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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 64: Stratum 3: Anathema Part 2 Boss: King Bellion

In Besek only the strong survive and only the strongest rule. This is the only law of that grim realm.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I

March of the Dark Queen

It’s almost disappointing how weak he was.

Video- “Anathema Part 2”

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Ally Team:
I use my awesome solid mercenary team, no point breaking up a good thing now. I could do this map entirely with the people I’m forced to use now I guess but I wouldn’t be able to capture the King like that.

Enemy Team:
The enemy group is just like the one we saw in Ashley’s Tale, two each of Scytodida, Chiroptera, Aquamote, and Zerda are joined by King Bellion, who I’ll take a second look at here.

Standard caveats apply to King Bellion, he always Counters and has reasonably powerful Earth and Fire magic. He’s surprisingly vulnerable to Physical status, but his defense and resistances to physical damage types can make him hard to capture if he’s not Fractured.


I carefully deploy to allow myself to totally avoid the majority of the Majin on this map. I don’t care about the experience I lose at this point, I can easily complete the game at the levels I’m at.

Tactical Objectives:
- Kill stuff, maybe capture the King.


Here is a shot from my efforts to push forward. The goal is to NOT get a Chiroptera from behind, which would waste a lot of time. I do attract the attention of the near Aquamote, Chiroptera, and Zerda, but that’s fine. The near Chiroptera does a brain-bendingly stupid thing and tries to fly all the way around to get me from behind, which is going to allow me to confuse and delay it later by moving at all.

And creation paves the way for more destruction?
What about destruction for the sake of destruction?

We get everyone pulled forward and indeed do avoid any aggression from the Chiroptera behind us. Now it’s time to strike and strike hard.

Your duties in this realm are over.
Not until I show you true destructive power!

We get started on the Aquamote and Zerda now, we need to get through them as quickly as possible.

Even an ancient Majin like him cannot comprehend Besek.
He must understand something before he can destroy it?

We blast the Zerda with a Malusphere, which already takes it down to the sort of health we want it to be at to Overkill it.

Your Stag legends might not be far from the truth.
So this is really him…?

We get a good shot in on the Zerda, and it responds by Bleeding Ares. More annoyingly, the Aquamote Freezes Raki. I cure these status effects and get ready to dish out some brutal loving on both the current Majin and the Chiroptera, who is finally making its way back to its starting position. Ares Bleeds the bat, then Thage smokes the Zerda with a Malusphere. We then Lead Raki and Alexei against the Aquamote, which takes it down to ten health.

He is well guarded.
Only the most powerful Light spell will break it.

We’ve got that covered, though, I gave Thage a Sacrasphere cast just for this occasion. We keep weakening Chiroptera, and Aquamote heals itself. Chiroptera strikes back, and healing Ares back up gets Irina a level.

Starfire is Irina’s special attack, it’s like a Shortbow version of Wisp Raid. Rather than Combo the Aquamote I just attack it with Alexei and Raki to bring it down low again, then blow it up with a Pyro II. Because Chiroptera’s a spoil sport who just had to evade Alexei’s killing hammer strike from behind, I Combo it down with Ares and Thage, getting Thage a level.

Thage has gone up to A in Light now too, because she’s overpowered as hell. Now we start getting ready to move on to the King.

If you’re afraid, then enter my librum.
You’ll be safe from the destruction.

I try to see if Light Attack can break the Aura, but it’s not enough so instead I get ready to bring Thage into range.

Hmph, I don’t care for your opinions.
We have a mission, and you’re in our way.

Sacrasphere does what Light Attack couldn’t, and the fight is on. Raki immediately gets us going with a successful Bleed Attack, which is going to make him lose a whopping 150 HP every time he moves or acts. Just for jokes I drop a Starfire onto him with Irina, because while he’s Bleeding everything is awesome. Ares stabs him too, but he’s not beaten yet, especially with an Aquamote coming up as well.

Serve me, and I will give you greater powers.

