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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 81: Stratum 3: Havoc

It is rumored that Morpheus may have had far greater motives than simple death and destruction for his actions in Westmoor.
- excerpt, The Saga of Rondemion

The Dark Lands

We continued on through the darkness.

As always the Majin were waiting.

Video- “Havoc”

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Ally Team:
We’ve got our normal mercenary team today, since we’ve got no need to use Majin here.

Enemy Team:
This map has a similar Majin mix to the last one. We’ve got a Thiefler, two Heefler, two Caer Lumen, three Chiroptera, and three Zerda. Again we need to watch for executes and Releases here with this mix.


We’re set up to push forward hard and fast, I need to get to the Thiefler pretty quickly to save the chests.

Tactical Objectives:
- Get the chests.


Majin of their stature are usually more intelligent.
But this ritual seems to be making them more… savage.
They’re always savage.
The powerful ones have the ability to reason, though.

We start out pushing towards the Chiroptera across the bridge as aggressively as we can. We need to kill him super fast to ensure we get to the Thiefler.

How interesting…
Rebirth! Rebirth!
The Princess shall be sacrificed for Izel!
Sacrifice the Princess…?
Too late! Izel shall be reborn!

We get a bunch of buffs down as Chiroptera comes in. We’ve already hit it with some magic by then, so it’s going to drop as soon as Rondemion gets a turn.

You, where’s Morpheus?
Izel shall be reborn again!
Tch! Useless Majin…

Chiroptera falls to an axe strike from Rondemion, clearing the way for us to push forward.

That’s why they’re spouting nonsense?
Ah yes, but it’s also making them more powerful.

We push ahead quickly. We expect to end up fighting a Heefler, a Chiroptera, and a Zerda while also getting ready to drop the Thiefler before it can get the near chest. That’s going to be tricky but it’s very possible. Heefler hits the Count with a spell, and luckily we’re able to get a heal on him before Chiroptera also goes for him. Rondemion moves up to flank around the two of them, and Fractures the bat with a Terra II. We take this opportunity to move the Count around to a better position, and then we drop a Meta II on the Heefler and Confuse it. We weaken the Chiroptera down to Overkill range with Alexei and potentially could Overkill the Heefler after a greatsword slash from Rondemion. Meanwhile Zerda is active and shooting, it’s bad but with only it really in play it’s no real threat. When Thiefler arrives on the scene, I have an Aerosphere all ready to weaken it.

Oh dear, are your old wounds causing you trouble…?
Shut up.

We chop the Thiefler in half with a Heroic Slash from Rondemion, which means we’ve got to consider the Heefler now. I really want this Thiefler and it’s not worth risking an Execute from the thing and I fry it with Vivian, who levels up. Alexei then knocks the Chiroptera to the moon, which gives us another potential problem because a Caer Lumen will be here soon. I plan to have the Count get Thiefler and the chest and everyone else is working on Zerda right now. The Count levels from the capture, and even with Caer Lumen coming in I risk potential releases by dropping Zerda with an Alexei/Rondemion Combo that gets Alexei a level. I get both captures off, but it does get Nena hit by the Caer Lumen and our progress has led a fresh Zerda to the party. After a bit of weakening we Combo the Caer Lumen down with Rondemion and Vivian, and in a crazy turn of events we get through the heavy resistance of the Zerda and Bleed it with an Aerosphere. It later falls to a Combo just like Caer Lumen did, and healing Vivian up gets Yuri a level.

Yuri and Nena are both getting close to unique skills, it’s super exciting. I start the Count towards the second chest, which lures a Chiroptera in towards him. I shift the whole party over to deal with it, no point crossing to the last set of Majin while it’s up.

I say, a Majin is insulting me…?
Your words were ill-chosen, you vile creature.
It is time for you to perish.

Chiroptera gets Fractured by Vivian and then Confused by Yuri’s Sacrasphere, after which I put it out of its misery with Rondemion, who levels up. Now it’s time to move across the bridge and deal with the last few Majin.

Izel means “Goddess” in the Majin tongue.
It is their greatest desire to see her reborn.

I’m going to split the party for the remaining Majin. The Count and Alexei will go to fight Heefler while Rondemion leads the fight against Zerda and eventually Caer Lumen. Heefler puts up a good fight but falls eventually to a Bonecrusher followed by a Grand Design on the now-Fractured enemy. Zerda falls to a Combo from Velnor and Rondemion, but Caer Lumen Releases it right away. While we struggle with the two of them, Velnor and Vivian get levels and Vivian gets Sealsphere. We Combo the Caer Lumen down with Rondemion and Vivian and the Zerda down with Nena. And that’s all she wrote.

The Majin are too focused on the rebirth of Izel.
They aren’t using their full mental faculties.
They’re blinded by the ritual.
It’s made them primitive.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 22->23
Duphaston 18->19
Alexei 17->18
Vivian 13->15
Yuri 16->17
Velnor 16->17

Thiefler Lv 16 x 1
Heefler Lv 18 x 1
Chiroptera Lv 17 x 2
Zerda Lv 19 x 3
Caer Lumen Lv 17 x 2



The Count is suspiciously well informed.

Video- “Havoc Lead Out”

Click For Video

What is Izel? Why are the Majin so excited?
Izel is the Goddess of the Majin.
She’s their creator and their protector. If she is reborn, it would be the ultimate source of delight for all Majin.
How does Besek fit in with her resurrection?
Now that is a separate matter altogether.
Izel created this realm, and without her presence in it, the Tetractis feels a great void.
The Tetractis?
That is the Majin word for Besek. It means “the Path to the Goddess.”
You see, the Majin are a part of this realm. The absence of their Goddess preys heavily on them. They need her…
I see.
And the Eternal Poison?
Ah, the Eternal Poison…

Even he doesn’t know much about the Eternal Poison, though.

