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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 59: Stratum 3: Heresy

Every time Besek appears is draws in bits and pieces of the worlds it visits, which leads to the odd terrain of the later Strata.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I

The Light Shines

If this thing is in the darkest part of Besek, the best way to find it is to stick to the light. I mean how can we tell when the other path is at its darkest otherwise?

Video- “Heresy Lead In”

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Pure souls are tempted to the darkness, impure souls are tempted to the light.
Those unable to resist the final temptation will find their souls devoured and left for dead.
How charming.
Did you… ugh… call me?
What’s wrong now?
Thage, why aren’t you affected by the air in this place?
Didn’t I already tell you it’s the librum?
Are you sure that’s it?
The Librum Vespera is different from other librums. It keeps me safe.
The Majin sure seem to hate it…
So what is it, exactly?
Mind your own business, kid.
Ha… It’s not like I was asking YOU anyway.
Let’s talk later. There’s more Majin to capture.

Plus, the Majin here are so easy to defeat.

Video- “Heresy”

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Ally Team:
We’re going to use the same group of allies we did last time, they worked out well for us then and they should now.

Enemy Team:
The enemy layout is exactly the same as it was when we did this with Olifen’s party. The main difference is that we have no speed buff but instead have MALUSPHERE, which I will call as advantage to Thage because most of the Majin here are laughably vulnerable to Darkness.


I want to do the same hard deployment to get the chest with the librum in it. I don’t know that I can get both chests, and if I have to miss one I’d rather it was the other one.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture the Aquilas for the refugee
- Get the librum from the chest


And why is that?
Because the ritual for Izel has begun.
Your Falsin Princess will be no more.
The Princess…?
Izel will not be merciful…
Falsin, you dare attempt to intrude on the sacred ritual?
The gates of Besek open. Izel will be reborn!
Izel’s rebirth? What do you mean!?
The princess chosen by Besek shall ascend the altar!
You mean Princess Lenarshe!?
The rebirth of Izel is our eternal rapture!
Disturbing the ritual will not be forgiven! No mercy!

I start a hard push up toward the chest. I swear to Izel the Majin behave differently for different parties because the Ocenyx are much more aggressive here. I leave the one that’s coming in from the chest side near death with Thage’s almighty Malus magic, which gains her a level.

This is the ridiculous state Thage is in after equipment changes, since you haven’t gotten to see it properly yet. She’s pretty tough now, though not so much that we want to throw her up against really bullshit powerful melee Majin like Armatus or something. We put so much heat on Ocenyx here that the Lapis Sylph behind it heals it. We just keep going on it so we can bring it back into Overkill range while we also consider ways of dealing with the incoming Ocenyx from our flank.

What do you mean?
Only a few Majin know the secret of the ritual.
I can’t imagine Morpheus is the one behind this…

Raki makes up for the heal by landing a Bleed on the Ocenyx. It responds by Sealing him with an attack and pulling a bit back, which puts it at a perfect health level.

The Majin you want to kill? What’s his name?
Hahaha, I shouldn’t’ve brought you into this, Thage.

We get some healing done and move Ares in to capture the Ocenyx as soon as Thage drops it. We need to do things like this to have any chance of getting to the chest before Thiefler does.

I’m not the “Izel” the Majin have been talking about…?
Besek controls events beyond our grasp.

Then we execute the plan, Overkilling the Ocenyx then Capturing it with a Led action. Lapis Sylph has nobody to heal or release now, so it hits Retica with a spell. It’s a bit too far forward so we need to deal with it. Raki throws a Dual Attack out at the Lapis Slyph, I want to get it down into Overkill range as soon as possible. The Ocenyx on my flank keeps messing with my by moving back and forth like it may or may not engage, I really just wish it would make up its mind. Anywa, I blow up the Lapis Slyph with Thage’s Malusphere then Lead Ares to run past it so she’s close enough to the chest to grab it on her next turn. I should have also moved Thage up here, that might have given me a chance to kill the Thiefler before it got away. Ocenyx makes up its mind and hits Alexei, but all it catches for its trouble is a Fracture. We get the chest but aren’t able to stop the Thiefler running away. Even worse, the Cephalocthon interposes itself in our way, ensuring there’s no way we can catch up to it this way. I decide to try to push the other direction and reach the chest first, but that’ll be nearly impossible.

Thage, what’s wrong?

