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Part 60: Stratum 3: Silhouettes

There are some things in this world too horrible to bear.
- unknown

The End of Everything

After today’s journey I think I can see the darkness we’re searching for looming in the distance.

Video- “Silhouettes”

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Ally Team:
We’re using the same team we did last time, we’ll use them unless we have some specific reason to leave slots for Majin (which we will later).

Enemy Team:
The same group we had last time on this map, three Unseelies, three Ocenyx, two each of Lapis Sylph, Cephalocthon, and Aquila. Individually easy, but ridiculous numbers.


We’re going to use the same basic strategy we used when we did this with Olifen. We’re going to push forward into this crossroad and hold it until we need to move to find new Majin to kill. Our melee group isn’t as solid but we’ve got such crazy magic support from Thage that it doesn’t matter at all.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Majin, we’ll need them for a later map


Kid, if I’m a killer of my own kind, then so are you.
I’m not like the Majin we’ve killed.
Are there different kinds of Majin, then?
I thought all the Majin wanted Izel reborn, though?
The rebirth of Izel is desired by us all.
And THAT’S the kind of Majin you are and that you killed.
Kid, I don’t like where this is going…

We get started by pushing Raki up far enough to ensure the near Ocenyx will move up at us. Getting one of these twelve enemies down immediately is a huge bonus.

And what are you wishes?
For you to die! By Izel’s own hand!

Meanwhile the Majin do what they do when they all have buffs, they throw buffs around like crazy. This does suck a bit because most of them end up with Magus Def for the first bit of the map as a result. That Ocenyx nearby does indeed run in, and we barrage it from full to Overkilled with laughable ease, and even get Raki into position to lure the next one in during the capture. My defensive line on the main front will be Raki and Ares, and on the mini-front with the Aquila and Unseelie I’ll have Alexei block. We land a Bleed on the Ocenyx on the main front with Ares, a good start.

You too? Thage, are you okay?
Actually, I’m stronger than before. I’m not like Retica.

I have Thage throw a Malus I at the Ocenyx, it’s got a Magus Def so I won’t be able to Overkill it at its current health level. I’ll probably play Thage’s Tale again before the end to get her to level 30, I should see how quickly I can finish these maps if I don’t give a damn about Overkills because I have plenty of opportunities to just get regular kills here.

Runt, what are you whimpering about now?

We start attacking the advancing Aquila on the mini-front now. After an arrow from Retica and a brutal Fracturing spear strike from Alexei it’s not looking so good. We take the Ocenyx on the main front down to near death between hitting it and the Bleed, which leads to it running away and getting cured. Its place is taken by the other Aquila, which catches the same Malus I to the face when Thage’s turn comes up.

With my cursed blood, huh?
Tell me where the Majin with the scythe is. Where is he!?
We cannot grant that wish!

I get started on the Unseelie on the mini-front, it’s a sword Unseelie so it actually needs to be tanked here. We weaken the Aquila there a bit more, then Alexei knocks it down with his big hammer. That hammer from the refugee is totally broken, it’s almost as good as the ‘upgrade’ I could buy him at this point. I then move Alexei over to stand in the way of that Unseelie.

You really are a savage…
Kid, don’t judge me.
Aren’t you throwing your life away just to get revenge?
Ha, you Majin wouldn’t understand…
I’ll do whatever it takes.
Then you are the savage.
Coming from a Majin, that might be a compliment…

We keep throwing stuff at the Aquila on the main front, I want to get it low enough that it will run because that wastes heals on the Majin’s side and gets me more experience in the long run. It does, so I turn all my attention to the Unseelie that’s all up in my shit. I want to try and set up a Combo against it so I can get experience for people not named Thage, but that’s tricky honestly.

Do you know something we don’t?
I’m the Guiding Sage. We’ll walk the path together.

Unseelie’s got a Salva buff, which sucks because it means it gets enough health back each turn to make it scary to try and Overkill it after. The Aquila we hurt on the other front got healed and came back, which is fine long run because it just lets us beat it up again. Ares even levels up from it, getting Dual Attack. I do some quick math and determine that Unseelie is still low enough to fall to a Malusphere, so I send it to the infinite abyss.

My blood can feel his presence!
Retica, stay in control.
I can’t. My pulse is ranging inside me.
Retica, you…
GRAHHHH!!! I am right here!
(At this rate…!)

