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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 79: Valley: Stray Boss: Thage

To those who understand the truth of the world, life and death are meaningless concepts.
- O. Vermiis, “The Librum Vespera” (Valdian translation)

The Dark Angel of Zalis

We were stuck in a strange space between Strata again today.

Video- “Stray Lead In”

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Indeed. Not only is Besek a pathway to other worlds, but it itself is comprised of a number of domains.
Unfortunately, Besek establishes trials for us to overcome before we may proceed.
“Trials”? What kind of trials?
Now that is a mystery of its own.
Perhaps you’re forgetting that this is Besek, and Besek will be the one to decide our trials.
So the Majin will test us here?
That doesn’t sound like much of a trial.
Oh, no, the Majin only test our strength.
I believe the real trials are given by a living, breathing person.
You must learn patience, Hero.
Only you can release the chains that bind you, with your own hands.
What’s that supposed to mean?
???: I’ve found you.
Who’s there!?

That’s where we found her.

And you’re…?
No, you look similar, but you can’t be…
I’m Thage. I’m here for the Eternal Poison.
Did you say… “Thage”…?
Do you recognize the name from somewhere?
What business do you have with me?
I’m no fool.
I know you’re after the Eternal Poison, too.
I can’t let you get to it before me.
Sorry, but you’ve been misled.
You’re still standing in my way.
How’d you hear about the Eternal Poison?
You think I would tell you that?
Tell me everything you know about the Eternal Poison. Where is it?

I’m not sure why she’s looking for the Eternal Poison, but she was sure I knew where it was.

Be careful how you speak to my master.
I don’t know anything about the Eternal Poison.
Thage, would you like me to bite his head off?
Hahaha, I think I should show him what happens when someone defies me!

So though I’d rather not, it was time to fight.

Video- “Stray”

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Ally Team:
Standard mercenary mix, this map is way too harsh to try and fuck around now.

Enemy Team:
Thage and Ranunculus are joined on this map by a mix of Majin hailing from the three final maps of the Second Stratum, specifically three Acrida, two Armatus, and two Uro Lumen. Let’s take a look at the versions of Thage and Raki we have to fight.

Raki’s class still says Guiding Sage, but he’s basically a Storm Seer as far as his skills go. He’s got serious melee power and Steel Roar is never to be underestimated. Luckily he’s very vulnerable to Pierces and isn’t particularly resistant to physical status.

Likewise, while Thage’s class still says Witch in practice she’s more like a Hellcaller. She’s got some serious business Dark attacks and is of course totally immune to anything that is a Spell. Physical attacks chew through her, though, and fortunately since she’s got no support magic she doesn’t end up as crazy aggressive as Ashley/Persona are in their maps.


We start with a pretty broad and reactive front, this map is deceptively nasty because the Majin on it are much more mobile than anything we’ve seen on a map like this before. They can pretty much ignore those walls and charge right into us if we’re not careful.

Tactical Objectives:
- Violence


Don’t underestimate me.
Be careful, my dear hero…
She is indeed different from other humans.
And the Majin with her is Ranunculus, the Silver Wolf.
They will both prove to be exceptional adversaries.
Hmph. We’ll see.
Time to teach this brat a lesson.
Oh really?
I’ll make you regret those words!

We start with a cautious advance, which proves smart because the Armatus and Uro Lumen are close and both crazy aggressive and crazy mobile. We quickly have an Armatus threatening the back of our lines and an Uro Lumen preparing to come from the front. We buff up and start hitting the Majin where applicable.

To witness the true power of the famed Silver Wolf…
It is an honor indeed.

We’ve got the opportunity to do some serious damage here soon, and we’re going to do it.

I’m not playing around.
I’m just teaching some stubborn adults a lesson.

After a led cast from the Count, Rondemion puts the Uro Lumen that was advancing down. I then snap it up really quickly to avoid any possible problems with it being killed by a stray shot. This opens Vivian up to a shot from an Armatus, and Alexei catches an Aero II from an incoming Acrida as well, while on the other side another hits Rondemion. Vivian gets revenge on the Armatus with a Meta II, which confused it. We then quickly heal up our wounded warriors.

