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by Feinne

Part 73: Stratum 2: Sojourn Part 2 Boss: Escha Gigas

Majin are not creatures like you or I, and are often made entirely of materials that a normal person wouldn’t even recognize as alive.
- Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Like A Rolling Stone

There was no way some stupid rock was going to slow me down.

Video- “Sojourn Part 2”

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Ally Team:
We’ve got the same team as last time. I shuffle gear around, I give Rondemion the new Sabatons because he’s gained a movement tile anyway and it provides him more actual speed. Yuri gets the Rogue boots, which will make it easier for her to get in and break the Gigas’ Demon Aura.

Enemy Team:
Same Majin we faced with Thage here, the Escha Gigas is joined by three of his little Hecta Gigas buddies, three Sprites, an Uro Lumen, and a Magiquarius. Let’s refresh ourselves on the boss.

Here’s Escha Gigas, he’s still a big scary version of his Hecta Gigas minions. His Wild Swing is still nasty, keep anyone who’s at risk of being attacked directly by him topped off to minimize the risk of being splattered. Strike attacks are best when it comes to physicals against him.


We’ve got a pretty standard formation here, melee up front and casters just behind. We want to push hard and fast through the Majin.

Tactical Objective:
- Capture the Escha Gigas, just for fun.


Here’s a snapshot of the situation after a few moves. I’m pushing forward to meet any given Majin that decide to advance while also throwing around buffs and such. Velnor gets the level he almost gained last time, no new skills or anything though. The Uro Lumen below us is advancing, so something needs to be done about that.

At least that innocent girl is not as hideous as you two.
Do my ears deceive me? You dare to criticize my looks!?

Anyway with that possibly important exchange out of the way it’s time to get to work.

I have not heard that name in ages…
Nor have I seen him.
The same answer again!

Uro Lumen is inconvenient so I have Rondemion go level it in a single blow. The near Hecta Gigas starts moving up, we start on it as well. We also expect both Sprites soon, but they’re pretty easy to deal with really given they’re only level eight. We drag the Gigas down to near death, Fracture the upper Sprite with Alexei, and pound the lower one with a Malus from Nena followed by a Combo from Rondemion and Velnor. This gets Rondemion a level, which puts us at a really good pace to have no reason to run his Tale again before the endgame.

Rondemion should get Quad Resist soon thanks to his Crusader class, which is going to make building an awesome piece of armor for him that makes him nigh-invulnerable much easier since it lets us run Hexa Resist/Regenerate/Phys Def. The Gigas gets healed by the Sprite that’s still up, but we easily drag that health back off it. The next Sprite falls to a Malus followed by a Combo from Yuri and Alexei, and because I don’t care so much about capturing Hecta Gigas here I just kill the injured one with Nena for the experience.

Let’s finish him off.
If that is your wish, I shall comply.

Now I start pushing up to the Gigas’ platform. I need to get Yuri into range to break the Demon Aura, so we need to set up a strong cage to keep the boss out.

My brethren may have been defeated, but I will not be.
Oh, I do believe you’re mistaken…!

We push hard towards the Gigas, but aren’t quite able to get into range so instead we just spend the turn buffing and healing. It’s likely to just cast on me and run like a little baby though, so I’m not that concerned.

None of your business.
It’s a pointless search. No Falsin can stand up to him.

Note that the Gigas isn’t suggesting that Morpheus is dead, just that he’s not seen him and man, why would you want to find Morpheus. It then runs away after casting, just as I expected. Alexei levels up from the spell hit, though.

Water attacks should get rid of it.
Ah, I expected you’d have a solution ready.

The other Hecta Gigas is coming in, and I start casting on it as well. I could have gotten Yuri into position to cast an Aqua into the Gigas but I wasn’t confident I could keep her safe there, so I end up delaying a turn. After raining magic and arrows on the Hecta Gigas, Rondemion is able to splat it with an axe strike to the side. Escha Gigas casts and runs again, but not far enough to take it out of Yuri’s range this time, and its Aura goes down. It has gotten close enough to get help from the Sprite, but we can deal with that pretty easily. We just keep Alexei and Rondemion healed up to make them less vulnerable to Wild Swing as we drag the Gigas down. Meanwhile I start moving the Count and others to sneak around and deal with Sprite, who does get a heal off on the boss. We go back and forth with both Majin for a while in order to get their health down to the range where I can Overkill them.

