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by Feinne

Part 69: Stratum 1: Undying Part 2 Boss: Mars Belator

Many Majin act with surprising purpose rather than simply engaging in the sort of random slaughter one would associate with their monstrous appearances.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Bad Dog

The guardian of this place wanted to force the issue, so it was time to put the dog down.

Video- “Undying Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Same group as last time, no reason to mess up a good thing now.

Enemy Team:
For the first and probably only time ever we actually outnumber the Majin. This is because this is by far the highest leveled set of enemy Majin we’ve seen in a fourth map. There are two Caprus, a Pyromote, two Velox, and Mars Belator, so we’re up against three level sevens, a level nine, and a level twelve. Let’s take a look at the big dog.

Mars Belator is a straight up physical attacker. He’s got Bleed Attacks and the standard area of effect attack we expect on a melee Majin. He’s vulnerable to all magic that isn’t Earth and he also takes extra damage from Strikes. He’s probably one of the easiest Guardians to land an Overkill on in the first run, because we have easy access to his vulnerabilities. He’s also the last Majin I need, so we’ll spare no efforts to grab him.


Tactical Objectives:
- Capture the Mars Belator


We push Rondemion up to lure in the nearby Caprus, and this dynamic shot catches one in the process of hitting him with a laughably ineffectual spear attack. We push Komori up and buff Rondemion with Fortify, and then start pushing everyone up. I’m certain the Velox will engage no matter what I do so I’m going to get ready to meet it with my back group.

A pathetic Majin like you wouldn’t understand.
I will pry the answers out of you by force.

We keep pushing forward, making sure to get a speed buff on Alexei so he can keep up with the rest of the tour group. Now that Rondemion’s turn has come back around, it’s time to get started on the enemy.

Why do you chase after a ghost?
Why pursue a soul that has long left this world?

We nearly cut the Caprus that speared Rondemion in half with a single blow, which is nice because that puts it in perfect range to die to something else. The Velox below us has noticed us and shoots at Alexei, which gets him a level. The injured Caprus hits Rondemion again then pulls back, and its friend replaces it. We throw magic into the Velox with Vivian and Komori, and an arrow with Velnor. It’s level nine, so it’s not going to fall quickly to anything our mercs can do.

And what do you plan to do about it?
I’ll break it with a strike, and then I’ll break you.

Rondemion chops the second Caprus down to near death, and then leads Yuri to fry it with a Sacra I, which easily Overkills it. Velox keeps shooting at people, which sucks but I can’t spare Rondemion to deal with it. Meanwhile the near-dead Caprus spears Alexei, which is annoying but will be remedied soon.

That cursed book, the Librum Aurora!
You mean Eriel’s book?

We keep the heat up on the Velox, and our advance has also attracted the Pyromote as well. Rondemion isn’t too vulnerable to magic so I’m not that worried about it. The last Caprus falls to a Combo from Rondemion and Alexei. Our efforts to chip away at the Velox pay at least one major dividend, they get Vivian a level and Terra II. We push everyone but Vivian, Velnor, and Komori up to deal with the Pyromote and move on to the Belator while they stay behind to deal with the Velox.

But that isn’t good enough for me.

The Pyromote catches a brutal sword strike from Rondemion, and I get Velox down to low health for a Combo to finish it off.

And why’s that…?
He is already dead.
You’re wrong. He’s very much alive…

Stein blasts the Pyromote with an Aqua II but even at single digit health it’s not quite enough to Overkill it. More failure on the Velox front, as Komori and Velnor aren’t able to Overkill it with a Combo. Still, now we’re in range to engage the Mars Belator, and Rondemion runs over and breaks its Demon Aura with a strike from his axe. It replies with a Bleed Attack on him, which manages to get through his resistances annoyingly. Still, we get the status cured and are back in action. As we shift the rest of the party up to assist Rondemion, the man himself lands a Bleed of his own on the boss. The other Velox takes a shot at Stein, which sucks and Bleeds him but it’s not the end of the world. The Belator hits Alexei, which sucks a bit more, and when I try to Fracture him things go even worse, because Alexei falls to a Counter. Now I’m certain I’ll need the boss down to one health in order to Overkill him, so I send Stein over for a book-slap to get it to bleed again. He’s luckier than Alexei and isn’t Countered, achieving my objective.

