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Part 57: Stratum 2: Rapture Part 2 Boss: Amirhage

Blessed Saint Amirhage then returned to the heavens, his holy duty to spread his wisdom across the world discharged.
- excerpt, Valdian scripture

Under the Clear, Blue Sky

Amirhage had a clear plan. He was going to talk us to death. Loser.

Video- “Rapture Part 2”

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Ally Team:
I bring Velnor in my swing slot this time because I’m worried about all the distance Alexei’s going to need to move. I mean hell, Thage can practically solo this map so it almost doesn’t matter.

Enemy Team:
We’ve got an extremely Light-centric enemy group here. There are three Dawnwalkers, three Aethon, two strong Uro Lumen, and Amirhage.

This Uro Lumen is a lot like the weaker versions we’ve seen. It’s immune to Fire and Light but falls to Strikes. It’s got Seal and Light Attacks, so be careful about who it can reach.

Amirhage is kind of like Luxaphel junior in a lot of ways. He’s armed with powerful Light magic and can heal. He’s also got Confuse Attacks, though he’ll never use them while he’s got spells available. He’s not really hugely vulnerable to or resistant to anything but Light (to which he is immune) but he’s also not got particularly impressive defensive stats. Dark magic or Strike attacks are both viable means of getting the capture, whichever you’ve got better.


We deploy all to this side, it minimizes how many Majin we have to fight before we get to Amirhage. The map is large and winding, so we don’t have any time to waste.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Amirhage. This is vital because we NEED him later on.


Raki and Ares push up to meet the near Aethon, which obliges us by moving up and spearing Raki. Thage blasts it with a Malus and leads Raki to Bleed it, immediately taking it down to a health range where we can start considering Overkilling it. We start moving everyone else up at this point, and Retica levels up from a heal on Raki. Nothing much but stats and skill uses this level, though. We’re not able to get a Combo on Aethon set up before it gets an action, so it hits and runs back. This does make it bleed out to near death, though, so we’re ready to go next time around.

Raki, what do you think?
His weakness is Dark magic…
But it’ll take a powerful spell to break his aura.

Oh man, where are we going to get a powerful Dark magic spell? Other parties not so blessed as this one will probably want to use a powerful Malus spell from a sacrificed Nightwalker or a captured Zyr Phantasm or something similar to break this Aura. I lead Ares and Raki up to pin the Aethon down since it moved again but ended up back in a corner.

A child born unto a fool. An impurity. A heretic.
I’m not a heretic! I’m a human!
No, they’re all wrong about me!

I keep pushing the party up as the Aethon that was near Amirhage starts moving down. I’m actually really concerned that he’ll kill the other Aethon with a spear strike if I have to leave it bound, which leads to my next course of action.

Heretics must not taste life. The law cannot be denied.

Thage blasts the Aethon with a powerful Malus spell, after which I capture it with Raki and send Ares to meet the incoming one. Ares catches a spear strike from it and a spell from a nearby Dawnwalker, but she survives to fight another day.

You are a sin, born unto the betrayer.
Betrayer? What are you talking about!?

Raki Bleeds the other Aethon, which we then spear with Ares. It’s looking good for an Overkill, and the Dawnwalker is on its diagonal, so I unleash the true power of the Darkness on it. After a good old fashioned Malusphere the Aethon is Bound and the Dawnwalker has gone from full to just plain dead.

You know not the blood that courses through your veins.
I know my own blood. Who is this “betrayer”?
The breeze speaks of one who betrayed his own kind.
(I-Is he talking about… him?)

Now we’re all clear to push towards Amirhage, though we’ll also have to deal with a Dawnwalker and Uro Lumen at the same time.

Thage, it’s MY problem!
You are my servant, and you’ll do what you’re told.

Raki moves up to get Amirhage engaged. He can’t do anything to him yet, but we want to get a good position to break his Aura with Thage. Amirhage whacks him hard and Slows him with a Sacra II, but we do get to move Thage up behind him and break his Aura with a Malus IV. The other Dawnwalker moves up and manages to Slow Retica with its Sacra II as well. Uro Lumen moves in and Seals Raki with an attack, but he’s still alive and that means it’s time for me to strike back, and strike back hard. We throw out some heals and cure Retica’s Slow, then hit Amirhage and the Uro Lumen with attacks.

The cursed boy’s presence portends only destruction.
Do you ever say anything useful?

Amirhage uses its Sacrasphere, but it’s only able to hit one person and it doesn’t manage to kill anyone, which is the ideal time we want to see it use it.

Focus on the battle, kid!
Shut up! Shut up! I’ll kill you too!
The heretic’s mask comes off. His true face is revealed.

We keep healing Raki up, his survival is very helpful. Then we blow up the other Dawnwalker with a Malusphere from Thage, relieving a lot of the pressure on us. Uro Lumen hits Ares, and then gets taken down to the red zone by a hammer blow from Alexei. Amirhage keeps casting and pulling back slightly, but it’s not really threatening to anyone.

Thage, it’s probably just a trick to distract us.
Your words amuse me, sage.
Fallen Majin easily find solace in their ignorance.
You are not worthy of your title or your race.

After thinking things through a bit, I decide to get the Uro Lumen out of the way the quickest way I can, smashing it with Thage’s Last Rites. We then quickly scoop it up, which actually has us in a good position to get everyone up with a group heal.

It is a sin to release such power, heretic!
The cursed one must not draw breath!

Have you bowed to the fate of your cursed blood? Perish!
You’re the one whose blood will be spilled!

