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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 76: Stratum 2: Ritual Part 2 Boss: Ignis

Some Majin are known for being ‘merciful’, though this ‘mercy’ is often that of a swift death.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol II

The Wings of the Sun

I think this bird is supposed to be one of the very first Majin. Well, he was, anyway.

Video- “Ritual Part 2”

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Ally Team:
We give Velnor that Scorpion bow since it can cause Slow sometimes, who knows maybe at some point in the LP we’ll even see that happen (not this time).

Enemy Team:
Just like last time there’s a really annoying mix of Majin here, two Exo Machina, two Pyromotes with Release, and two Heeflers with a bad habit of executing bound Majin. And, of course, Ignis.

Here’s big bird in all his glory. He’s not terribly vulnerable to anything but Water, but his relatively low physical defense makes him easier to drop with physicals than his 25/25/0 would suggest.


Nothing much to this deployment, people who can take a hit up front to lead the way.

Tactical Objectives:
- Violence


You Falsin dare to disrespect the sun! Unforgivable!
I shall deliver judgement from the heavens!

We push up into the center to lure some Majin in. My first target is going to be the middle Exo Machina, as it represents a significant physical threat. We also throw some buffs around, Magus Defense is pretty good on this map thanks to all the Fire magic we’ll see.

Morpheus? Such a nostalgic name…
You may be chasing a ghost. I have not seen him.
But not to worry, your search ends when I end your life.

Exo Machina moved up, and we hit him with Rondemion’s axe, a led Aero I from the Count, and the Count’s normal action in quick succession.

An ignorant Falsin cannot comprehend my magnificence.
If I bathe you in flames, you may understand.

The thing about these Exo Machina is that their movement rate is really large for a Majin. It easily flanks around us and manages to Fracture the Count. The Pyromote in the middle also comes in and blasts Rondemion with a Pyrosphere for negligible damage. The right Exo Machina is on its way now and the turn order is in my favor, so I smash the damaged Exo Machina with Alexei then cure and buff up the Count, which gets Velnor a level. We then scoop up the Exo Machina, preventing the Release that was coming. Now we start weakening the Exo Machina and Pyromote we’re fighting right now. Getting into a caster’s face is a great way of making them back away from you, and it makes it really easy for us to take the Exo Machina down low then turn it to scrap with Rondemion’s axe. I then start pushing up, though I go a square farther than I should have and lure in a Heefler as well. Luckily, Alexei doesn’t die from the barrage of Fire magic he sees.

Your soul will burn for eternity after I finish you.
Not if my blade is victorious, I’m afraid.

Now we start repositioning the party to deal with the new threats, which are mostly ranged.

You are foolish, indeed!

Alexei’s been taking massive heat this whole time, and it finally gets him a level. Heefler’s pretty close to our group right now, so it’ll be the first to go.

There’s a pattern to follow, isn’t there…?
Slash him, strike him, and pierce him, Hero.
I’m sure it should pose no problem to us.
Ah, that’s the spirit! Hohohohoho…!

Remember if you’re playing at home, the order doesn’t actually matter. Just hit it with a physical of each type to break the Aura. We push hard and weaken both Majin as best we can, and thanks to the Count’s speed we land a Grand Design that drops the Heefler before it can get away. We then get it scooped up before Pyromote can Release it. Our advance has attracted the Heefler and soon the Pyromote from the other side, so we’ll need to deal with them before we mess with Ignis. We throw magic at the old Pyromote to weaken it as most of the physical team goes to deal with the incoming Heefler. Pyromote is vulnerable to Pierce and the Count easily cuts it down with his saber. We are now a bit closer than it turns out was safe, though, and Ignis hits Yuri with a Pyrosphere. Vivian levels up from a capture as we deal with the other two Majin. Heefler falls dead to a strike from Rondemion, and Pyromote is overkilled by a similar strike after being dragged down with other attacks, getting the big man a level.

He gets tougher ever time. Now we start pushing everyone ahead to break the Aura, we start with a Pierce from the Count. We also need to surround Ignis to stop him moving, which is tough because it flies.

Fly away, before I put your flames out.
A useless threat! The sun will burn eternal!

We break the Aura shortly after that and start on big bird proper. He proves very resistant to physical status, and I never do manage to land one on him.

Oppose me, and I shall show you the power of the sun…
I will burn the very flesh off your bones!

Amusingly I do manage to land a Seal on Ignis with Vivian, reducing it to its much weaker physical moves. The big dumb bird eventually falls to a Combo from Rondemion and the Count, who levels up. Yuri also levels up shortly after, and the map is over.

I am the sun, eternal and invincible!
Nothings lasts forever…
Are you feeling weary?
That’s not enough to slow me down.
Ah, spoken like a true hero.
Does that mouth of yours EVER close?
Oh my, I’ll try to be more careful in the future…

Battle Result:

Rondemion 17->18
Duphaston 15->16
Yuri 13->14
Alexei 13->14
Vivian 11->12
Velnor 12->13

Ignis Lv 17 x 1
Pyromote Lv 14 x 2
Heefler Lv 14 x 1
Exo Machina Lv 14 x 2



Eriel wanted to know about Morpheus.

Video- “Ritual Lead Out”

Click For Video

(How much longer will my journey be…)
Hey, Rondemion…
What is it?
Can you tell me the story of your battle with Morpheus?
Aw, please?
Rondemion, I don’t like seeing you so stressed out.
Could you tell me just a little of the story?