The King blasts Ares hard with a Terra III. Raki gets started on the Aquamote with a Dual Attack, and Thage swaps the King’s Bleed for a Fracture with Terra III now that he’s below 500. The Aquamote doesn’t heal, but it does annoy the hell out of me by finishing Ares off. We get revenge by blowing it up with Thage’s fire magic.

Let us carve our marks into this Izel’s body!
You take too much pleasure in destruction.

We keep weakening the King, and get Alexei into position for a Combo since he’s got our highest attack power. Now let’s finish the job.

The path to the Throne of God lies beyond him.
I can feel it calling.

Thage and Alexei brutalize him and leave him Bound to the floor. Raki levels up from the capture.

Izel truly is the Goddess of Destruction.
The Throne of God awaits you. You have shown your power.
My choices have nothing to do with you, Majin.
And I don’t answer to higher powers.
Hahaha, fate does not release you so easily…

Battle Result:

Thage 25->26
Raki 19->20
Irina 15->16

King Bellion Lv 23 x 1
Aquamote Lv 19 x 1
Chiroptera Lv 20 x 1
Zerda Lv 19 x 1


Now that we’ve reached the end, it is time to… reappraise the usefulness of one of my companions.

Video- “Anathema Lead Out”

Click For Video

The Eternal Poison is up ahead, in the Throne of God.
Hold on…
Thage, don’t listen to what he says.
He’s only planning on making YOU Izel.
Why you…!
It’s the truth.
Thage, don’t let his poisoned words cloud your judgement.
He’s fooling you, Thage!
Even if we reach the end of Besek, there’s no guarantee we’ll get the Eternal Poison!
That’s not true! It’s there!
Thage, I’m here to help you achieve your goals!

I think the time for silly games is over, though.

I’m sorry. You two fighting is amusing me, though.
You’re amused by this!? I’m trying to save you from him!
Don’t worry, I already knew everything you said.
I already knew Raki had other motives.
But I couldn’t make it here without his guidance.
His power and wisdom where useful to me. That’s all.
You were… using Raki?
Is there anything wrong with that?
He used me as well, so it’s a fair exchange.
Once I complete this librum, I will destroy the world.
Raki, I’m sorry, but I won’t be the Izel you wished me to be.
You can leave if you want, or you can stay with me until the end.
It’s your decision.
But I should warn you, if you decide not to follow me, I’ll add you to my librum.

What will it be?

And this could only turn out one way.

Retica, leave us for a moment.
Thage, my goal is the rebirth of Izel. That’s always been my goal, and I can’t abandon that.
The Majin in Besek are attempting the same thing.
However, even if I reach the end of Besek, their plan will fail.
I cannot become Izel.
Cognosce Ranunculus.
Domina iam sum.
Do you understand now?
Thage… are you…?
Join me, Guiding Sage, and you will see the end with your very eyes.
Hahaha, I see now…
Thage, I accept you as my master once again. I will continue to serve under you.
Hahaha, what a good child.
(Most unexpected…)
(I suppose this is my fate, after all…)

I don’t expect we’ll be back to Isapolis again after today.

I’ve heard you located Besek’s deepest sanctum, the Throne of God.
I don’t know that I should reveal my sources to you…
But you should know, much uncertainty lies ahead…
Will you be able to obtain what your heart desires most?

Ha, reveal his sources.

Muse: That’s crazy! Well, good luck out there!
Come back soon, so I can perform a victory dance for you, okay?
Take care!

Still, this was an amusing little place he created.

Basil: Are you heading out of town again?
For one so young, you are extremely committed!
Count Duphaston told me he was very impressed with you.
Please don’t let me delay you from your mission. Off you go, now! Good luck!

I’d ask him what this was all about, but of course he would lie.

Shivan: Yet I cannot see what lies beyond it…
Could the end also mean the beginning?

So instead we do the only thing we can.

Leon: Are you… Are you leaving town again?
I heard that the deeper you get into Besek, the tougher it is.
Please come back to me! And don’t let your pretty face get scratched!

We set out for the Throne of God. The Eternal Poison will be mine, no matter the cost.
- recovered text fragments