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Part 66: Stratum 1: Mercy

However, the Tale of Rondemion did not end with his mutually destructive battle with Morpheus. Even after his reported death, sightings of the Hero were reported wherever the Majin’s depravations went unchecked.
- excerpt, The Saga of Rondemion

Old Battles

Besek has returned.

Video- “Rondemion Lead In”

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Next time we meet is the last…

It’s finally time to end this.

I’ll destroy him with my own two hands.
Hey, Rondemion.
What is it, Eriel?

There are more complications than I’d like, though.

Those aren’t boards. They’re pavises.
They’re shields used by Stag soldiers in battle.
Hmph, to think Besek would recreate this place, just for me…
Looks like Besek’s got a plan in store for us.
Huh, what’s that supposed to mean?
Looks like they’ve finally arrived.
Eriel, get back.
I-I’ll help out, too…
This isn’t a game. Keep your distance, or you’ll get yourself killed out there, understand?
Wh-What should I do…?
I should help him… Oh, the librum…

And of course the Majin are everywhere.

Video- “Mercy”

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Ally Team:
Let’s start by taking a look at the big man himself.

Rondemion is pretty awesome. He’s got the melee power of a big guy without the cripplingly low speed and terrible magic vulnerabilities. He starts out in Mail armor, but we’ll probably give him Leather by the end and use accessories to buoy his physical resistances. Whenever you need things hit super hard Rondemion will be there to send them straight back where they came from.

We also start with two mercenaries, Velnor and Komori. Velnor brings archery and Mental status curing, and Komori brings healing and offensive magic. It’s a solid team, but we’re still outnumbered more than two to one so we can’t just try to smash our way through.

Enemy Team:
So yeah, there are seven Majin on the map. There are two Caprus, two Apis, two Exo Machina, and a Nightwalker. The big threats are being Feared by the Nightwalker’s Malus I or having to fight more than one melee Majin at once. We get a lot of healing items, don’t be shy about using them if you need it to survive.


I want to push towards the right instead of forward, it’s very easy to end up against three Majin at once if I go forward and that’s probably a game over.

Tactical Objectives:
- Kill everything
- Don’t die


We push to the right as fast as we can, we lead with Rondemion because he’s rock hard. The Caprus on the right moves up and ineffectually flails at him for minor damage.

Nightwalkers, huh? Barely worth my time.

Komori gets a swing in on the Caprus for a lot of damage, and now it’s time to flex our muscles.

Esne Iris?
Guess there’s no point asking.

Rondemion shreds the Caprus with his Greatsword, leaving Velnor to capture it. By the way, unlike other stories when we capture Majin it’s Eriel with the Librum, not our Main Character.

I told her not to follow me.

We have several slow turns of advance on the next Majin, an Exo Machina. The pavises are no obstacle at all to Komori’s Earth magic nor Velnor’s arrows and we quickly weaken it quite a lot and draw it towards our party. Komori throws another spell at it to bring it down into Overkill range, but we’re going to take this one more slowly.

This is hardly making me break a sweat.

I then pull Rondemion back one space, I want to get experience on my mercs so I need to use Combos when it makes sense.

These runts are just in the way.

Exo Machina moves in and hits Komori, then gets smashed down by a Combo. Once again Velnor gets the capture, I want him to get easy experience. We push a bit farther forward, which ends up pulling in the Nightwalker. It casts on Velnor, which is damaging but survivable for him. Komori runs up and lands a brutal mace strike on it, though it attracts an Apis when he does it. The attack from the Apis gets Komori a level, though it doesn’t get him any new skills. Since everything is perfectly lined up, I finish the Nightwalker with a Combo from Rondemion and Velnor, which gets Rondemion a level.

Rondemion gains Terra II here, which lets him Fracture things. It’s pretty awesome. Velnor then captures the Nightwalker, getting him a level as well. Komori heals himself and moves up to the Apis, who bypasses him and attacks Velnor instead.

I don’t have time for you feeble beasts!

