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Part 67: Stratum 1: Wrath

Battles with the Majin were notoriously bloody affairs. The most well known example of this was the battle of Brouge Hill, where despite a substantial numerical advantage the forces of Valdia were nearly wiped out.
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia

In The Ruins

It seems like this place is made out of old memories. The first area was Reddon, where we’d fought the forces of the Stag domain.

And the second…

Never thought I’d see this place again.

Video- “Wrath Lead In”

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(And now, this place, Brouge Hill. One of the bloodies battles in history…)
(Hmph, looks like Besek enjoys prying into human memory.)
Hey, Rondemion, are you suuure we’re in Besek?
Eriel, I thought I told you not to wander around here.
Aw, c’mon, I was just… looking.
This place is too dangerous for you. Go back to the Count’s town.
I-I’m sorry…
I’ll listen to you, from now on.
You really going to do what I tell you to?
Yes, I promise. I won’t bother you anymore, Rondemion.
So… do you recognize THIS place, too?

Not going to forget it any time soon.

Majin and knights? Oooh, big armies?
There weren’t many Majin, but there were at least 1,600 knights. Maybe more.
Wow, they must’ve won really easy, huh?
We were victorious, but we lost a lot of men out there.
Huh? Why?
You can’t judge a battle by its numbers. The Majin are much stronger than we are.
That’s why I keep telling you not to be so reckless…
Huh? More Majin!?
They’re here. Keep still, Eriel!

All these weak Majin are just a waste of time.

Video- “Wrath”

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Ally Team:
We picked up Ares and Alexei in between maps, there’s no reason to go in undermanned so they join Komori and Velnor on the current team. We’re really light on healing still so we do need to be a bit careful.

Enemy Team:
The enemies actually get relatively a bit weaker this time around, there are two Exo Machina, two Nightwalkers, two Apis, and two Hecta Gigas. We’ve not seen the low level Hecta Gigas, so quick look.

These little guys are assholes, because they can Fracture people. They’re very vulnerable to Earth, though, which is the only magic we have right now, so we can pound them into the dirt easily.


Standard deployment, I leave Komori off the front line because he’s squishier than Ares or Alexei.

Tactical Objectives:
- Open chests
- Get levels for everyone


We advance toward the first Majin, an Exo Machina, and throw Komori’s Fortify around a bit. We get a shot at it with Velnor, then it comes in and hits Rondemion.

These lesser Majin like to talk.
As far as I care, they can howl all the way to Hell.

We drag Alexei up, he’s so damn slow and we don’t have Accelero on Velnor yet. We also move Ares to a flanking position on the Exo Machina.

Where is your master?
Dea? Aeterna?
I knew it’d be a waste of time…

I throw some Terra magic at the Exo Machina with Rondemion, and then after a few turns of wrangling and positioning I drop it with a Combo from the big man himself and Ares. This starts to lure the first Hecta Gigas in, so I hit it hard with a Terra from Komori. We’re also joined by an Apis, who stings Ares ineffectually. The Gigas is more dangerous, Fracturing Ares.

Falsin! Faaaaaaaaalsin!
Wretched creature…

I move Ares back and Rondemion up, which lets me get the Fracture off of her. I don’t want to just kill the Hecta Gigas, though, because I want to be able to share the experience around with Combos. A quick arrow from Velnor takes the Apis down to the sort of range where I can pretty reasonably expect to bring it down with anyone.

Deleo. Deleo.

Then the Hecta Gigas irritates me by managing to Fracture Rondemion despite his resistance to Phys status. Even worse, I can’t afford to cure the status immediately because Ares needs healing badly. I drop the Apis with an Ares/Alexei Combo, which gets her a level and Bleed Attack. The Gigas tries to break Alexei, but he proves tougher than the others and laughs it off. Even with Rondemion Fractured I am confident enough to have him join Alexei for a Combo against the Gigas, but we end up a few points short of the Overkill. Rondemion does level up, though.

