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by Feinne

Part 55: Stratum 2: Sacrifice Part 2 Boss: Arkanos

The deepest darkness is that of the Bound Usurper, who suffers eternal punishment for his endless sins.
- unknown source

The Darkness of the Depths

Arkanos. A shadow from the past.

Video- “Sacrifice Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Same group of allies as last time, we’re going to need the healing and really only Thage has a chance at Overkilling Arkanos.

Enemy Team:
The enemy group is small, but it’s rock hard. There are two Laquo, two Sprites, two Dawnwalkers, and the big man himself. All of these are newish combinations.

This Sprite is like the last one but more, really. It’s got more uses of its skills, more skills, and higher stats. It’s just as vulnerable to its weaknesses, though. Strike it or burn it or send it to hell, they’re all effective.

This Dawnwalker works just like the Nightwalkers we just fought in most ways, but instead of having two casts of Sacra magic it’s actually got Seal as its other spell. Since our most important caster is immune to magic, this isn’t so much of a problem. Annihilate it with Dark magic.

This Laquo has a Fear Attack. This is very bad because Fear is a real pain in the ass. It’s a lot like every melee Laquo, it hits super hard but is vulnerable to magic.

Arkanos is a real bastard. He’s only really vulnerable to Dark and Fire magic, though if you need to use physicals Slash will work. He’s got powerful Air and Water magic, a brutal physical special, and can dish out powerful physical attacks. Even more annoying, his Reinforce skill makes him take less damage from critical hits. Realistically we need magic to Overkill him.


We’ve got no real options with our deployment here. We need to deploy as far forward as we can in order to get to Arkanos before he leaves.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Arkanos


We advance Raki up to get the Majin drawn in as quickly as possible. He catches a lot of bad attention, though. The two Sprites shoot him with Light Attacks for quite a lot of damage. I do manage to get started on them with a spear from Ares and a spell from Raki, though.

You cry out from the depths where light cannot reach…
And yet your soul still shines brightly.
The dragon who beckoned me into the darkness…
We were drawn to each other, Thage!

We manage to get Raki some support, getting a Fortify buff on him and healing him. We then manage to get Alexei into position to block off the Laquo from reaching our party. The Sprites keep barraging Raki with arrows, but it’s getting to be time to fight back.

I see your soul is stronger than before!
Give me your power!
Sinful ancient, come and get what you deserve.

We keep Raki healed and throwing attacks at the Majin we’ve got engaged, which is now two Sprites and a Laquo. The Sprites flank us on either side, while the Laquo is on the left. We manage to land a bleed on the left Sprite with Ares, which pretty much guarantees we can Overkill it soon. Even better, we’ve got the other Sprite on the ropes a bit with Thage’s magic. Raki levels up from being shot, and Ares levels up from a Bleed attack on the Laquo.

We need to use a combo attack on his Demon Aura!
It was difficult last time…
But this time, I shall put an end to him once and for all.
Thage, what is your history with this wretch?
He’s the one who introduced me to the power of darkness.

So yeah, we need to use a Combo to break his Demon Aura, which is no trouble at all really except that we do need to get two guys up to him. Thage throws out some fire at the Bleeding Laquo, which gives us two Majin in the red.

When I saved you, you had never felt the light before.
All you did was imprison me and feed on my power.
This time, I’ll capture you in this librum, forever.

Laquo then annoys me horribly by Fearing Ares. It does nearly bleed itself out doing so, though, so it’s not that bad. Now it’s time to strike down some filthy Majin.

Shut up! I won’t let you harm Thage!
Accursed one, you know nothing.

Alexei clocks the Sprite, dealing out an Overkill on it. We’ve gotten far enough from the other Sprite that it is going to need to move a bit to catch up, which is great. Then Thage blasts Laquo into ash with a Pyro II. Now the Dawnwalker near Arkanos pushes forward, which is actually great because we can pound it incredibly fast. We capture the Sprite that’s in our way and then get ready to pound it.