Rondemion runs up and slashes the Apis, which sets Velnor up for an arrow shot that finishes the job. Komori heals Velnor up a bit then moves over towards the nearby chest, which when we reach it on his next action contains a Medicine. We then move up towards the next Apis, which engages and stings at Komori. We hit the Apis with a Terra II, Fracturing it, and then hit it with a Terra I from Komori as well. We take advantage of the odd behavior of Majin while Fractured, it can’t hurt anyone so it just doesn’t move at all. This lets us set up a Combo on it with Rondemion and Velnor, who levels up after we capture it.

Don’t underestimate every human you see.
I’m much stronger than you.
Mors. Mors. Mors. Mors. Mors.
Hmph, did you say something?

We slowly push up so we get the first strike on the Exo Machina, and we open up with a Terra II. After a bit more work on it a second Terra II Overkills it, which gets Rondemion another level.

Nothing new, but he does get more and more brutal each level. Anyway, we grab the chest, which has the Bleed/Fracture curing item Bandage, and then we set up a devastating Combo that Overkills the last Caprus and gets Komori a level, which gets him Fortify. Map over.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 5->7
Komori 3->5
Velnor 3->5

Caprus Lv 2 x 2
Apis Lv 3 x 2
Nightwalker Lv 4 x 1
Exo Machina Lv 5 x 2


Even more inconvenient, there was someone injured on the battlefield.

Video- “Mercy Lead Out”

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You’re so strong, Rondemion!
This is nothing.
If I were truly strong, I wouldn’t be here right now…
Why did you follow me onto the battlefield?
Well, um… I wanted to be a big help to you, Rondemion.
I told you it was dangerous.
If you’re going to get yourself into trouble, I can just leave you here.
I… I’m sorry…
Uh, Rondemion? I just found someone that was brought here by the Majin.
You expect me to take them all the way back to town?
W-Well, isn’t it good to help people in trouble?
I don’t have all the time in the world.
How long do you think it’ll take to head back to town from here?
Look, I already have you to deal with. I don’t need another burden on top of that.
Awww… You didn’t need to say it like that…
Ugh, what a pain.

It turned out there was a solution, though.

Who’s there!?
Do pardon my intrusion… I didn’t mean to startle you. I am Count Duphaston.
I would love to continue our conversation, but perhaps we should relocate ourselves. This place is ghastly.
Follow me. I’ll take you to a safer place.
I didn’t know there WERE any safe places in Besek…
Worry not, dear traveler. I think you’ll find my fair town to be… most accommodating.
Hmph, at least he doesn’t smell like the Majin…

I don’t trust this Count guy as far as Eriel could throw him but we might as well take advantage of his facilities.

I think you’ll agree it’s far more pleasant than sleeping with the Majin.

He’s got those weird little Koona bears to act as scouts.

Toma: Anook deen uoy! Suoregnad Besek’s.

Seems this whole town was just drawn into Besek.

Muse: My, my, you’re a handsome man!
I’m Muse and I’m a dancer.
Will you come watch me dance at my next show? I’d be so happy if you did.
Oh, and I want to hear some interesting stories next time!

I got a chance to talk with one of the mercenaries who’d joined up with me earlier.

Komori: What a funny coincidence that you have the same name as the Legendary Hero.
I’m here with my adopted daughter, Nena. She has a vendetta against Majin.

Also managed to hire some more help. There was a Knight, a big fellow who calls himself the Beast General.

Alexei: Are you traveling further into Besek as well?
Ah, my friend! Let’s have a contest and see who can slay more Majin!
Hahahahaha! Those Majin don’t stand a chance against us!

There was also a woman named Ares who seemed almost a bit too excited to be going into battle.

Ares: You here for adventure? You’re just like me, huh? You need that sense of danger…
Need another sword?
Thanks, this is gonna be fun.

The woman we saved in Besek was in no shape to travel.

I don’t need any thanks…
What’re you doing in a place like this?
And all alone, too.
Amelie: Well, um…
You don’t want to answer, huh?
Coming to Besek is dangerous enough, but coming alone…
You must have your reasons.
I can’t let you go back in there. You’ll get yourself killed.
You should stay here for a while and think things over.
Amelie: You’re probably right…

We’re heading back out to Besek soon. I’ve waited too long to finally finish this.
- unknown