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Part 75: Stratum 2: Ritual Part 1

It is said that the source of all flames is found deep within Besek.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol I

Temple of the Flame

The only way through the mountains ended up being through a volcano.

Seems it was some kind of Majin temple.

Video- “Ritual Part 1”

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Ally Team:
Our normal mercenary group once again, they’re all at decent levels and we want to keep things that way.

Enemy Team:
There are three each of Aranea and Armatus and two each of Nightwalker and Zyr Phantasm on this map, and if you recall we need to capture one of each to summon Ignis.


I deploy with the idea that I could potentially split off the party into two groups to get the chests. We’ll see how many turns of contact with the enemy that survives.

Tactical Objectives:
- Get chests
- Capture one of each Majin type


Does something trouble you?
Miss Eriel informed me you’re searching for Morpheus.
It’s got nothing to do with you.
I’ll look into the matter and find out what I can do for you.
No need.
Please, I insist. It would be my pleasure.
Leave this place at once! This is sacred ground!

I quickly note that the Armatus across the bridge is going to come for me no matter what and amend my plans. I’m going to cross the bridge with full force and then split off for the chests. Aranea also advances, so this turns out to have been an auspicious choice. The Count starts the show with his Aero magic, and Vivian moves not only to cast on Armatus but also to block its effort to flank us by crossing the lava. Yuri pours some Light into the Aranea and we then get Alexei in to finish blocking off the bridge.

Food, food, food, foooooooood!!!
Damn you all!

We whack the Armatus with Rondemion, though that does end up allowing it to slip behind my lines and Fear Alexei. Aranea also hit him, though he’s a big boy and he can take it.

Are you talking about these Majin?
Capture one of each, and something good should happen.
A boss Majin might appear?
Who can know for certain…?

We keep dragging down the Majin we’re facing, and after curing Alexei’s Fear he joins Velnor in a brutal Combo against Aranea. It’s good that we dropped it now, because the Nightwalker nearby comes in. We really can’t afford to kill the Nightwalker or Zyr Phantasm, because if we do we have to go way on the other side of the map to find another. Rondemion blasts it with some Earth magic to get started on it. Vivian has been throwing magic at the Armatus the whole time, and finally levels up for her troubles. This takes it down to the sort of health level where Nena can drop it with a Malus III, never forget that it’s vulnerable to Dark magic. We smash the Nightwalker hard with Rondemion and capture the Aranea with Alexei, who also levels up. After weakening the Nightwalker a bit more, Yuri finishes it off with her Light magic.

Alas, that’s about the extent of their intellect.
You shouldn’t expect much from this bunch.

So now it’s time to split the party to get those chests. Alexei, Yuri, Vivian, and Velnor go left while Rondemion, Nena, and the Count will go right. We draw in the Aranea on the left and try to draw in the Armatus on the right. When the Zyr Phantasm also engages, I use the Count to keep it from pushing left where it would be a real threat. The Aranea Sleeps Alexei, and we punish it by Confusing it with a Meta II and then eventually Fracturing it once we wake Alexei up. It eventually falls to a Vivian/Alexei Combo. Meanwhile, we weaken the Armatus with Rondemion’s attacks and spells while also hitting it with Nena’s magic, eventually dropping it with a Malus III. At the same time the Count has gotten Zyr Phantasm down pretty low, and now we can have everyone converge on it.

I’m not here to fool around like it’s some holiday.
Oh, come now. I’m not here to fool around either.
But fun makes work much more tolerable, don’t you think?

While we’re messing around with the Zyr Phantasm, Yuri levels up, then Nena levels up. Nena gets Metasphere this time around, which is pretty great. After we knock out the Phantasm, I stick around long enough to get the Count a level as well, getting him Aerosphere. And that’s all she wrote.

Battle Result:

Duphaston 14->15
Alexei 12->13
Vivian 10->11
Nena 11->12
Yuri 12->13

Zyr Phantasm Lv 13 x 1
Nightwalker Lv 13 x 1
Armatus Lv 12 x 2
Aranea Lv 14 x 2

The Count was right again.

Not quite, my dear hero…
The librum is pulsing.
Prepare yourself for the one who approaches!
Justice burns like an all-consuming flame.

Some big flaming bird came out of the lava.

Feeble mortals, leave here at once while you still breathe.
Live our the rest of your insignificant lives in peace.
I won’t turn back now. Get out of my way.
You are foolish for refusing my mercy.
You shall receive my judgement!

Only one of us is getting judged here, though.
- unknown