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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 80: Stratum 3: Release

What is not known is what use the Majin may have for the Eternal Poison, if it really exists.
- excerpt, Legends of Besek, Vol. 1

The Darkness

We headed out again. There was a dark path and a light one, and we headed for the darkness. At least it’s honest about what’s contained within.

Besek’s been shaking more and more every time we go out.

Video- “Release Lead In”

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I don’t like this place!
There are strange voices, and the air doesn’t feel right!
The air “doesn’t feel right”?
Yeah, there’s something different about it!
Do something, Rondemion!
Some things I have no control over.
But you’re the Hero of Legend!
Never say those words again.

It seems this part of Besek is even farther removed from reality.

Count, does the air feel different?
This domain is governed by the light and the darkness.
It responds to the unrest of the soul and the burdens of the mind. Unfavorably, I should add.
As we descend, the magic energy becomes more concentrated, and it affects the very air we breathe.
I see.
To the average person, especially one not used to the feeling, it can be quite dangerous. Be careful.
Yeah, I got it.
And I do believe our conversation has attracted some additional nuisances.
Eriel, get back.
O-Okay, Rondemion!!!

Still filled with Majin, though.

Video- “Release”

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Ally Team:
Normal team this time, though we do have some Majin set now. I bought an Unseelie for a whopping 20k gold, I’m going to need it later.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against two each of five different Majin here, just as we were way back in Ashley’s Tale. There are two Armatus, two Acrida, two Heefler, two Caer Lumen, and two Chiroptera. The Caer Lumen and Heefler are the big problems, since they can Release and execute Majin.


It’s almost like I always put tough characters up front unless I absolutely need someone who isn’t tough to advance really fast to break an Aura or something, crazy right?

Tactical Objectives:
- Violence.


And why’s that?
She will be sacrificed for Izzzzzzzzzzel!!!
Hahahahaha! The ritual is beginning…
The sacrifice!!!
For the rebirth of Izel!

Anyway we’re going to start out pushing ahead aggressively. It means we’ll have to fight an Acrida, Chiroptera, and Caer Lumen together but that’s not really a problem. We have brutal Strike attacks and both Caer Lumen and Chiroptera are quite vulnerable to them. Acrida casts on someone, but Chiroptera is the one who actually hits our lines first. It gets Fractured by Alexei, and I figure I’ll weaken it a bit with Rondemion for the final kill.

Something unexpected is happening…!

Speaking of something unexpected Rondemion finishes the Chiroptera off with an axe strike to the back. I’m sort of annoyed because I didn’t want to kill it quite yet but it does nicely solve the problem of dealing with three Majin at once.

Please tell me, who is the cause of this?
Hahahahaha! It is the work of a Falsin!
A greedy, greedy Falsin!

The game’s certainly not hiding shit it expects us to know now. My next goal is to take down Caer Lumen, since it’s got Release. My efforts to weaken it even get Yuri a level and the brutal Sacrasphere spell. Rondemion and Alexei smash it after our magical barrage, and both get a level. The Count levels up too when we capture it, getting S rank Air magic to better destroy Majin with. Now we’re going to start on Acrida, though we’ve also got a Chiroptera and Armatus coming towards us. Acrida is Fractured by Vivian’s Earth magic, which will make it much easier to drop. Meanwhile we also start dealing with Chiroptera, who reached our lines pretty quickly and was Fractured just as quickly by Rondemion’s Earth magic. Acrida runs away, so Chiroptera will be our next victim. Meanwhile Armatus is also at our lines so we shift Nena to start on it.

No! No! No! No! You will die here!
There’s only one way to deal with you creatures.

Velnor and Alexei smash Chiroptera, and Rondemion hits the Armatus hard. I go scoop up the bound Chiroptera with the Count, forgetting that Armatus can fly. It hits Nena hard, but when she doesn’t die I see opportunity to get her a bunch of experience. I also see opportunity for Alexei to knock the Acrida off, and I do. Velnor levels as we prepare for the efforts on the Armatus, and it’s put down by a Combo from Nena and Rondemion. Now it’s time to start advancing towards the bottom part of the map, I’m going to swing around instead of pushing through the upper part. The Count starts the show by Bleeding the first Heefler of the map with an Aerosphere. We push everyone down and our streak of luck continues when Vivian is able to Fracture the Heefler with a Terra II. Its final destiny is a brutal death at the hands of another Nena/Rondemion Combo. She gets a level when she captures it.

Nena’s got Aerosphere now, which really helps her versatility in these first two maps of Purgatory given how many Dark immune things are here.

What a pain…
Now, now, my dear hero, don’t get so impatient…

We’ve pushed ahead to the next set of Majin, it’s a Heefler and Acrida. Obviously Heefler will be the first target since it executes. Rondemion catches the first two spells, but we just lead some heals into him and push hard towards the Majin. Our lucky streak continues when we Fracture this Heefler the same way we did the other one, Vivian’s Terra II. We pour a bunch of heat into it and then cut it down with a Heroic Slash, leaving just an Acrida to deal with. Alexei Fractures it and then it falls to a Combo from Rondemion and the Count. Not much left now, just an Armatus and Caer Lumen up above us. We hit them both hard, but when Armatus runs away Caer Lumen gets our full attention. Rondemion and the Count finish it off, and Rondemion gets another level.

