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Part 88: Stratum 3: Havoc

The dark tome Librum Aurora is a work of pure evil best left forgotten.

The Book of Dawn

Video- “Havoc”

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Ally Team:
I’m going to start with Morpheus backed up by an Unseelie for Salva and that’s it. Anything more gives these enemy Majin more credit than they deserve.

Enemy Team:
Very similar to what we faced last time, except that the Gladelash are replaced by Armatus and Vespula gets added to the mix. The Ancient amulet that makes Morpheus immune to status also negates the threats most of these things pose.


Morpheus goes as far forward as possible for quick and brutal beatings.


Why are you here!?
If you’re trying to disrupt the ritual, you can die!
Hmph, the ramblings of mere vermin.
If you’re eager to die, come on then!

Morpheus advances on the Armatus ahead and opens up on it with some Dark magic. We then shoot it with Unseelie as well. It moves in to hit Morpheus, and an Aranea is also coming in to join the fun.

Crumble before Izel’s gaze!
You first.

So my plan here is to hold off on buffing Morpheus until he actually gets hit by an enemy, no point doing it when he’s not even hurt. I’ll just have Unseelie attack in the meantime.

Perish! Disappear!
There’s a great rift separating our strength!
Care for a demonstration!?

Morpheus hits the Armatus with a normal attack, and gets a level out of it. No new skills, just more uses of his skills that we won’t get to use this map. Unseelie shoots at the Aranea, who hasn’t reached us yet. When it moves behind the Armatus, I throw Morpheus’ Sacrasphere at them both. This leaves Armatus at critical health, and does respectable damage to the Aranea as well. I’m also ready to Salva Morpheus, because he’s not at full health thanks to that level he gained and I’m likely to be hit by at least one of the two Majin that’s about to attack him.

That was never my intention, you fools!

Armatus is cut down by Morpheus with disdainful ease, and now I sit and wait because Aranea is also low and I can’t risk killing it with Unseelie.

You know it’s important, Morpheus!
And that’s why it’s in my hands. Not yours.

Aranea falls next, and this lets us push ahead to the middle of the map. The Vespula and Velox there are going to be our next targets. They start attacking Morpheus, but when Unseelie starts approaching they move to it instead. I decide to keep Unseelie around a bit longer and heal it at the same time by using one of the Majin organs we’ve been provided with. These special Majin-only healing items also restore Turns to them, and let Morpheus go off to grab an item while Unseelie continues to delay.

It’s too powerful for any of you to hold.
Then we’ll take it by force.
Isn’t that why we’re fighting…?
You should know, though…
You’re only helping restore it to its full power.
It was drained when this realm was summoned…
And I thank you for helping me return its strength.

The Vespula pulls back after hitting Unseelie again, and Unseelie nearly cuts the Velox in half with its Light Attack. Morpheus scoops up the Elixir from the chest and heads back to rejoin the party, heading over to deal with the Vespula. He’s so fast he deals out two attacks on it and kills it before it even gets to react to his presence, and he then heads up north and ices the Velox as well with a Dark spell. We move up to the absolute center of the map where we’ll end up fighting a Vespula and Armatus now. Unseelie gets one last shot off before disappearing, we won’t need it any more. After a brutal dance in the middle of the map Armatus falls and we can move on to Vespula. Morpheus levels up from it as well.

Morpheus gets Evade II this levels, so he’s up to something like 50%/10%/50% evasion now. I heal Morpheus up and get ready to move on to the Vespula. Annoyingly the Velox also starts moving in to shoot at him from across the chasm, I need to deal with this quickly and efficiently. Morpheus moves so far he can move from the front of a Majin to its rear unless the way is totally blocked, so Vespula quickly falls to our physical attacks. This then lets us move on to Velox, who we Primal Slash and then down with a Dark spell. This lets us move on to the Aranea, who we outclass horribly and tear to pieces. This gets us a level, and this time I’ll show the status from after the map so you can see the new casts of things as well.

Morpheus nicely filled out number of casts of different things over those levels, and this level he gained S rank in Dark magic and the brutal Sacraspire spell. Sacraspire is incredible because it’s got Malusphere-like power, Aerosphere-like range, and can Seal targets.

Battle Result:

Morpheus 17->20


Video- “Havoc Lead Out”

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It’s spent centuries wasting away, hidden deep within the library at Castle Valdia… condemned as a forbidden tome.
Of course there’s a wholly sensible reason it should be “forbidden”…
Mark well, it is the only librum capable of summoning Besek.
How does one such as I come to possess this powerful artifact, you might ask?
In truth, I convinced the fair Princess Lenarshe to retrieve it for me. This was AFTER Besek had been summoned, of course.
I knew of Valdus’s obsession with Izel. He had experimented with the librum years earlier… unsuccessfully.
He’d sacrificed Queen Thage already, and with two daughters rapidly coming of age, it was all too clear why he summoned Besek.
I knew he had not abandoned his dream of resurrecting Izel, and thus, it was time to deprive him of his librum.
Now, my dear guest, it is time to journey onward.
There is much more to see and much less time in which to see it…

Basil: Ah, speaking of which, the Koona were throwing quite a fit in town earlier.
I’m afraid I don’t know what it’s all about… Perhaps you should ask them.

Leon: Are they doing good work for you? You always seem to be angry with them.
You sure are rough when you’re angry. I guess I better watch out too…

Muse: What IS it?
I think I’ll name my next dance after it…

Shivan: The wheels of destiny are turning, and the librum has opened its gaping maw.