I take a parting shot at the Cephalocthon with Raki while everyone else tries to redeploy on the other front. The Fractured Ocenyx ran like a scared baby from Alexei’s manly hammer, leaving him free to spearhead the charge. While he’s pretty vulnerable to magic he has a million health so it takes a few spells to kill him even without a buff. The Cephalocthon and Lapis Sylph try, but they’re not able to do enough and we get healers in range of him shortly after. Our first Aquila also joins, I’m a bit more concerned about him because he’s melee so he’s who we’ll go for with our melee right now where possible. I run Ares up and send Alexei back a bit, this lets me take advantage of the fact that Ares is very vulnerable to Water and Alexei very vulnerable to Air. The two casters can’t kill either in one hit so instead of focusing on Alexei and killing him they split their fire and do nothing of consequence. Meanwhile I wear the whole enemy group down while trying to keep people healed as best I can. I even try to catch the Thiefler once or twice, but the incoming Majin keep providing a screen for it. Lapis Sylph is a healer and can release, so I take it out first.

Let’s see you stop me!
Kid, concentrate. We can’t have you running wild again.
*pant pant * I know… I know…

I make a serious error here, I leave the back parts of my party too exposed forgetting Aquila can fly over the lava. It ends up costing me heavily, as it flies over and kills Yuri in a single blow. We do manage to get back at it, though, Alexei cracks it and Thage finishes the job.

Who could be performing it!?
Raki, now’s not the time.

Another Aquila has meanwhile joined the party. I need to get the Cephalocthon behind my lines dealt with as well, and I get ready to start sending Irina to start shooting the Ocenyx who is way the hell away soon too. I land a Bleed on the new Aquila, which is as always a death sentence for it. I then send Raki over to deal with the Thiefler, because he can easily solo Overkill it given some time. By the way did I mention how awesome Malusphere is? Because with it I blast the injured and Bleeding Aquila straight into Overkillsville, and get Thage a second level.

All we’re getting out of these levels now is stats and elemental aptitude upgrades, but those are both things I really want so that’s actually awesome. Raki hits the Thiefler while Ares moves to pull the last Aquila in. Annoyingly, it Counters her attack on it, which will have… negative consequences. Cephalocthon goes down to a book slap followed by BONECRUSHER. Then Thiefler does something unexpected and hits Ares with its second Malus II, which is about where I realize she’s doomed. I decide to just keep going on the Thiefler, nothing I can do to help her now. I’ve been shooting Ocenyx for a while on the other corner, there’s a barrier that keeps Irina safely out of its range so this is great for her experience points. Ares falls to a crit, so to keep Thage safe I once again pull out Arkanos as a wall.

There’s not really much action left, though. Thiefler headbutts Raki and promptly falls to a hammer blow from Alexei, and Aquila falls to a Malusphere after a bit of gentle tapping to get its health lower. Retica levels up from all the capturing and healing, getting A rank in Water which is very awesome. Ocenyx is on the way to Cephalocthon for Thage so she blows it up with a Malusphere, sending Irina down to capture it. Meanwile Raki, Retica, and Alexei will to around the other way. After a bunch of pointless effort where Alexei and Raki both level up we eventually capture the last Cephalocthon. Hooray.

(For now…)

Battle Result:

Thage 20->22
Retica 14->15
Raki 15->16
Alexei 16->17

Thiefler Lv 16 x 1
Ocenyx Lv 18 x 2
Lapis Sylph Lv 17 x 2
Cephalocthon Lv 17 x 2
Aquila Lv 16 x 3


Retica took a long time to catch up with us, no idea why.

Video- “Heresy Lead Out”

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(It won’t be much longer…)
Reti? Thgirla uoy era?
Huh? Are you… worried about me?
Noitautis ruoy how? Reti? Reti?
I’m okay. Don’t worry about me.

A heretic must not be granted the gift of life. Every breath the draw is a sin.
Siht od t’nod esaelp! Count! Count!
You dare to interfere with me?
Ereh fo tuo! Reti! Reti!
Wh-What? Run…?
Oooog! Deeps elbuod! Reti! Reti!
Wait, but…!

