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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 89: Stratum 3: Perdition

Though this information is secondhand and unreliable at best, one report from Besek suggested that the legends of the Eternal Poison merely paper over a terrible truth behind its existence.

From Here To Eternity

Video- “Perdition”

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Ally Team:
It’s just Morpheus this time. We’ll summon some support as we go but starting with it out is just a waste.

Enemy Team:
Similar types of Majin as we’ve seen. We’ve got two Vespula, two Gladelash, two Armatus, and two Pyromotes. Nothing heals, and of course these Pyromotes don’t Release because nothing here can be bound.


I find one is the loneliest number.


Learn your place, weakling. Run while you still can.
We won’t allow you to pass.
Hmph, we’ll see about that.
I’ll strike you down where you stand.

Morpheus moves up and summons in an Unseelie behind him. This lets us start one in range to act and not waste one of its Turns moving and doing nothing else useful.

Die and join your power with hers.
I hate to disappoint you…
But you’ll be dead long before me.

Our first engagement will be with two Armatus and a Pyromote. None of these things is a real threat to Morpheus even together, especially when we throw a Salva buff on him.

Her rebirth has no benefit for Falsin…
I see…

The Majin attack Morpheus and suffer some consequences for it, one getting Countered and both getting smashed hard by a Sacraspire since they set themselves up nicely for one. One of them is a bit higher in health and getting ready to sneak behind to Unseelie anyway, so it gets shot.

You shall be sustenance for Izel.
She is a dream. She doesn’t exist.
You are deluded! You speak in lies!

The one Armatus slips past and hits Unseelie, but its friend isn’t so lucky and dies to a Counter from Morpheus. He heads over to work on the other one, who continues on Unseelie and is joined by the Pyromote. It shoots the snail in reply, doing much more significant damage.

Burn in the embers of Hell, like the trash you are.
You! Are! TRASH!

Morpheus smashes the second Armatus and then moves up to deal with the Pyromote. A second shot takes it down to near death and Morpheus finishes the job. I send Unseelie back at this point, I don’t feel like healing it if it gets hurt again and it’s about to leave on its own anyway. Morpheus runs over to grab a chest and then summons up a Lapis Slyph for more support. This is really an ideal Majin for these purposes because it has two casts of Salva and Cura II. In this phase of the map we’ll be fighting a Vespula and Gladelash.

We’ll rip your body to shreds, Morpheus!
Are you really so eager to die?

The Vespula and Gladelash go for Lapis Sylph, since it’s certainly a softer target than the big man. That’s okay, though, they’re neither of them long for this world.

The hall of Izel’s rebirth.
I see…

Gladelash gets fried by a Sacraspire, which lets us focus our bad medicine on Vespula. After some magic and brutal attacks from big poppa it dies and he levels up. Nothing new or exciting except that his stats just get more and more awesome. Now we push on to the last three Majin, which consist of a Gladelash, Vespula, and Pyromote. Vespula comes in first, which was a really terrible idea for it. We cut it down long before either other Majin is able to really support it. Then Gladelash dies, then Pyromote dies. I don’t think we really need a play-by-play for a bloodbath.

Battle Result:

Morpheus 20->21


Video- “Perdition Lead Out”

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Is it completely restored? Has its power truly reached its limit?
This dark librum, with its ability to capture Majin… It feeds upon the energy of their souls.
It plays an integral part in the quest for the Eternal Poison, of course. After all, their origins are quite similar…
Although, I should warn you, I cannot claim to know everything. There are many mysteries yet to be unmasked. But know this…
Now that the librum has been restored, thanks to my “hero” friends’ assistance, its full potential can now be harnessed.
And of my many speculations, there’s one about whose truthfulness I am certain…
Because Valdus summoned Besek, he has become the ruler of this realm.
And that is why the Throne of God is connected to Castle Valdia. That is how he can be in two places at once.
And as the one who summoned Besek, the Eternal Poison should already be in his possession.
However, I have no clue what this means, exactly.
Mark well, though… How the Librum Aurora is connected to the Eternal Poison remains a mystery, even to me.
And WHAT the Eternal Poison truly is… well…
Perhaps all will be revealed as we travel deeper…
Oh well, it would seem Besek is beckoning us onward.
Let us continue with our journey.

Leon: I haven’t seen you in a while. Have you been scouting around Besek?
I bet you’re looking for the Eternal Poison, eh?
Now I’m curious what you want to wish for…!

Shivan: Legends were never originally meant to be passed down…
They were created to hide something. The Eternal Poison is no different…

Basil: Indeed, it does seem that Besek’s been even stranger than usual lately…

Muse: Are you looking for that legendary Eternal Poison?
If you find it, save some for me too, okay?