Grant you power, huh? Haven’t heard that one before.
That is how the Church of Stag views the Eternal Poison.
Stag, huh?
Why does Eriel want it?
She’s from Stag. Somehow, I don’t think getting stronger’ll bring those villagers back to life.
Oh, my, that IS a curious state of affairs.
So the Majin want the power of their Goddess…
And humans want the power of the Eternal Poison.
I guess power is all anyone wants these days.
It’s odd how Besek serves both purposes at once.
Such an interesting observation. I guess that’s one way of looking at things.
But why do they need to sacrifice the Princess?
I wonder who’s behind this…

Still, this is a perfect opportunity.

Your conjecture is entertaining, but I believe you draw conclusions rather hastily.
He’s a sly Majin.
He may want to keep Izel’s power for himself.
But the rebirth of Izel is the shared desire of ALL Majin… What you suggest would be unthinkable.
There’s always one black sheep in the herd.
Let’s go.
(Such impressive insight…)
(But I’m afraid he’s a bit single-minded. It’s a shame he isn’t more… flexible…)

The Count is at least pretending to look into Morpheus for me.

Have you obtained any information about Morpheus?
I have asked the townsfolk about him, but no one appears to know anything.

Komori’s concerned about his daughter, which he should be in this terrible place.

Komori: Nena’s been looking troubled lately. What should I do?
And they say we shouldn’t try to pry details from our daughters either.
No matter how much a father wants to know… Hm, parenthood can be so hard.

I think Alexei’s just too hungry to die.

Alexei: The food here is delicious, but I must admit I could go for some home cooking.

Ares is considering leaving, I wouldn’t blame anyone who did at this point.

Ares: This place is starting to get a little boring…
I’ve been here too long.
It was exciting, but I can’t stay in once place for this long…
I’m not leaving quite yet, don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll see each other again…

Amelie went home. There was really never anything in Besek for her.

You come to a decision?
Amelie: I’ve decided to get out of here.
You’ve helped me open my eyes.
I believed that if I came to Besek, I could somehow find a way to… Well…
I wanted to save everyone in my homeland.
But I couldn’t. I thought I was doing good by staying here…
But that was just an illusion. I’ve got to face reality, right?
That’s right.
Amelie: My sword isn’t rusty yet, and I’ve definitely got some fight left in me.
Well, take care of yourself, okay?
Amelie: Yeah, I’ll be alright!
Oh, and would you please accept this?

Feinne’s Notes: This Gladius isn’t so much awesome in its own rights as it is a source for the incredible Blademaster skill, which makes swords more powerful for the user.

Amelie: It’s a gift for you.
Thanks… I’ll put it to good use. Farewell, Amelie.
Amelie: Goodbye, Mr. Rondemion!

Misty also returned home.

Hey, something on your mind?
Misty: Um, well…
The Baron sent me a letter to come back to the estate…
What about the idiot son?
Misty: Uh, he’s already back there.
How brave… Left his loyal maid behind to save himself.
Misty: It’s just how he is. You get used to his ways after a while.
Well, I’m going back now… but I wanted to say goodbye to you first.
You didn’t need to wait for me.
Misty: No, I must!
Thank you for everything, and please come visit us at the estate sometime!
Misty: I got something for you…

Feinne’s Notes: Ensorcelled is an awesome rapier for the Count, and it looks totally bitching.

Misty: I must be going now. Take care, Mr. Rondemion!

Nolstein also left, fortunately.

Eriel told me you’re leaving.
Nolstein: My servants have arrived to bring me home. You wish to bid a fond farewell?
Not really.
Nolstein: Well! I guess you weren’t taught how to behave in the presence of nobility!
And no one taught you to respect your elders!
Nolstein: Allow me to show you the integrity of my upbringing.

Feinne’s Notes: Flail is a male-only mace that’s just sort of okay.

Nolstein: Take this present and feel graced by my boundless generosity.

Nolstein: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my estate. Goodbye.

Shanglon’s getting better.

How’re you feeling?
Shanglon: A little better. You seem like you’re pretty busy.
Why do you say that?
Shanglon: Well, you have that girl with you… and the Count.
I can’t help but sympathize.
It’s alright… most of the time.
At least Eriel LISTENS to me!
The Count says and does whatever he wants, though.
Who knew that adults could be even more trouble than children…?
Shanglon: Hahaha! It sounds like a fun group, though.

Shanglon: You gotta learn to enjoy your hardships! Then they won’t be so hard!
Try it! Go out there and enjoy it a little!
If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be caught up in all this…

I have no idea how this kid got into Besek.

What is it?
Fungus: I-I want to thank you for saving me…
H-Here… Th-This is for you…

Feinne’s Notes: Aristocrat is an awesome pair of male-only shoes that are a solid upgrade to Sabatons in every way, and they’re going on Rondemion right now.

Hey, if you’re gonna be a man, you better start acting like one.
Fungus: O-Okay!
If you want to be stronger, start with the way you speak! Be more confident!
Once you fix that, you can start moving on to your other problems.
(Kids these days…)
Fungus: I-I’ll try my best! I do want to be stronger!
Good. You can start by going outside and swinging this sword 1,000 times!
Fungus: Wh-What?!
Just do it! Now, go!

This isn’t a game. This is deadly serious.
- unknown