I already told you I don’t know.
Hahaha, I won’t fall for our tricks.

Now I starting winding up to drop the Armatus, which will allow me to go wild on some Acrida. We drag it down to low health and are ready to smash it.

Interesting, so YOU’VE been chosen this time…
What are you babbling about…?

Alexei and Rondemion Combo it down with brutal force, and Alexei levels up from this. An Acrida casts on us from each flank now, so it’s time to deal with them.

I’m terribly sorry, My Princess, I have my reasons.
IF you stand against me, you’ll regret it.

Alexei starts the show by Fracturing the Acrida on the left with a spear through the wall. While we throw the majority of our firepower into that one, Velnor shoots at the one on the right. Acrida are pretty fragile, so we expect to cut through them quickly.

Oh, do my powers intrigue you?
Well, it beckoned to me as a child, in the darkness.

We keep the pressure up on the two Acrida we’re fighting as we get people into position to flatten them. We also start getting another from the center and an Uro Lumen from the left, so we need to hurry.

Then let’s give them a challenge.
I’ll follow your lead.

Nena comes over all awesome, putting the Acrida to the right to sleep. This will let us murder it at our leisure.

I’m full of surprises, aren’t I…?
Would you like to see a few more?

I suppose that’s for the people who foolishly just played this after finishing Ashley’s or Olifen’s Tale. Anyway we unleash a Combo on the left Acrida, letting us move on to the Uro Lumen. Rondemion also levels up to 20.

Don’t worry, Count, I’ll punish you for it right now.
Ah, such a defiant spirit. How admirable.

We start hitting Uro Lumen hard, though it responds by slipping past and hitting Vivian.

He calls all women that.
Not all, my dear. Only those I hold in the highest regard.

Well then, maybe I’ll command you to crawl around on all fours.

We keep dragging Uro Lumen down, which is going to allow us to drop it with brutal force.

Do you want to talk or do you want to fight?

She died when I was born.

Rondemion and Alexei smash Uro Lumen trivially. Meanwhile, Velnor has executed the sleeping Acrida and heads up to the middle to join the rest of the party, who is getting ready to engage the Armatus on the right, the center Acrida, and Raki. Raki charges in and is quickly beaten down by a brutal array of attacks, being Bled, then Fractured, then defeated. With that done, we start weakening Acrida and Armatus as well. This is good, because Thage has come in and started casting on us. She can nearly kill anyone who is vulnerable to Dark magic in a single hit, so we need to be careful. We weaken both Majin, and Acrida falls to a Heroic Slash. Then Armatus is destroyed by a Combo from Alexei and Rondemion, and Thage to a Combo from the Count and Rondemion. It’s actually sort of irresponsible for me NOT to use Rondemion in every Combo, since his level is what counts here. Anyway that’s the map.

What did you say to me!?
You don’t know when to quit, do you?
Hero, please, she is but a child.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 19->20
Alexei 15->16

Acrida Lv 16 x 2
Armatus Lv 16 x 2
Uro Lumen Lv 16 x 2


It seems this was never really about the Poison.

Video- “Stray Lead Out”

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Thage, I think they’re telling the truth.
I knew that already.
I know your journey has a different goal than mine.
Then why did you attack me!?
I needed to see how I’d fare against the Hero of Legend.

It was about something else.

Morpheus!? Where is he!?
Ha, you’ll find him eventually, I’m sure.
That’s assuming you live long enough.
“Live long enough”…?
Enough. Leave this place.
I think I will. Let’s go, Raki.

But before I go, I know you’re dying to ask about my name…
Let’s just say, it’s not a coincidence. Goodbye.
Her resemblance, her name… Is she…?
I confess, I’m completely lost, but I know that look in your eye. Are you going to chase after her?
What are you talking about?

Besek began to shake again, ending that terrible conversation.

We’ve been granted the right to proceed deeper into Besek…

It seems that knight Irina looked into the Count before she came here.