Foul? Nonsense! I am the one who awakened Thage!
I discovered the light of Izel among the darkness!
You dare to say… you awakened Thage!?

Raki and Alexei throw attacks into the Dawnwalker, and then Thage blasts it straight into oblivion. Now we quickly scoop up the Majin that we have found and get ready to engage Arkanos.

A mere Majin cannot awaken Izel on his own.
But there is no flaw in Izel’s light.
(Is it possible that Thage has always been… No…)

The other Sprite has started moving in and shoots at Komori. Meanwhile I start getting people moved around to try and trap Arkanos, if he runs too far it’ll be very hard to get two sides of him. Then we get Alexei and Raki into position and crack his Demon Aura like the rotten egg it is.

Wouldn’t you like to know?
I will steal your power. That is my only use for you!

Arkanos then starts blasting Ares with powerful Water magic. We start trying to drag Arkanos down and land some kind of status on him, though it’s hard to do that. Sprite has also joined the fun, which is bad because it’s going to eventually heal Arkanos. Even worse, Ares gets Countered by Arkanos when she tries to Bleed him. I to terrible damage to it with Thage’s magic, but it drops Ares in return. I realize the Sprite is going to try and heal Arkanos and desperately try to kill it with Retica’s Rapid Fire, but it’s just not enough. Some Dark magic from Thage ensures it won’t be doing so again, though, and also gets her a level.

Thage is very close to getting the ultimate attack, but she merely gets stronger every level for now. There’s not too much left now, just need to drag Arkanos down and finish him with a Malus IV.

Raki, what are the Majin trying to do to Thage?
There is no time for this, kid.
If you won’t tell me, then maybe the dragon will!

We need to get him below about 30 hit points, because Thage hits it for about 230 with Malus IV. Fortunately it’s got such heavy defenses that it’s easy to surgically lower its health.

Not the Guiding Sage!
You need to work on your power of temptation.

Komori and Yuri level up while we’re beating on him, with Yuri getting Cura II. Then Thage finishes the job, nicely and neatly.

Hahaha, I may have underestimated your power.
Why are you here? Who brought you back?
Life and death have no meaning to a Majin.
We do not live or die by our own will.
When awake, we live to satisfy our hungers…!
How were you awakened in Besek?
I’m in Besek? The Tetractis? Hahaha, I see now!
You… You used me as part of Izel’s Trial!
Huh? What is he talking about?
Thank me, for I am assuredly the one who awakened you.
I’m tired of you. I won’t be tormented any longer.
I’ll dissolve into the Tetractis. My blood is yours.
Majin blood… Poison Pink…
Your poison is worthless.

Battle Result:

Thage 18->19
Raki 13->14
Yuri 9->10
Komori 11->12
Ares 12->13

Arkanos Lv 15 x 1
Dawnwalker Lv 14 x 1
Sprite Lv 14 x 2
Laquo Lv 14 x 1


I supposed at that point some slight explanations were in order.

Video- “Sacrifice Lead Out”

Click For Video

I knew him since I was a child.
Meeting him awoke the darkness within me.
But I murdered him. I destroyed him with my own hands.
But how was he here, standing in front of me…?
Is it possible there’s another force at work?
Perhaps Besek is under the control of someone… or something.
Guiding the awakening of Izel within me…
Just as I awoke from the darkness before.
We can’t deny the possibility of something controlling Besek.
But we can’t waste time worrying about it right now.
I know. We can’t waste time here.
What exactly IS Besek?

I suppose that is important for him to know at this point.

This realm is separate from Alea, where you are from.
You Falsin call it Besek, but we know it as the Tetractis.
In our tongue, it means “the Path to the Goddess.”
I’ll try to explain…
This realm is connected to other realms.
However, it is our homeworld.
The Majin’s homeworld!?
Why did something like this appear in Alea!?
You want to know who brought Besek to your world, and why?
Hmph, if we knew that, our suffering might be at an end.
We do not fully understand the mysteries of the Tetractis…
However, we do know that it’s very deep.

