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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 90: Stratum 3: Anathema Part 1

I write this so that some future civilization may understand what occurred here. If it has THEY ARE COMIN
- excerpt, The Fall of Alea

Illusions of Grandeur

Video- “Anathema Lead In”

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It’s a chaos known as the rebirth of Izel.
These foolish Majin are drowning in excitement.
But hope presses on…
In the eyes of that chaos, truth might be obtained.

Video- “Anathema Part 1”

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Ally Team:
Just Morpheus. I won’t even need help this time.

Enemy Team:
Two Armatus, two Pyromotes, and two Chiroptera. They’re all clownshoes.


Going to deploy at the flank to charge one of the Armatus at the start.


Treacherous Morpheus…!
Die! Die! Die!
*yawn * How pathetic…
I shall end your lives quickly, fools.

We run Morpheus right up and hit the Armatus on the right side with a Malus IV. It moves in but can’t manage a hit on Morpheus through his Evade skills.

I don’t think so.
You will not be forgiven for your betrayal!

So my plan is not to linger on this side but instead to drag this Armatus towards the other side, by the time I get there it’ll be dead.

If you value your lives, then begone.
You are the vermin, traitor!

We execute this plan with pretty brutal effect, Armatus can’t land a hit and we just take it apart and move on to the next one.

Traitors deserve to die.
We shall welcome Izel by devouring your body.
I’ve had enough of you.

The next Armatus comes in and we hit it with more magic. It continues the trend of Majin failing to hit Morpheus and is Countered, which is bad news for it.

Hahaha, why don’t you feed us then!?
Such mindless beasts…

We put it down with another spell, getting Morpheus a level. Then we move him up to the upper level to delay the approach of a Chiroptera who took an interest in him. We drop a Sacrasphere on it as it approaches, and once again it can’t land a hit on Morpheus, dying without inflicting a single point of damage. We head up top and exchange spells with Pyromote, finally taking a minor amount of damage.

How could you forget such a simple thing?
She is the reason for our existence.

For its insolence we put down Pyromote with a brutal crit and start moving on to the second Chiroptera. It manages to hit Morpheus but ensures its demise by provoking a Counter when it does, and it turns out killing both Chiropteras was the secondary objective so map over.

Battle Result:

Morpheus 21->22


Let’s get this over with quick.
Traitor! How dare you enter this realm!

I demand to know why you have committed such treachery!
I have no allegiance to you.
Why do you ally yourself with the Falsin?
They are not my wards.
I do as I please…
I will not be fooled by the delusions of Izel.