to shoot Raki from behind and is evaded, which puts it in a perfect position for me to kill it.

But do you know where the Eternal Poison is?
Why do you… possess the Librum Aurora?
I guess you’re only useful once I capture you.

Since some Majin have advanced since Alexei and Vivian moved, I lead them to burn the Magiquarius and spear the injured Sprite. This lets Thage bring the thing down with some good old Malus magic. Vivian and Alexei get a whole new set of actions just after, letting Vivian continue the barrage of fire magic on the Magiquarius and Alexei smash the sword Sprite with his hammer. He then pulls back a bit to ensure the currently bound one doesn’t get speared. I’m really concerned about it and about Raki, so I throw Velnor forward to capture the Sprite, which gets him a level. This is also going to draw some fire, if someone has to die Velnor is the best choice. Raki then captures the Thiefler and runs away to make it harder for the Aethon to gang up on him.

Here we see Velnor getting smashed by the Majin. The nice thing is, though, that they’re all really condensed. Our first victim is the Magiquarius, though it doesn’t quite get Overkilled. We get Vivian in to block off the bridge so the Aethon can’t cross while also getting some damage in on the Sprite. Alexei then knocks it the hell out of the park, leveling up in the process.

Alexei gets the Piercing Art skill, it provides Pierce resistance at the expense of Slash resistance. It’s pretty interesting that he gets a spell at all. We then start throwing stuff at both Aethons. We Slow one with a Sacra II and Bleed the other with Raki’s attack from behind. Raki also levels up here.

Raki gets a bit tougher here, but he’s very vulnerable to Pierce and Light so we need to be careful about Light Attacks. The Bleeding Aethon spears Alexei and Vivian, but the Slow one will never get a chance. Thage casts on it, taking it down to low health.

Wh-What do you want!?

The Slow Aethon catches a hammer blow from Alexei that turns out to be just enough to kill it. I’d kind of hoped to just bring it to single digits but getting rid of an annoying Majin is never a bad thing.

I need to travel deeper into Besek.
If that is your decision, then I shall follow.

Raki throws an Aero at the Bleeding Aethon so that it will bleed down to one when it acts again. When it does, we send it back to where it came from with Thage. Now we start advancing to the next part of the map.

He told me to trust you completely.
I’m sure he did. And what did you say to him?
I told him I agreed and that he shouldn’t worry about us.
Damn Count… I may need to bite his head off.
Wh-What are you two talking about…?

Raki goes off to get a chest and fight the Magiquarius near it, he can easily defeat such a Majin so it’s no real risk to do that. I also have Thage summon up one of the Sprites we just got in Sojourn, it’s weaker than the ones on this map but way better than nothing.

Quit saying the same thing over and over!
I’ll kill you all before you get near me!

The chest has a decent piece of mail, Shell Mail. We’ll give it to Alexei because it’s actually better than his current plate. Now we start pushing forward to meet the incoming shortbow Sprite and Aethon. We throw a barrage of attacks at the Sprite culminating in a Terra II that Fractures it, this is great because it forces it to choose between healing itself and curing its status. Raki runs over to the Magiquarius and Bleeds it, which is definitely a death sentence for it. Sprite cures itself but stays in position, which is actually great. This forces Aethon to move behind it and only spear my Sprite. Speaking of Sprites Thage destroys the injured one, which gets her a level.

And now Thage has her S rank in Dark magic, which makes her even more ridiculously powerful. We get started on the Aethon while Raki pushes the Magiquarius down to low health such that it bleeds down to one.

This place… I need to kill them all. Then will it stop?
You’re losing your mind. The blood’s rushing to your head.
Losing my mind? Ha! Coming from the Dark Princess…
Why did you come to such a dangerous place then?
Humans don’t stand a chance against the Majin here.
Putting your life on the line? You feel alive, huh?
N-No, I’m not here for that! I’m… I have a…
You thinking clearer now, Retica? Take a deep breath.
(This change within Thage…)
(It’s become more apparent since we met that boy.)

Retica takes the Magiquarius down, it’s at one HP so it’s pretty easy. We keep going on the Aethon and then get Yuri a level from healing, though there’s no new skills out of it. We then bring the Aethon down with Thage’s newfound ultimate power. Now we want to push Raki down toward the other chest while everyone else works on the Zyr Phantasm.

Thage, it’s not worth provoking them.
It’s alright, I’m bored with these weaklings, anyhow.
Hmph, your rashness worries me sometimes.

We’ve got a lot of powerful Strike attacks actually, so the Phantasm isn’t any big thing. Vivian starts on it, slapping it with her book. Thage joins her soon after, and I have Alexei sit and wait for the chance to Combo it down. Vivian even levels up, because the Phantasm decides to focus on her. Retica also levels up.