Now all we’ve got left is Amirhage, we just need to close in on him from both sides so he can’t get away. I keep wearing him down to but can’t manage to land any status on him.

I told you we shouldn’t bring him here.
His blood is causing him to lose control, Thage.

We’re starting to get him down to where we can consider ways to land the Overkill, my two real options are a Combo with at least one of Alexei and Thage or a Malusphere.

HAHAHA… You lesser Majin don’t know anything.
You think you can defeat me? Not with Izel on my side.
You’re pathetic! HAHAHAHAHA!
Retica, what are you saying?

Amirhage makes one last attempt to do some damage, but he’s just not got enough gas in the tank. Now it’s time to finish the job.

I am a god! None shall command me!
…A god!?

A Combo from Thage and Alexei sends the big ugly mummy monk to his eternal rest.

The heavens resonate with laughter.
Your poison seems to have been effective on Retica…
Cursed one, you will bring doom in the days ahead.
That’s enough talking from you.
*pant pant pant *
Wh-What… What was I doing?
In time, the cursed one will surely curse us all!
Dark Queen, his existence will only bring sorrow…

Battle Result:

Retica 12->13

Aethon Lv 15 x 2
Uro Lumen Lv 16 x 1
Amirhage Lv 17 x 1



I don’t know how much longer Retica will last.

Video- “Rapture Lead Out”

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(No, no! I’m…!)
(I’m a human!!!)
Why are you panicking?
Uh… It’s nothing.
I said it was nothing!

But he’s not died yet.

I should have thought you, of all beings in this place, would know the consequences…
A heretic’s existence brings nothing but misfortune.

Isn’t it time you ended your complacent ways and stopped answering to Izel’s whims and fancies?
I know the situation. I don’t need your advice.
(Get rid of the boy? It’s not so easy as that…)
(If only I COULD… One less complication…)

Heard some interesting things around town today.

Velnor: But it’s not as uncommon as you think. Your friend Retica is from Peluna, too.
Many of my countrymen have come here.

The Count is really annoying sometimes.

Perhaps I may be of assistance…?
Of course, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.
I won’t press any further. We all have our little secrets…

Even some of our mercenaries have noticed how unwell Retica’s been.

Nena: Um, I’ve been worried about Retica. He doesn’t seem to be feeling well…
Why do you think he’s ill?
I-I want to do something for him…
I mean, I-I wanna help him find a cure!
I j-just want to help Retica. He asked me to be his friend…

Anyway, we also were joined by that archer from the Knights, Irina.

Irina: Though many adventurers have come to this town, so have many thieves.
My mission here is to investigate Besek…
But it is duty to uphold justice. Report any crimes to me at once.
I see your party could use another sword.
May I be of service to you?
Excellent. I look forward to our next adventure.

I probably shouldn’t tell her we’ve got a heretic in the party.

Muse: Wow, you’ve already conquered two Strata full of Majin! You’re amazing!
I’ve been cheering for you… Do you think that’s what made the difference?

I don’t normally talk much with Iryth at the bar, but according to her another familiar face was in the area.

Iryth: Ashley, a Protector of the Faith, was just here. She could be the next Pope.
This is the only tavern here. I guess it’s no surprise she stopped by…
But it is odd that someone of her rank is personally investigating Besek!

With Lenarshe here I guess I’m not really surprised about Ashley’s presence. Maybe we’ll run into each other out in the field. Also I think I’ve figured out what’s up with Elizabeth, not totally sure yet.

You look much better than last time I saw you.
Elizabeth: It’s such an honor to be complimented by the likes of you.
Elizabeth: Wh-Why are you staring at me again?
Just making sure you’re not possessed anymore.
Elizabeth: P-Possessed…?
What was the name of your friend, again?
Elizabeth: His name is Maximilian Izdoul.
Elizabeth: He is a great man. He rebuilt an entire cathedral from mere scraps.
I’m sure that even a commoner such as yourself has heard of him.
Yes, I know that name.
I’m done here. Excuse me.
Elizabeth: Goodbye then.

I certainly do know of Maximilian Izdoul. Anyway, Shockburt remains more of a mystery.

Raki and Retica are fine.
But I’m here to ask, why are you in Besek?
Shockburt: To valiantly support those brave enough to challenge its dangers.
We’ve had this conversation before, my dear.
Nobody is foolish enough to bring a weak, old man with them into Besek.
Shockburt: Old and weak? You’ve wounded me, milady. Hm, what shall I do now…
It seems my words aren’t enough to convince you.
Shockburt: Are you worried, perhaps?
…Worried that I would steal the Eternal Poison behind your back?
Men can be very sly sometimes.
Shockburt: Don’t worry, I seek something else. Something a little more… precious.
So you ARE looking for something, after all…
Shockburt: I’ve already said too much.

I wonder if this Xavier guy was with Ashley’s group.

Pretty pathetic for a priest to get lost in Besek.
Xavier: Hahaha! I can’t argue with that.
And that’s why I’d like to give you this, as a token of my gratitude.

Feinne’s Notes: The Winged helm is awesome and I really like giving it to Thage because it negates all of her vulnerability to physical attacks in one slot. She’s a little slower than she’d be in the Reinforced helm but making her sturdier is more important.

Thank you.
Xavier: I was lucky you found me. My comrades may still be out there in Besek.
I’m worried about them…
Well, what are you doing to do about it?
Xavier: I will search until I find them all and bring them back safely! Excuse me!

Hopefully not, I’d hate to think she was relying on this guy for help.
- recovered text fragments