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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 87: Stratum 3: Release

Within Besek time does not progress orderly from then to now. It is a river that flows both ways.

The Librum Restored

Video- “Morpheus Lead In”

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The foolish king who fell in love with a goddess…

He tried so hard to bring her back into this world.

And each time he failed time repeated itself, like an echo.

But this time, there’s something different. In my hands is the great book, restored to its true form!

Librum Aurora.

Share with me your secrets, and open the doorway to the gods!



The Majin Count

Muse: If you have some free time, please come watch me dance!

Leon: Huh? No way, I haven’t done anything! I’m straight as an arrow these days!
I better get going. I have some work to do!

Basil: Understood. I will handle affairs here in Isapolis for as long as you need.

Shivan: A difficult path lies ahead of you…

Feinne’s Notes: Morpheus’ Tale Edition
Okay, so Morpheus’ Tale is different than any other. We have no mercenaries and only Morpheus as a story character. We start with a pretty solid set of Majin in our librum and 200k gold to buy more if we want them. We’ve got some great stuff, so there’s not much need to buy much for use at the moment. What we do want to do is buy a Manti Gigas and Thiefler, because we want the sale items from them. The Thiefler gives us Gale boots, which are +80 SPD and + 1 Movement. And the Manti Gigas? The Ancient amulet, which makes the wearer totally immune to status. You could also go with Sabatons instead of Gale I guess if you are more concerned about defenses than movement range.

Morpheus has the same physical maps but different Majin sets than everyone else, I’ll do Purgatory first then Sanctuary to buy myself more time for second runs of other Tales.

Video- “Release Lead In”

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Ever and ever endeavoring to be the puppetmaster of our labors… pulling strings and pushing buttons…
Join me, my honored guest, my old friend. What lies before us now is the final revelation.
The grand curtain has risen. Please, do take your seat…
I should like you there to witness the end. And who knows? Perhaps you may yet play a role in our performance…

Video- “Release”

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Ally Team:
Well, first thing is we have Morpheus. He’s our Main Character and the only normal character we get. This time I’m taking things more seriously than I really need to and start out with a Garuda, Unseelie, and Zerda backing him up. I really only needed the Unseelie at most, though.

Enemy Team:
We’ve got two each of three types of Majin. There are Aranea, Gladelash, and Velox. These Majin are slightly different, though, because they’ve undergone a palette swap and now have Emancipate. This means they can’t be Overkilled, so there’s no worrying about captures here.


Nothing to this, melee in the front and ranged in the back.


Unseelie is awesome in Morpheus’ Tale, even more so than in any other Tale. This is because it can drop Salva on him, which can keep him healed pretty well. Anyway we’re pushing up to start slashing through these Majin filth.

The Librum Aurora? Why do you have it!?
It’s complicated.
Morpheus!? Traitor!
Ha! You’re talking in your sleep…
Why do you side with the Falsin?
Hmph, there’s no use explaining it to you.

The Majin nearby are advancing on our position, and now it’s time to attack.

Death to the traitor!
Let’s see you try…

Morpheus goes to fight with the Aranea while the rest of the Majin go to hold the Gladelash. Thanks to Morpheus’ high Counter rate he cuts the Aranea down pretty quickly, which is good because a Velox has also joined the fun. Still, Gladelash is the next to fall, dying to a Sacrasphere. This lets us advance more into the middle of the map to fight the first Velox and the second Aranea. We weaken both so Morpheus can mop them up.

It’s always the weak ones who cry the loudest…
How dare you, traitor!

We put Velox down with some Malus magic and then move up to the Aranea, who is already hurt badly. It attacks Morpheus and dies to his Counter. We Primal Slash the last Velox and then cut it down with our next attack, but annoyingly a Counter from Garuda kills the last Gladelash and robs Morpheus of a bit of experience. Oh well, he’ll get plenty next time.

It is now strong enough for the task…

Battle Result:


Video- “Release Lead Out”

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As sarcastic as always, Duphaston?
Or should I say… Morpheus?
Oh, but you may call me “D”… as always.
Is there something I might help you with, My Princess?
I see you’ve decided to take care of things directly. What made you change your mind?
Let us say, an unanticipated circumstance has spurred me to take matters into my own hands.
An “unanticipated circumstance”…?
The reanimation of our good King Valdus.
What are you saying?
The King hasn’t been killed… Why would he need to be brought back to life…?
Has it not occurred to you that events are reiterating? I’ve decided to name this phenomenon the Echo of Time.
What? Is this another one of your games?

(It seems she really doesn’t know…)
Well, all in all, if you’ve decided to take action, then… I’m content.
You must stop my father’s plans.
Stop his plans?

I see…
So I can count on you?
Oh, but of course, My Princess. If that is your command, then I am but your willing servant.

Basil: The hot spring construction plan… I’m sorry but it hasn’t begun yet.

Shivan: What is your wish, and why do you seek it?
Your desires do not reflect in your eyes, for you have no human spirit.

Muse: You must have a lot to do! Could it be a girlfriend, perhaps?

Leon: You’re always out and about. Have you met a special lady?