Retica gets his unique skill, Rapid Fire. It’s an awesome shortbow skill that can attack a wide range. Zyr Phantasm goes down to a Combo from Alexei and Thage, and we get the last chest, which contains some leather armor.

Battle Result:

Thage 16->17
Raki 12->13
Retica 10->11
Vivian 11->12
Yuri 8->9
Alexei 11->12
Velnor 8->9

Zyr Phantasm Lv 13 x 1
Aethon Lv 12 x 2
Sprite Lv 12 x 2
Magiquarius Lv 11 x 1
Thiefler Lv 7 x 1



Everyone else keeps lingering on these battlefields, no idea why.

Video- “Discord Lead Out”

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It’s about time.
If you’re here about the librum, I have nothing to say to you.
Oh my, no, that’s not at all the substance of my visit today.
I hear you’ve been talking with Thage.
What’s your business interfering with my plans?
Why, that was just for entertainment.
A journey must always have a dash of thrill in it, do you not agree? After all, what is a man, without peril?
Sounds like something only a lech like you would agree with.
And you would have me believe that you’re no better?
You’re talking about us bringing that little runt with us…
I believe your young friend Retica may pose a considerable threat to your plans.

I’m aware.
If you wish to be relieved of his company, then allow me to lend a hand.
I don’t need help from you, of all people.
And while Thage has an interest in him, I can’t intervene.
But you are aware you’re running out of time, presently…?
Hmph, I already know that.
I don’t need you to tell me…

The Silver Wolf…
Reti! Reti!
Hm, I knew it. Raki’s no different from the other Majin…
(I think Thage is being used…)
(I need to do something…!)
Doog os ton noitautis. Reti!
Uh? Y-Yeah, I-I’m fine, I’m fine…

Hard to tell who is up to what anymore.

Muse: The Count has really been keeping close watch on Retica lately…
At first, I thought the Count had, er, interesting tastes…
But now I don’t think that’s it at all. It was more like he was glaring at him.

Irritating. Much better news is that we were joined by a really notoriously powerful swordswoman.

Ares: How goes the search for the Eternal Poison?
There’s some other people looking for it too.
Hope you’re up to the competition…
Need another sword?
Thanks, this is gonna be fun.

I can’t emphasize enough how much Alexei eats. I keep saying it but it keeps getting worse.

Alexei: You can’t fight if you’re hungry!
I hear the Commander’s so worried about the Princess that he’s not eating…
That’s very noble of him, but a fellow’s still gotta eat!

That the Count is suddenly talking like he’s best friends with Raki is of concern.

But a word about your Majin servant, Ranunculus…
He is remarkably well behaved. How were you able to train a Majin?
I am very curious about it.

Not much concern, though. Elizabeth is really doing poorly, I’m also almost concerned about it.

I heard voices a moment ago. Was anyone in here?
Elizabeth: Yes, my royal friend I was telling you about. He was just here for a visit.
I didn’t see him come or go.
Elizabeth: You must have just missed him.
Elizabeth: So, what brings you to my chambers?
I came up to meet your “royal friend.”
But since he’s already left, I guess I’m out of luck.
Elizabeth: Don’t worry, he’ll be back again soon.
I’ll look forward to it. But how are you doing? You don’t look so well.
Elizabeth: Is that so…?
I should get to bed, then. A lady needs her beauty sleep.
Yes, you do.

In this case I think she needs her ‘remaining alive’ sleep, but whatever. I’d get Shockburt to look at her but I think that’d just make things worse honestly.

You’re still here?
Shockburt: Oh, to hear the sound of such a lovely voice escaping those lips…
Enough small talk. What’s your real reason for being here?
Shockburt: Ummm, well…
I merely wish to use my medical skills to help those who fight in Besek.
Does that make you happy, my dear?
Shockburt: Don’t look at me like that. I would never lie to you.
You’re not lying, but you’re not telling the whole truth either.
Am I right?
Shockburt: Perhaps. I’ll let that beautiful imagination of yours run wild and free.
Fine then.

Also the kid we just rescued is going to die.

You seem energetic.
Masonite: It’s because of you! I can’t thank you enough for everything!
You saved my life, Miss Thage!
This isn’t much, but it’s for you!

Feinne’s Notes: Missionary is a Male only robe, so it’s really only good for Levatte or Stein and therefore kind of sucks.

Thank you. I guess I could make use of it.
Masonite: Yes! Please use it!
What’s your next course of action?
Masonite: I’m gonna find a way back home.
By yourself?
Masonite: Something tells me I’ll be just fine!
Well, goodbye!
Is he really going to be okay…?

So yeah he’s certain to die. Also, I have a bad feeling, like things are about to get much worse very soon…
- recovered text fragments