Has he transformed into something else?

A Combo from Rondemion and Velnor just manages to Overkill the boss, getting both of them levels. Rondemion gets his Class Change, becoming a Crusader and getting his awesome melee special Heroic Slash. We now slowly drag down the Velox, it’s almost time to end this.

Time to end this.
You are the one about to meet his end…
Come, Falsin!!!

A Heroic Slash sees the Velos off, and even better we manage a level out of Stein and Yuri capturing the boss.

I have borne witness to your might!
You may have defeated me…
But you are no match for what lies ahead. Remember that!
You won’t stop me from moving forward.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 11->12
Alexei 6->7
Vivian 5->6
Yuri 6->7
Stein 6->7
Velnor 7->8

Mars Belator Lv 12 x 1
Velox Lv 9 x 1
Caprus Lv 7 x 2



Still no sign of Morpheus, though. We rescued some weird creature from the Majin, too.

Video- “Undying Lead Out”

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(But I didn’t find what I was after…)
Rondemion, you’re so strong!
It was nothing.
No, it wasn’t nothing!
Even that Majin said you were a hero!
I have my reasons for coming to Besek.
And I’ll need to fight even more Majin.
That’s why you can’t come with me anymore.
But Rondemion, I’m searching for the Eternal Poison.
It’s a foolish errand.
No it isn’t. When I find it, it’ll grant me any wish I want.
So we need to hurry, before it’s too late.

I’m not even sure the Eternal Poison exists.

That’s a pretty big task for someone your age…
C’mon, Rondemion, we need to hurry!
No, it’s dangerous here. Go back to town and wait for me…
This is important to me! Why can’t I go!?
Promise me you’ll behave, and you’ll do as you’re told.
Okay! I promise!
Ha… I’m getting soft in my old age…

I just hope I don’t come to regret this later.

The Count seems to be missing something.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I lost something of mine a few days ago…
It was very important to me, and now I’m quite distraught…
If you run across it, I’d be grateful if you informed me immediately.

That mercenary Komori’s adopted kid, Nena, wanted to join up with us.

Nena: My adoptive father and I are on a personal mission…
Um, are you here to battle Majin as well?
Ummm… Are you going to fight the Majin? P-Please, can I come with you?
Th-Thank you so much! I promise I won’t slow you down!

We also got joined by an archer from the Knights.

Irina: The Council instructed me to investigate Besek.
If you need any help, my sword is at your disposal.
Thank you.

It seems that Amelie girl came from some other world.

Amelie: I guess there are only regular humans in this kingdom.
Yeah, just humans and those strange bears.
Amelie: Hehehe, you mean the Koona? They’re so adorable!
Are there other kinds of creatures where you’re from?
Amelie: There are two races of people who can fly, the Blackwings and Whitewings.
Like angels…?
Amelie: They are NOT angels, by any means!!!
Amelie: Since the winged ones arrived, it’s been nothing but misery!
Hey, calm down. Take a deep breath and try talking slower.
Amelie: Okay, sorry… I should get some rest.

Also it turns out that weird thing we saved from the Majin can talk.

Kuni: Thanks for savin’ me! I thought I was a goner!
A talking… rabbit…?
Kuni: No, the name’s Kuni!
I wasn’t asking for your name…
Kuni: Hahaha! Yer surprised ‘cause I can talk, eh?
I am pretty special, it’s true… but then again, those weird bears talk.
So what can ya really call “strange” these days, am I right?
I guess you’re right…
Kuni: Well, nice to meetcha!

I guess it’s not really weird that there’s a talking rabbit, though. Anyway, we’re getting ready to return to Besek. Morpheus is still out there.
- unknown