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Part 83: Stratum 3: Bastion Part 2 Boss: Penumbra

While the official story suggested that Commander Rondemion died on the fields of Westmoor, there are many reports of his presence at great battles with the Majin after that day.
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia

The Darkness in the Light

If the Shade Dragon was going to stand in our way, then we’d have to cut it down.

Video- “Bastion Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Just as last time we’ve dropped Vivian, this time because we absolutely NEED to use a Majin later. Let’s look at something a bit more interesting, I’ve got new armor and skills for Rondemion.

The Quad and Hexa Resists on his gear stack with the Quad Resist he has naturally to make him damn hard to hurt with magic.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against the same enemies we were in Olifen’s Tale. There’s Penumbra, a Garuda, two Aquilas, two Armatus, and two Cephalocton. Let’s take a look at the big guy again.

Penumbra differs from Doom Shade mainly in his focus. He’s not quite as strong a Dark caster (though he’s got all the moves to be one) but he hits harder up close. He’s vulnerable to Fire, Earth, and Slash attacks. Watch out for his Tailstrike special, it can Fracture.


We deploy to a flank, we don’t want to fight more Majin than we have to in this. We won’t summon Unseelie until we’re close.

Tactical Objectives:
- Smash Penumbra


We start out with an aggressive charge towards the nearest Majin, an Aquila. Only the Count actually gets range to do much, hitting it with an Aero. It then moves in to hit him, so we’re not going to be able to move forward until we’ve dealt with it. Meanwhile an Armatus is coming up the middle towards us and a Cephalocthon is slowly moving up after buffing itself with Salva.

Damn you, where is it?
I’m not foolish enough to answer that.
Hand it over, and maybe I’ll spare your life!

We can’t get much in range of the Aquila this turn, and when Armatus starts approaching from the rear of my party I start shifting everyone but the Count and Rondemion to start dealing with it.

Ah, so you are the fool who still chases Morpheus.
I don’t care about the wants of the deceased.

We slowly whittle away at the Aquila so that it’ll be ready to die by the time Armatus is, and we hit Armatus hard with all the fury our magic can muster. We also block its attempt to slip past our lines using its flight with Velnor. Cephalocthon starts casting on the Count but doesn’t have the power to do that much damage to him. After a second round of magical attack Armatus is ready to drop to and in position for a Combo from Alexei and Velnor, who finish it off. Rondemion then does the same to the Aquila he’s been tickling with his greatsword, allowing us to burst past to the Cephalocthon.

All Majin in Besek rejoice.
After the ritual, we will find true delight!

We’re going to pour all of our firepower into Cephalocthon, we’re past caring about capturing things that aren’t Penumbra. By the way, we really want to capture him because selling him provides the best Greatsword in the game and he’d be crazy expensive if we had to buy him.

If you don’t know where he is, I have no use for you.
Ah, but I have a use for you… I shall devour you!

We even hit the Cephalocthon with a Combo, but it ends up being Nena who finishes the job with her Malus magic. It just dies, but that’s fine by me because we need to get to work on the boss sooner rather than later.

I know.
Light magic from an Unseelie.
Ah, very astute…

This is almost as much of a dick move as the Aura from Doom Shade, because while it’s harder to capture a Second Stratum Guardian I guess it’s entirely possible to come to this map without having access to an Unseelie. You need to buy one if you’re coming from Purgatory. We push forward to the center of the map, we’re expecting to fight a Garuda and Aquila here. We pour everything we have into Garuda, and it ends up having to heal itself rather than getting an opportunity to slip into my lines.

I’m sure you have many enemies from your Hero days.
No Majin who’s encountered me has lived to tell the tale.

All the healing in the world doesn’t end up saving Garuda, though, and Rondemion cuts it down with Heroic Slash and levels up. Now we start on the Aquila, our last obstacle. Velnor gets a level out of being hit by it, and we easily get it down to near death. We’re doing so well I summon Unseelie while it’s still up to break the Aura faster. This turned out to be justified, because my next attack dropped it. Unseelie goes up and shoots Penumbra with it’s longbow Light Attack, breaking the Aura. And now it’s on.

I’ll continue until I find Morpheus.
A fool’s quest. You won’t find him anywhere.
I have no reason to believe such an ignorant Majin.