The Lapis Sylph that was healing earlier has been inching closer, and decided to rush in and cast on Retica at this point. I’m actually pretty happy with that, because it lets me mob it a lot earlier than I might otherwise get to. I notice Irina can level from capturing the bound Aquila from earlier, so she does. Alexei gets the Unseelie just in case one of the Majin from above decides to start running at that front again. We get the injured Ocenyx from earlier back on the main front, and the Aquila there decides to bug out rather than die horribly. We start pounding Ocenyx and force it to flee as well, and Lapis Sylph joins it after another cast at Retica. This is the perfect time to start pushing our front, so I do with an attack on the Lapis Sylph by Ares. Aquila returns to try and hit her, and unfortunately she gets Frozen by the Cephalocthon. Aquila’s return was a bit premature, though, because without any healing it easily falls to a spell from Thage, who levels up.

Thage is now ‘S’ rank with Earth, which makes that Terra III we just got for her ridiculous. To prevent Releases we grab the Aquila up. I’m desperately trying to keep Ares alive, but with everything focusing on her it’s a losing battle probably. I just keep weakening everything I can, trying to set up a takedown on things. Yuri levels up from a heal, getting her Divinus. With the Majin bunched up to attack Raki and Ares, I manage to Overkill the Lapis Sylph and nearly take down a second, fresh Ocenyx that just joined the party with a single Malusphere. I then Lead Raki to capture the Sylph quickly before its fast approaching friend can do anything about it. Alexei’s almost back at the front lines, which is good because every single Majin in the world is about to go for Ares. My only ways to save her would have gotten Yuri killed, so I don’t feel too bad. We do land a Bleed on the new Ocenyx, every status that the Unseelies have to cure instead of doing something damaging is great. Thage does one better, Fracturing the Unseelie that’s shooting at us with her Terra III. In the melee of the next few turns, Raki levels up.

Steel Roar is a super-strong Slash attack that is Raki’s unique move. Also note how crazy resistant to Slash Raki is. We just keep trading blows with the Majin and landing status effects when we can now, the goal is to wear down their resources so we can blow them all up.

The heretic’s blood is taking over him again…
Silence, Silver Wolf… Shall I destroy you first?

Speaking of destruction, I get the other Lapis Sylph nicely weakened for Malusphere-ing and then set up a Combo against the Ocenyx. It then has to go spoil it all by dying to a Counter from Raki. Luckily, its buddy comes in and manages not to get Countered, so I blow it up instead. Then I blow up Lapis Sylph with Thage, because that’s the best way. Now it’s time to move on to the remaining Majin up here. Cephalocthon has been deserving it for a while, so after a few quick attacks to weaken it I finish it with some Pyro magic from Thage.

Raki, be quiet.
Thage is an incredible being, unlike any other.
You can’t prevent her from achieving her goal.
You want me out of the picture? ..Destroy myself?

I’m impressed that the developers knew this would take so damn long that they still had talk stuff coded in this far out. Anyway the currently Fractured Unseelie restores itself, but it’s too little too late and it falls to a Combo from Alexei and Irina. Alexei levels up and gets the awesome Reinforce passive out of it. This makes him take less damage from Critical hits. Now I’ve just got another Unseelie and a Cephalocthon a million miles away to deal with.

But I can’t accomplish some things WITHOUT it.

Let’s finish off these Majin once and for all.

I keep doing what I can to try and capture the last Unseelie, I’ve got two but three is more than that.

I know. Don’t rush me, Raki.
This ritual concerns me too. We need to hurry.

I annoyingly fail to Overkill the thing by like six hit points when I do eventually Combo it with Raki and Thage, because it has a stupidly huge pool of Overkill HP and I got greedy. Retica levels up while we’re messing around getting to the Cephalocthon, though, which is nice. Speaking of the Cephalocthon long story short I decide to dick around and hit it with a Steel Roar and manage to drop the ball on the Overkill even with it at 13 because Raki’s just not that brutal as a Windrunner. But really this went pretty well, everyone leveled up and we got a whole bunch of awesome Majin that we might just need VERY soon.

Battle Result:

Thage 22->23
Raki 16->17
Retica 15->16
Alexei 17->18
Yuri 11->12
Irina 13->14
Ares 14->15

Unseelie Lv 19 x 2
Ocenyx Lv 18 x 2
Aquila Lv 16 x 2
Lapis Sylph Lv 17 x 2
Cephalochton Lv 17 x 1



I’ve been curious as to what’s motivating Retica to continue, so I asked.