It’s been a long time since I told anyone what happened.

A Majin named Morpheus appeared in Westmoor.
He tormented the people and left nothing but death and destruction in his trail.
It wasn’t long before the old King of Valdia sent two warriors to deal with him.
One was the Commander of the Valdian Knights. The other was the most powerful Archmage from the Church.
You were the Commander?

It’s foolish to dig up the past. What’s done is done… and forgotten.

Nobody else needs to be burdened with the knowledge of how it ended.

Why are you after Morpheus now?
To take care of the past, once and for all.
I don’t understand. I don’t understand!
You don’t need to.
When we find the Eternal Poison, you can fix it, right?
Then everything’ll be fine!
What about the people from your village? Didn’t you want to bring them back?
I… I…
My problems can’t just be wished away.

Eternal Poison… even if it does exist it won’t solve any problems.

Vivian: Please let me know if I can help in any way.
The next area contains a powerful Majin, so please be careful.

We had another Koona join up, I think they’re sick of the Count sending them to die.

Pata: Pleh ot evol ew tub!!!
Daeha deepds lluf!
Nioj Anook a tel uoy lliw?

Stein’s been admiring that horrible cauldron Archaya has.

Stein: So I hear you’ve been visiting the Traviata House.
Are you not impressed by the power of Camellia?
I must admit, I, too, have developed a great fascination with that machine…
Purely from an academic standpoint, of course…

The Count’s scouting reports suggest something that’s clearly impossible.

You might have already noticed that a powerful Majin guards each gateway.
Gergedeus, the fiery destroyer, lies in your path, now.
A black shell protects him, and his fangs and claws can tear you to shreds.
Even flames themselves tremble at his fiery temper…
I pray you do not fall to this fierce guardian.

It seems not everyone finds the Count creepy.

Yuri: So, ummm… does the Count have a girlfriend?
Oh, c’mon! Don’t give me that look! Can’t I ask a simple question?
Priestesses can fall in love, too!

I think our world could use more people like Amelie.

Do you have any servants?
Amelie: Servants? Why do you ask?
I can tell you’re from noble blood. Your clothing, your speech…
Amelie: You have a keen eye, Mr. Rondemion.
I’ve spent my fair share of time around courts…
Amelie: Well, you’re right. I am of noble birth.
I have a hint of royal blood in my veins, but…
I’m only a distant relative. Nothing more.
There aren’t many people who’d risk their lives for the greater good…
Especially among the nobility.
You’re a brave girl, and you’ve earned my respect.

Kuni’s looking for the Eternal Poison too. It seems it’s a powerful lure.

Good enough…
Kuni: So do you know anythin’ about the Eternal Poison?
I know it’s supposed to grant any wish.
Kuni: Well, I heard it’s in Besek! I wonder if that’s true.
Why? You have a wish or something?
Kuni: Of course!
I wanna grow bigger and stronger! Then I’ll wander the land, slayin’ beasts!
And people’ll sing songs and tell stories about me. I’ll be a hero!
I see…
Kuni: Don’t ya have a wish or two?

Being a ‘Hero’ is overrated.

I have a question for you.
Misty: Y-Yes? What is it?
Have you seen a Majin named Morpheus?
Misty: Morpheus?
He has a golden, bone-like body, and he speaks our language.
I’m looking for him.
Misty: You have a Majin as a friend?
Misty: Wow! That’s so amazing! I respect you for being so open-minded!
My friend!? Where’d you get that idea?
Misty: What? Because you were talking about him like you two were so close…
I’m not close with him! He’s my enemy!
Misty: Wh-Whaaat!?
I can tell by your reaction you haven’t seen him, though.
Misty: N-No, I haven’t…
Alright, then. Sorry to bother you.

Nolstein is a good example of what we really don’t need more of.

…Typical aristocrat.
Nolstein: I beg your pardon?
Looking down on everyone who wasn’t born into privilege like you were.
I’ve fought plenty of guys like you…
Nolstein: Mercenaries fighting aristocrats?
What a ridiculous notion!
I sympathize with any aristocrat who has to deal with such barbaric men.
You really just speak your mind, huh?
Nolstein: You ungrateful peasant! It is the aristocracy that supports the economy.
We toil every day to bring peace and happiness to everyone in Valdia.
But there’s no point in me explaining this to one so incapable of thought.
Please excuse yourself from my room.

The woman we saved earlier has already left.

How are you feeling?
Selphina: Recovering nicely, thanks to you.
You don’t seem completely healed yet. You should stay a while.
Selphina: You are very gracious. Alas, I must be moving on.
I know you’re in a hurry, but it’s dangerous out there.
Selphina: Hehehe… There’s no need to worry about me.
This is for your kindness.

Feinne’s Notes: Shadow is pretty great, it gives us critical hit chance. It could serve pretty well for anyone who can get Critical passives, though sadly most main characters can’t get the best one thanks to the weapon restrictions on it.

Selphina: I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.
Selphina: It’s not much, but I hope it will be of some use to you.
Now, if you will excuse me…

Even though I can’t see how it’s possible, I guess I should get ready for what’s coming. The Guardian may or may not be Gergedeus, but there will definitely be something.
- unknown