Though I have no intention of telling him exactly why we’re here.

No one fully knows the mysteries of this place…
But we do know the Eternal Poison is rumored to be in Besek.
So we have no choice but to keep moving onward.
But if Besek doesn’t want us going forward…
The Tetractis poses no threat.
Only the Majin can harm you.
Are we finished?
We should keep moving.
We can’t let someone reach the Eternal Poison before us.

The Count informed us of a rather worrying development.

You might have already noticed that a powerful Majin guards each gateway.
Prepare to face Amirhage, a grand ruler of the heavens.
His judgment is absolute, and his punishments can be most… gruesome.
I pray you do not fall victim to a swift execution.

Komori’s still a strange guy.

Komori: Young Retica seems to have taken a liking to my Nena.
I’m glad. She’s starting to become more social now that she’s making friends.
I hope she continues to get better!

If he keeps fighting as well as he’s been Alexei can eat all the damn food he wants.

Alexei: You know, eating bread alone would get pretty boring…
But, then again, I can’t imagine eating a meal without bread! Hmmm…
All these deep questions make my head spin! That’s why I stick to fighting!

That seems to be why Ares is here as well. Not eating, that is, but fighting.

Ares: You wanna know why I’m here, huh…?
I came for excitement.
There’s no greater feeling than staring danger in the face…
One day, you might understand.
But life’s too short without some thrills.

Nobody seems to know anything about the Eternal Poison.

Muse: Do you know anything about the Eternal Poison?
Is it food? Oh, you don’t know…?
Well, it must be food then! Is it on the menu yet? I bet it’s exotic…

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to eat the Eternal Poison. Elizabeth continues to not be dead, which is actually kind of surprising.

Hey, it looks like you’re wearing even more makeup than usual.
Elizabeth: Y-You’re just seeing things…
Elizabeth: Why are you staring at me like that!?
You seem upset. Things not work out with your “friend”?
Elizabeth: What are you talking about?
I can’t be with someone who doesn’t understand my beauty!
It sounds like you were tricked.
Elizabeth: I was NOT tricked!
Why don’t you just swallow your pride and tell me what’s going on.
I’ll be here to listen to a rich girl’s misery.
Elizabeth: I have nothing to discuss with a child like you!
Have it your way.

Shockburt continues to be equal parts helpful and agonizing to be around.

Shockburt: Hahaha, with an expression like that on your face…
I bet you’re still trying to discover my “secret identity.” Am I right?

Shockburt: I am but a simple, wandering doctor. I have nothing to hide from you.
My life is an open book. Please, pick me up and read me.
No thanks.
Shockburt: And how can I help you today, milady?
Retica was playing with the Koona tribe and came back with some injuries.
Shockburt: Hahaha, boys can be so full of energy.
Will you come take a look at him?
Shockburt: Oh, but of course. Let us make our way over to the lad.

We keep saving these total freaks, it’s sort of strange.

Dylan: Is it you who saved the great and splendid ME?
Dylan: That’s grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!
I almost envy you! You’ll remember this day for the rest of your life!
That’s very possible…
Dylan: I should perform for you… THE AMAZING DYLAN’S AMAZING SHOW! Free of charge!
That’s alright.
Dylan: Lahahahahaha! Don’t be shy! I know you’re secretly dying to see my show!
Really, I’m fine.
Dylan: This is no ordinary cat and pony show! This is DYLAN’S AMAZING MAGIC SHOW!
If you want to thank me for saving you, how about something… tangible.
Dylan: Aha! The lady has good taste, I see. Allow me to present you with THESE!

Feinne’s Notes: Prayer is a decent pair of gauntlets that protects us from Light and some physical status.

Anything else?
Dylan: Huh!? Impossible! These are made of the finest materials…!
Then I shall pack up my illusions and seek more appreciative crowds…

At least he left before he did his show.
- recovered text fragements