Video- “Silhouettes Lead Out”

Click For Video

If you’re not feeling well, why don’t you rest?
Huh… It’s nothing, I’ll be fine.
Do what you wish.
Why do you want the Eternal Poison so much?
I told you, to avenge my mother.
I know that. That’s not what I’m asking.
You’re willing to hurt yourself… willing to risk your life… all for the sake of others?
It’s not—It’s not that at all. It’s for my own selfishness.
I want the Eternal Poison, so I can get revenge…
But I’m not doing this all for someone else.

He just sort of kept going after answering the question, though.

I’m doing this to save myself.
That way of thinking must be more trouble than it’s worth.
You’re probably right, but I guess that’s part of being human.
All those people who say they like helping others, it’s ultimately just for themselves.
Being nice, giving charity, helping people... I mean, isn’t it just another way of making OURSELVES feel good?
We do it for glory, we do it to be rewarded in the afterlife… And it’s always for ourselves. We’re selfish.
But I think that’s also one of man’s best traits… because you know, if we ALL did it, the world would be happier.
Despite the selfish intention, the dream of all mankind helping each other… Supporting each other…
Maybe I’m wrong, but to me, it’s a beautiful thing, selfishness and all.
It never really occurred to me.
And you. You cast the Oath of Obedience on me, and it’s kept me alive down here.
Even with that selfish act, you saved my life…
Thage, you never told me. Why are YOU after the Eternal Poison?

Unlike him I don’t have some selfish reason.

D-Destroy the world…?
With the Eternal Poison and the power of this librum, I’ll be able to do anything.
My dream is to destroy everything.
But… But why?
Reasons are meaningless.
Is this where you tell me I wouldn’t be able to understand it?
No. Because you wouldn’t be able to bear it.
If I told you everything, it’d be too much for you.
We need to go now. Raki’s waiting.
No, hold on! Wait!
*pant pant pant *
(Ugh, I’m becoming more unreliable to the others, in my condition…)

It’d really just be cruel to tell the kid the whole story, especially given that he could die horribly at any time.

Basil: Retica hasn’t been looking very health of late…
I do hope you’re not pushing yourselves too hard.
The Count would be most displeased if he found our his guests were ill.
Please take care, and remember to get plenty of rest.

I think that thief was hitting on me earlier. When the everything destroying starts he’s early on the list.

Leon: I’ve especially noticed all the pretty girls, hehehe…
I like Nena! She’s real classy and has such an innocent face.
Ares is just plain stunning! You think she’d be into a younger guy like me?
Huh!? We’re the same age!? She seems so mature… but I like that!
I love how Vivian looks in her uniform! She can order me around anytime!
Irina’s tough… I bet she’s a challenge! And Yuri’s so cute and quirky!
So many girls! And of course, there’s you… You might be my favorite of all!

I can’t say I’d considered Muse’s question at all.

Muse: Komori seems like a really great guy, but he has a kid already…
And I think Velnor’s really cute! I wonder if I’m into younger guys?
What!? He’s older? That’s a surprise!
Alexei acts very macho, but I think he has a kind heart.
Stein is so cool and handsome! I love how I can’t tell what he’s thinking!
Which one do you like best?

Anyway I think the Count is making fun of me.

“The light is drawn to dark, dark to light, evil to good, and good to evil.”
Perhaps it was only natural that you chose the light then… Hahaha…

I talked with Shivan and confirmed my suspicion that it was time to switch to the darkness if we were to find this Majin.

Shivan: Something foul is creeping just over the horizon, but it cannot yet be seen.
Through powers of the mind, the lock can be broken, its form made visible.

That guy we saved earlier was a bit weird.

Ducalius: On sunny days like this, my little friends here also get excited.
I’m sorry if they’re being too noisy.
I don’t mind.
Ducalius: I’m glad you share my appreciation for the finer things in life.
Anyways, I’d love to talk, but it’s time for me and my friends to move on.
Thage; You have somewhere you need to go?
Ducalius: I must go wherever people are in need of my help…
Before I leave, though, I want you to have these.

Feinne’s Notes: Hallowed is still great, not sure who can use it best though honestly.

Ducalius: Thanks for saving my little friends.
Really? Thanks.
Ducalius: I wish you a long life filled with happiness.
You too.

Anyway I expect things are about to get a lot more… eventful.
- recovered text fragments