There is no need to be afraid. I was merely playing a prank on you.
A prank…? Why?
One cannot always trust his surroundings are safe. Behind even the warmest of smiles might lie the most wicked of intentions.
Beware the Silver Wolf. He is treacherous.
He’s hiding something?
He exists but to guide Izel.
Most assuredly, he has no interest in you… nor in the grand prize sought after by your master, Thage.
You mean, he’s just here to transform Thage into Izel?
A curious speculation, my boy… Curious indeed…
At present, the Princess Lenarshe has been named the sacrifice for Izel’s rebirth.
If Izel is reborn, I’m certain our friend, the Silver Wolf, will have no further use for Thage.
Is he going to kill her!?
No! I won’t let him!

He’s not to be trusted. You must be the one to protect her.
I will.
Marvelous. I’m counting on you, now. Please learn from our encounter today. Be careful how quickly and in whom your trust is placed.
I should head back to the others…
Yes, of course. Until next time.
Count… Count…
I’m surprised. It seems I underestimated your intelligence. Alas, you see right through me.
Ah, well, let us withdraw and watch the events unfold.
Dooooooog ton si siht…

If I was paying him I’d consider docking his pay. Or something.

Muse: I was just thinking about how cute your friends are.
Raki is so fluffy! I want to use him as a pillow!
And I just want to protect Retica! His stubbornness is so adorable!
You’re pretty lucky to have those two!
Awww… I love Raki and his little paws…!

I guess if this plan doesn’t work out we could always go into business selling stuffed toy versions of Raki. Oh, some creepy priest joined us.

Stein: This investigation has proven to be more enjoyable than I expected.
Your book intrigues me… It’s been interesting to watch you capture Majin.
If I possessed it, I’m sure things would get even more interesting…
You intend to go deeper into Besek? May I travel with you?
Remember, I only join you because it’s convenient, not because we’re friends.

The Count is just crazy I think. Of course this is a crazy place so he fits in.

But be careful. Your journey will only become more difficult from now on.
The plot is thickening, and the truth has only begun to reveal itself.
What you discover may not be what you expected. I find it rarely is…

Speaking of Elizabeth figured out she’s dead.

I see you’ve finally remembered my name.
Elizabeth: A commoner like you should feel honored that I’m addressing her by name.
So, what did you want to see me about this time?
Maximilian Izdoul… He was the ruler of a district, once…
His wife Elizabeth disappeared during an accident caused by the citizens.
In a rage, Izdoul rounded up the citizens responsible and murdered them.
He was executed for these sins, 100 years ago.
Elizabeth: Executed… for murder…? 100 years ago!?
You must be Elizabeth’s spirit, trapped within Besek for the past 100 years.
And now Maximilian has come to welcome you back.
Elizabeth: You’ve managed to shed some light on these events for me, Thage.
Please, take these, with my thanks.

Feinne’s Notes: These are decent gloves, though I don’t like giving accessories to mercs and I don’t have a lot of slots for them now.

Hm, I’ve never been thanked by a ghost before.
Elizabeth: Hahaha… Take care, Thage.

I also managed to get the truth from that dirty old man.

Are you mocking me?
Shockburt: Hahaha, not at all. I admire your perseverance.
If you keep pushing as hard as you can, you’re bound to reach your destination.
Well, it looks like you’ve reached YOUR destination.
Shockburt: It’s very possible, milady.
Then it’s about time you gave me the whole story.
Shockburt: How can I resist a request from the lovely one who saved my life?
Where do I begin? Well, I had a wife who—
Who ran away from you? Without leaving a note or anything, I bet?
Shockburt: There is a modicum of truth in that conjecture, yes. Anyways…
I thought she went into Besek, so I went in after her to bring her back.
And that’s how I ended up in the predicament you found me in.
So what happened to your wife?
Shockburt: She never went into Besek at all. She’s been waiting for me at home.
I guess it’s time for me to head back and be with her…
Thank you so much for everything. You’ve been a blessing from above.
Here is a small token of my gratitude. Something to remember me by…

Feinne’s Notes: Veteran is another decent pair of gloves we probably won’t use.

Shockburt: Farewell, my dearest Thage. I am sorry we must part ways so soon.

That adventurer we saved was eager to get back to whatever she was up to.

It wasn’t anything big.
Chera: It’s not big for you, but it sure’s big for me!
Look, I don’t have much, but here…

Feinne’s Notes: This is the same awesome staff with Terra III, it’s going on Thage because that spell is awesome for her.

Chera: Hope you like it.
Thank you.
Chera: Alright, see ya!

I think we’ve got a ways before we’ll meet this Majin Retica wants to kill.
- recovered text fragments