Rondemion is just getting tougher and tougher every level. We end things by frying the Armatus with Nena’s Dark magic. And that’s all she wrote.

A sacrifice? Do my ears deceive me?
I believe they’re trying to resurrect Izel…

Battle Result:

Rondemion 20->22
Duphaston 17->18
Yuri 15->16
Alexei 16->17
Nena 13->14
Velnor 15->16

Armatus Lv 16 x 1
Chiroptera Lv 17 x 1
Acrida Lv 16 x 2
Heefler Lv 18 x 2
Caer Lumen Lv 17 x 2



Things seem to be getting worse by the minute.

Video- “Release Lead Out”

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And what do you make of the Majin’s latest ravings?
It explains the changes in this place.
A ritual to resurrect Izel by sacrificing the Princess.
That’s the situation.
H-How can you be so calm!? The Princess’s life is in danger!
It’s not my concern. Hey, Eriel.
You might be too weak to continue. This place’s having an effect on you.
If the ritual continues, you’ll have to give up on the Eternal Poison.
What!? Why!?
Someone’s using it, trying to transform this place.
I may be wrong. It’s just a guess.
What is the basis for your hypothesis?
The Eternal Poison. If it’s as strong as they say, it’s probably to blame for what’s happening here.
I want to go on Rondemion! I’ll be fine!
You sure you can keep up?
I’ll be okay! I promise!

Now at least I have a real plan.

He’ll show up. He wouldn’t miss a chance to cause more trouble.
Let’s keep moving.

The Koona seem excited that we’re back.

Pata: Uoy evol Anook!

Most everyone seems convinced that Morpheus is dead.

Stein: However, it was slain by a great hero, and peace was restored to the world.
Ironically, this peace was shattered by humans warring against each other.
What is peace? That question will forever remain unanswered…

It seems we’re not the only ones noticing that Besek’s in bad shape.

When I arrived in town, the Koona surrounded me, chattering incessantly.
They’re simple creatures, but perhaps they’ve noticed a change in Besek.

I’m trying to convince Amelie she needs to get out of this place, it’s about to become very dangerous here.

I’m curious, when are you planning to go back to your homeland?
Amelie: Why do you ask?
Well, I don’t really see any reason for you to remain in Besek.
You should go home and do what you can to help the people there.
Amelie: But I’m…
Running away isn’t always a bad thing… but never coming back is.
Weren’t you on the front lines, fighting the winged ones?
Amelie: That’s…!
I can tell just by the way you move that you’re skilled with a sword.
I’m not saying that you should jump right back into battle…
But there’s nothing left for you to do out here.
Amelie: Let me think about it…

Kuni left for his home, probably for the best.

I’m alright.
Kuni: Well, I’m sorry, but the time has come for me to head back home.
I see…
Kuni: I got somethin’ for ya, for takin’ care of me.

Feinne’s Notes: The Robin is an interesting bow, it’s Female only so the only person who can use it is Irina.

Kuni: I couldn’t find what I was lookin’ for, so I guess that’s that.
What were you looking for?
Kuni: Yeah, I was wonderin’ the same thing!
Kuni: Good luck out there, buddy!

Turns out Misty works for the son of an old acquaintance.

So I didn’t know your master was Dylan.
Misty: You know him!?
Not exactly, but I’m an acquaintance of his father’s.
Misty: You know the Baron!? I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you were a—
No, I’m not an—
Misty: Please forgive me for speaking so casually to my superior!
Stop! I’m not an aristocrat like that fool master of yours.
Misty: I-I’m sorry…
And Master isn’t as bad as you think. He took me in when I had nowhere to go.
I’ll always be loyal to him for that.
I see…
Misty: Sorry to get serious all of a sudden.
It’s okay. I should get going, though.
Misty: Alright… See you later.

Nolstein is more and more annoying.

I want to know why you are in Besek.
Nolstein: Oh, that again.
Someone already asked you?
Nolstein: Your cute little assistant.
Nolstein: I’ve already told her, and I don’t like repeating myself.
If you want to know, ask her.
How arrogant…
Nolstein: Did you just say something?
I don’t like repeating myself.

I’m sure I’ve seen that guy we saved today somewhere before.

Shanglon: Thanks again for saving me. I’m lucky to be alive.

Shanglon: What are you staring at? Is there something between my teeth?
No, it’s not that…
Don’t I know you from somewhere?
Shanglon: You’re not going to ask me for money or a favor or something are you!?
No, I’m just sure we’ve met before.
Shanglon: Oh… well, I have a pretty terrible memory, so I don’t know.
Hm, too bad. Maybe it’ll come back to me…
Shanglon: I’m sorry.
Don’t worry about it.
Shanglon: Hey, would you mind if I stayed here and rested a bit longer?
That’s fine.

We’re headed back out into Besek soon, it’s time to push hard and end this all.
- unknown