Penumbra starts its show by throwing down with a Malusphere, but really there’s very little one big Majin can do on its own that’s a threat. We just heal through all the magic and wear the big guy down before cutting it in half with a Combo from Rondemion and Alexei. Nena gets a level from the capture, which is good since we’ll need her for Luxaphel’s Aura.

But defeating me changes nothing! The ritual…!
Hmph, it’s too late for you, worthless Majin.
Don’t make me laugh! Vahahahahahaha!
We’ve come this far…
But we have yet to gain any new information.
I don’t think the Majin are hiding anything.
They just don’t know.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 24->25
Nena 15->16
Velnor 17->18

Penumbra Lv 22 x 1
Aquila Lv 18 x 1
Armatus Lv 18 x 1



I think we’re almost done here.

Video- “Bastion Lead Out”

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Hey, Rondemion.
Is Morpheus reeeeeeallly in Besek?
What do you mean?
Cause whenever we ask the Majin, they don’t know.
I’m certain here’s here.
Why’re you so sure, though?
You don’t need to know that.
Geeeeeeeez, everyone’s always leaving me out!
I find myself agreeing with Miss Eriel’s sentiments.
I too believe Morpheus is not within Besek.

This is getting very tiresome.

A hunch?
It’s the Eternal Poison.
He’s here, looking for it.
And how can you be positive of this?
It’s a hunch.
Well, I can sense this conversation is not moving in a productive direction…
If you two want to leave, I’m not stopping you.
You can look after Eriel for a change.
Oh, my, you ARE direct, aren’t you…?
I want to go with you, Rondemion!
Then stop your bickering.
Talking wastes time.
Hey, wait for us!
Is it my imagination, or does our friend seem a bit irritable?
I don’t know WHAT’S wrong with him…

This game is coming closer and closer to its inevitable end.

With Basil here, I was forced to leave my estate in the care of the Koona.
They have such limited mental faculties… I hope it’s alright…

The Koona are really strange, I’m not sure what they even are.

Ossa: Ruos etsat Anook…!

And unfortunately for Velnor, I’m done fighting someone else’s war.

Velnor: Count Duphaston told me that you’re very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Once you find what you’re looking for, would you be interested in a job?
You’re a mercenary, right? My country could use a strong warrior like you.
War between Stag and Valdia could break out at any moment. We must prepare!

Eriel helps a lot of people around here.

Irina: Would you please send young Eriel my humble regards?
She assisted me a few days ago and was very helpful.

Nena seems to have gotten over her grudge against the Majin.

Nena: I know I must become stronger if I’m going to accomplish anything.
I now realize that I don’t have to destroy the Majin.
I need to move on from revenge and find a real purpose in life!

Shanglon moved on today, given what’s coming that was smart.

The Count is driving me crazy, AND I have to babysit the kid.
Shanglon: Hey, it builds character, right!?
He complains like a mule! First, his clothes are dusty, then he’s tired…
Once he said he wanted to go home because he was bored!
He’s getting on my nerves.
Shanglon: Hahaha! That guy is a real work of art.
You need to learn to find the humor in such things, you know?
Hearing about it’s a lot different than having to put up with it.
The Count’s a giant headache.
Shanglon: Well, I’d love to hear more but…
You’re leaving?
Shanglon: I’m feeling better, and I should get moving now.
Shanglon: I want you to have this.

Feinne’s Notes: Dragonscale is pretty much the best Leather armor a male can use.

Shanglon: I’ve enjoyed our talks. Thanks for everything.
Take care out there.

That girl we saved earlier didn’t really need saving I think.

You could say that.
Alice: Thank you so much!
Will you please accept this gift?

Feinne’s Notes: Witch is an awesome librum but it’s Female only, so we’ve not got much use for it here.

Are you sure?
Alice: Of course! You saved my life.
Thank you.
Alice: Can I ask you a question?
Go ahead.
Alice: Did you see a white Koona around here?
I… can’t say that I have.
Alice: Nevermind then. Sorry if that was a strange question.
Anyways, I’m late. I have to get going now!

I’m late too. Twenty-five years late to a reckoning for what happened that day.
- unknown