Stop fooling around. He’s dangerous.
Worry not, dear hero. I never make careless mistakes.

Nena levels up while we mess with the Sprite, getting her Cast Speed I. The Gigas falls to a Combo from Rondemion and Alexei, while the Sprite falls to a bookslap from the Count. Yuri and the Count both end up leveling up out of the rest of the map, with the Count getting Fearless Attack.

It’s your own fault for underestimating us.
I promise you this… Where you go, misery will follow…

Battle Result:

Rondemion 15->16
Duphaston 12->13
Alexei 10->11
Yuri 10->11
Nena 9->10
Velnor 10->11

Escha Gigas Lv 13 x 1
Hecta Gigas Lv 10 x 1
Sprite Lv 8 x 3



We reduced it to rubble with a minimum of difficulty.

Video- “Sojourn Lead Out”

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You look positively exhausted…
And whose fault is that?
You aren’t implying that I’m to blame, are you?
Do you see anyone else?
My, my, how insensitive of me. You have my apologies.
Now, with that settled, let us turn to other matters. How much longer will you allow Miss Eriel to accompany us?
Until she’s satisfied.
But isn’t she after the Eternal Poison?
The fact that a mere child should know its location, let alone its very existence, arouses my suspicion.
I imagine she might be hiding something from us.
Your theory, your problem.
It doesn’t matter to me.
Such a stubborn man…

Not sure how he can talk about hiding things, we know nothing about him.

Velnor: By the way, I could’ve sworn that I’ve seen your little girl somewhere before.
Where do I remember her from…?

The Count’s not the only one concerned about Eriel’s presence, though at least Irina’s sincere.

Irina: But are you planning to continue bringing that little girl into battle?
I know you have adequately protected her thus far, but things could change.
Besek gets more dangerous by the day, even for someone as strong as you…

I’m not sure I could get rid of Eriel even if I tried.

Nena: Could you please send my thanks to Eriel?
She saved me from some bullies who were making fun of me…

The Count isn’t pushing the issue this time, at least.

How are you liking my town?

It seems those winged people Amelie mentioned before have been ruining her world.

Amelie: Did I tell you about where I’m from?
The land overrun by Blackwings and Whitewings…?
You told me a little about them.
Amelie: Yes, that’s my homeland.
For a while, we were able to live alongside them, peacefully.
But one day, the Whitewings started attacking the Blackwings.
They’ve been fighting ever since.
And without wings, we couldn’t stop them from ruining the land.
So you came to Besek in search of the power to defeat them?
Amelie: It’s our only hope of restoring the balance between them and us.

Still, the power of the Majin is a double-edged sword, and shouldn’t be sought so casually. Also I think I’m going crazy because I’m noticing less and less that the one guy is a rabbit.

Kuni: Hey, is that Eriel girl yer daughter?
Kuni: Listen, pal, you need to stop talkin’ in one word sentences!
Kuni: Well, ‘cause it makes ya come across like a mean, scary guy!
I’m not trying to please anyone.
Kuni: Is that why yer single?
That wasn’t necessary…
Kuni: Gosh, I hope I’m not like you when I grow up!

That’s pretty unlikely luckily for him. Misty’s looking for someone here in Besek.

Why the “Sir”?
Misty: Master has always told me to respect my elders.
Don’t worry about it.
Misty: Th-Thank you!
So what did you want to ask me?
Misty: Um, well, uh, have you seen a man with a silk hat anywhere?
No, sorry.
Misty: Oh, I see…
Who’s this man with a silk hat?
Misty: He’s my Master.
Do you want me to look for him?
Misty: No, no… If you see him, just let him know I’m here!
I’ll keep a lookout.
Misty: Thank you very much!!!

Oh that Claudius, man needs to stop chasing skirts.

It’s surprising to find a member of the Church in Besek.
Claudius: Hahaha, verily. I must confess my embarrassment at the entire affair.
Ministry members don’t normally leave their office. What brings you out here?
Claudius: I am sorry, but I have no answer for that question.

Claudius: But here is a small token of my appreciation.

Feinne’s Notes: Watchmen is still an awesome hammer for Alexei and he’s still going to be using it to mash things faces in for now.

Claudius: Please excuse me.
Probably chasing after women again. He never changes…

I think we’ve got a good vantage point to look over the possible paths forward now, time to think through where we’re headed next.
- unknown