In case you’ve ever wondered how bad a Fracture is for our stats, Rondemion’s still Fractured here. He normally has almost twice this much Attack, for one. I manage to get it cured right after, fortunately. The Nightwalker nearby blows its Malus on Alexei, Fearing him and getting him a level. He gets Fracture Attack this time, nothing wrong with that. I throw a Terra II at it with Rondemion to set it up for a Combo and then roll Velnor over to cure the Fear. Nightwalker ends up falling to a Rondemion/Ares Combo, and even better our new forward position lures in the other Apis.

Stop hiding and show yourself!

The Apis gets Fractured by a Terra II from Rondemion, so now it’s just a matter of setting up a Combo against it.

Huh? What is this nonsense?
Morpheus et tu una. Mors.
I wish I knew what lies they were babbling about…!

Velnor and Alexei drop the Apis, which gets Velnor a level and his vital Accelero buff. I throw more Earth magic around, this time at the Exo Machina nearby, and then I buff Alexei’s speed and send him toward the top chest. When the now injured Exo Machina comes in, we tear him down instantly with a Combo from Komori and Rondemion, which gets Komori a level. Alexei reaches the chest, which has the awesome Rogue shoes (which increase Speed and give someone an extra square of movement). Rondemion goes ahead at the second Nightwalker, luring it in. It casts on him for little effect and he gets a level for his trouble.

Rondemion only gets more beastly every level. Anyway, a Terra II followed by a Greatsword strike see the Nightwalker to the afterlife, allowing us to get the Plate armor from the chest it was guarding. This is an upgrade for Alexei so I’ll give it to him after the fight. I mess around with the Hecta Gigas in a long and boring set of maneuvering to try and get the Combo I want set up against him, which gets Ares a level just from being hit and ends with Alexei almost getting a level from the Combo that takes it down.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 7->9
Ares 4->6
Komori 5->6
Velnor 5->6
Alexei 4->5

Apis Lv 3 x 2
Nightwalker Lv 4 x 2
Exo Machina Lv 5 x 2
Hecta Gigas Lv 6 x 1


Musician (this is the last one of these)

I’m not sure what the deal is with that librum Eriel has been carrying around.

Video- “Wrath Lead Out”

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Eriel, where’d you get that?
I-I borrowed it!
From who?
Ummm… the Count?
The Count, huh? That spoiled aristocrat…
But don’t you know, Rondemion…?
People can’t survive in Besek without a librum.
So I borrowed it from him. We neeeeeeeed it.
Is that what he told you?
Are you telling me the truth, Eriel?
Uh… ummm…
Awww, how come you’re always mad at me. You’re no fun!
(Ugh, I hope this doesn’t create even MORE complications…)

Still no sign of Morpheus.

I don’t know what it is you seek out there…
But I’m sure you will find the right path.
Keep me abreast of your progress.

The Church seems to have sent some representatives here, their magic should be helpful so I agreed to let them come along. The first was this kind of unsettling guy, goes by Stein.

Stein: I am investigating Besek under orders from my Master.
Judging from your clothing, I take it you’re a mercenary…?
You could use some expert assistance. I am willing to help. Well? What say you?
Remember, I only join you because it’s convenient, not because we’re friends.

The other was a little girl who seems to specialize in entirely the opposite sort of magic.

Yuri: I’m traveling around the world to help those in need! How about you?
You look pretty focused… Are you on a mission of some sort?
You know how I’m here to help people? I wanna help you now! What do you think?
Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!!

Velnor’s sister also joined up with us.

Vivian: A fugitive from my country has escaped to Besek. I’m here to bring him back.
Traveling Besek is dangerous with such a small group. Would you like my help?
Very good. I can depart whenever you’re ready.

I think that girl we saved is starting to recover.

You look better than the last time I saw you.
Amelie: Um, well…
From how you’re dressed, you’re clearly a warrior.
But out there, you looked like you were wandering off to die.
Amelie: Did I really?
I’m so ashamed…
Don’t be.
Amelie: Well, I’m glad it was you who saved me.
Like you said, I probably would have died.
Thank you.
Hm, looks like I don’t have to worry about you anymore.
Amelie: You don’t, but, um… can I stay here just a little while longer?
Do as you wish.

I don’t have any time to waste, though. Morpheus is still out there.
- unknown