Irina: Before coming here, I looked into the background of Count Duphaston.
There have been many unconfirmed suspicions about him. Do be careful.

The Koona seem to be worried about us.

Ossa: Gnineppah lla siht s’yhw, Rondy. Rondy?
Drah krow ll’i! Nioj I nac?
Daeha deeps lluf-f-f-f-f!!!

Everyone seems pretty concerned about what the next Stratum may bring.

Velnor: Only uncertainty awaits us there…
We must be prepared to take on any adversary!

The Count continues to act like nothing’s going on.

Isn’t my old friend Iryth’s cooking simply superb?
It’s quite popular among the travelers who stay here, and for that I am proud.
Why don’t you and Eriel join me at her place for dinner sometime?

Nena: Eriel is scared of the Majin, so why does she keep going back out there?
I don’t have that kind of courage yet…
I need to become strong like Eriel…

I realized I hadn’t asked Amelie about Morpheus yet.

You need something?
Amelie: Why did you come to Besek?
Eriel said she’s looking for the Eternal Poison, but what about you?
Oh, right. I haven’t told you yet…
I’m seeking a Majin named Morpheus. Have you seen him?
Amelie: Morpheus?
He’s gold and covered in bones.
Amelie: Hm, no… I don’t remember seeing a Majin like that.
They captured me almost as soon as I entered Besek, so I didn’t see much.
I see…
Don’t worry about it.

Kuni also doesn’t trust the Count.

Kuni: So ya know that fancy guy who’s always with ya?
You mean the Count…?
Kuni: Yeah, that guy’s shady!
Even you think so…?
Kuni: Don’t underestimate animal instincts!

Kuni: I’m tellin’ ya, that guy smells funny.
I’ve smelled him somewhere before, but I can’t remember where.
You’re basing this entirely off his smell…?
Kuni: We use scent to tell our friends from our enemies!
Yer smell is suspicious too, but not threatenin’.
That guy’s a whole ‘nothing story… I can’t even describe it.
Just be careful around him.
I already am, but thanks for warning me.

Misty is still looking into Morpheus it seems.

Misty: Eriel’s been worried about you.
She said you seem a little on edge.
Children are good at sensing things.
Misty: Are you stressed out about something?
I was just thinking about Morpheus.
That’s reason enough for me.
Misty: I see…
Well, I still haven’t found anything out about him.
That’s okay.
Focus on your situation first.
No one’s seen your master yet.
Misty: Oh, yeah! I forgot.
Don’t have a good memory, huh?

Nolstein needs to go.

Nolstein: Your daughter is quite noisy. You should do a better job of raising her.
Eriel isn’t my daughter.
She followed me into Besek because she wants to find the Eternal Poison.
I’m not some lazy parent.
Nolstein: Oh no, you’re just taking a young girl into a perilous place like Besek…
I didn’t know you had compassion for others.
Nolstein: Is that a joke? I am firmly against endangering children.
I’m not like some other brainless nobles who care only about themselves.
I am a decent, thoughtful human being… two qualities you sorely lack!
Okay, NOW you’re joking, right…?

I managed to talk Marion into going home, this place is getting more dangerous by the day.

Marion: Sorry, it’s just a habit to call you that!
Irving is missing, and you’re after the Eternal Poison.
Marion: Huh!? How did you know…?
Well, what’re you planning on doing about the situation?
Marion: I’m going to find Irving, and together, we’ll find the Eternal Poison.
I heard things are getting worse in your country…
Irving could be on his way home, for all you know.
You should go. Your people need you. Leave Irving to me.
Marion: Alright, if that’s what you want me to do… Uncle Rondie.
You’re a good girl, Marion.
Marion: Oh! Take this. You’ll need it more than I do.

Feinne’s Notes: Valkyrie is an awesome female only spear, which makes it great for Ares. Since we’re not using her, it’s not so useful this run.

Marion: I’ll return to my country now, Uncle Rondie. Good luck.

I wonder what other surprises Besek has in store for us…
- unknown