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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 91: Stratum 3: Anathema Part 2 Boss: King Bellion

The hour of humanity is spent. Our doom is now writ large upon the very skies.
- excerpt, The Fall of Alea

Big Damn Heroes

Video- “Anathema Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Morpheus will start joined by an Unseelie, since we will be right in combat with some Chiropteras.

Enemy Team:
Four Chiropteras join King Bellion, who despite certain guides has the Emancipate skill and therefore cannot be captured. He also has no Demon Aura, so we can just go to town when we reach him.


We deploy hard to a side, we’d like to avoid a Chiroptera if we can.


We immediately get Morpheus stuck in on a nearby Chiroptera. No point wasting time. He levels up, which gets him S rank Light magic. It fires back, and I’m sure the last map gives you some idea how well THAT goes for these things.

How can you judge my actions?
Haven’t they reflected what we Majin truly are at heart?

The general plan here is to clear out all of the Chiropteras before we touch Bellion.

I’m ordering you to get out of my way.
Ha! You’ve lost all claim to ordering Majin around!

We keep going on the first Chiroptera even as a friend of its starts coming in. Unseelie pops a buff on Morpheus and while it does attract some negative attention for this, we are able to splatter the first Chiroptera and move to provide it a safe pocket to attack from in the same action. Unseelie shoots some arrows and Morpheus swings away at the bat, I want to save some Light magic for the King.

But if you continue to interfere with me…
I will have no problem with tearing you limb from limb.

We put down the Chiroptera, which is starting to get us to the end of Unseelie’s lifetime. That’s not a problem, though.

What, this thing? I will use it to kill Valdus!
He summoned Besek with this book…
And only IT can destroy him once and for all!
Of course, I needed it to be fully restored, first…
I had some Falsin help me with that. Hahahaha!
I’m sure they’ve met you already.
In a previous Echo, I’m sure you made it into this book!
Isn’t that ironic? You helped restore this librum to power!
All traitors will feel Izel’s wrath!

We unleash some magic on a third Chiroptera, who is starting to come in. We blast it down and summon up a Lapis Sylph to support our showdown with the lion.

Hahahaha! Your insolence never ceases to amaze me!
I will enjoy delivering your punishment!

We buff up Morpheus and he runs in, Sealing the King with a Sacraspire. Then it gets Bled by Lapis Sylph’s magic, which is pretty much all she wrote.

You continue down the path towards your own destruction.
The rebirth of Izel is near. Your efforts are futile.
Those warnings come from ignorance. They mean nothing.
I don’t care bout Izel, reborn or not.
How dare you…!
I am only interested in killing a foolish Falsin.
Step aside, or I’ll kill you too.
Your arrogance will be the death of you, Morpheus!

Battle Result:

Morpheus 22->23


Video- “Anathema Lead Out”

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Besek, you shall not order me around like some frightened pageboy.
I guess even YOU get tired of the noises.
Well, now… this IS a treat…

We can skip the formalities.
Ah, difficult as always. And what can I do for you today?
No matter how many times the King’s defeated, he doesn’t disappear.
Ah, but how are YOU aware of the King’s nasty little habit of resurrecting…?
I’m the one asking the questions.
Well, then I must inform you that I don’t quite know all the answers… yet…
However, I HAVE noted that there’s a direct connection between his death and the Echo of Time.
The “Echo of Time”? Are you saying when he dies, time reverses, and he comes back to life?
Yes, although the details of this process are entirely speculative…
Of course.
In any case, only upon meeting the King again will this issue be resolved.
Are you strong enough to find the truth?
Ah, would I be standing before you if it were not the case…?

Why, My Princess, of course not.
That fool was consumed by his own greed, and it led him to mistreat my brethren. He must be stopped.
And he shall die by my hand!
You’ve known for years that he’s been planning this, and you did nothing.
Are you taking responsibility now?
At the risk of abandoning all humility and sounding completely heroic… Yes, I’m taking responsibility for my previous inaction.

Muse: I’m sure you’re really busy, but you should slow down a bit, okay?

Basil: Oh, will you be leaving again?
Understood. I will handle affairs here in Isapolis for as long as you need.
Please be careful, Master. Godspeed to you.

Shivan: Stop this cycle of events, or our world will cease to be.

Leon: Something in Besek’s got the Koona real scared…
DO you know what’s happening?