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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 92: Stratum 4: Sovereign Boss: ???

Nobody could have foreseen when he became King that Archmage Belfour would be the last to bear the ceremonial name of ‘Valdus’.

The Beginning of the End

Never trust a Majin to get things done.

Video- “Sovereign Lead In”

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And how does this day find you… My Liege?
Duphaston? Why are YOU here?
The ritual is in progress, and Lenarshe has already been sacrificed.
Izel will be reborn very shortly.
Do you really believe I have an interest in such things?
Izel’s resurrection means nothing to me.
Don’t you want the power of the Majin?
Power, huh? Don’t you know who I am…?
Tsk tsk… Your Highness, you’ve truly managed to let your guard down this time…
*gasp * You’re…!

So YOU were the one disguised as Duphaston…! I didn’t trust the Count. He hasn’t been himself lately.
I did my best to imitate him. Nevertheless…
You knew I could change my form… take the shape of any Falsin. And yet you didn’t suspect it was me?
And this is not our first meeting in this room. I’ve already defeated you once, with Rondemion at my side.
I guess when time repeats in Besek, even YOU don’t remember everything from the past…
No matter.
Are you ready to settle this?
You came all the way here just to die?
You should’ve stayed in hiding. You might’ve lived a little longer…!
Hope you aren’t too disappointed, but you’re the one who’s going to die.
And this time, I’ll make sure you can never be resurrected again.
Ha! Prepare yourself, monster! This throne room will be your grave!

Video- “Sovereign”

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Ally Team:
Morpheus will be joined first by an Unseelie and later by a Lapis Sylph this time around, it’s a good support setup.

Enemy Team:
King Valdus is joined now by two each of Armatus, Chiroptera, and Aquila. We’ll face these Majin in groups of one each at a time. Anyway, let’s look at what the King does this time.

This King doesn’t really specialize in anything. He’s got Air and Earth magic and Fire and Water Attacks, with Metasphere to round things out. He’s pretty resistant to elemental magic but not Light or Dark. His only real vulnerability is Pierce attacks, which Morpheus of course has access to.


I’d not ever really tried until this time but it turns you can’t even deploy in the middle here because there’s a gap in the floor that forces you to advance on a flank.


Hmph, you could never grasp the extent of my power.
Pathetic monster, die!
Your greed has already consumed you…!
I’ll strike the final blow!

Morpheus starts out charging towards the near Armatus and blasts it with some magic. We buff Morpheus up, because this is about to get increasingly hairy. Armatus comes in, it’s our first new friend.

And you? You’re but a ghost of your former self.
Now… only corruption.

An Aquila and Chiroptera are also coming, and the Aquila puts itself in a great position from my perspective.

The Goddess will not smile upon your hideous face.
You think she’ll forgive what you’re trying to do here…?
You won’t live long enough to know how it all ends.

We blast the both of them with a Sacraphere and then start shooting at the Aquila with Unseelie. Armatus attacks again and falls to a Counter, getting Morpheus a level. The Chiroptera reaches Morpheus this turn and after a few exchanges both it and Aquila fall to a Sacraspire, letting us move to the middle of the map to fight the next triplet.

How have you been resurrected so many times?
Why does time echo down the halls of Besek and repeat?
You expect me to answer that?
You think you can understand the Eternal Poison?

The first Majin coming is a Chiroptera, and we blast it with a Sacraspire as it comes in then cut it down with a brutal back attack. The Armatus and Aquila come in, so we shoot the Armatus with our Unseelie’s last action then summon Lapis Sylph. Morpheus moves up to play with these new guys, they actually seem to prefer to attack him rather than go chase the Sylph and that’s just fine by us.

Do you plan on killing him as well, in your madness?
Of course. I have no use for ties to the past.

We smash the Armatus first, because it’s pretty weak. Aquila will be our next target.

Why would a Majin ask me such a question?
If you must know…
I plan to be rid of all the Majin, forever!

Ha ha ha oh my god you have no idea how funny that’s about to be. Anyway we blast Aquila down and Morpheus gets a second level on the map. Now we’re ready for the King. The game just at this point expects you to understand you’re supposed to hit him with Primal Slash to break his Aura. Once we’ve done that, we start throwing all of Morpheus’ magic into the King. This prevents us from being Countered by the King, which would be kind of bad.

Without Lenarshe, Izel cannot be reborn.
My bood flows through her, and she is worthy.
She should be honored.

We keep things going on the King, we even throw the Lapis Sylph into melee just to scrape out the extra damage. This doesn’t really work out well, though, since it gets itself Countered.

Why do you ask?
So I don’t make the same mistake twice.

We just keep pounding away at Valdus. When the Sylph gets too injured we just send it back, and as he starts to weaken we get ready to finish the job with physicals.

What are you saying?
You are too primitive to ever understand.

You know what? We’re done with this bastard. Five times is plenty, so say goodbye to Valdus for the last time.

The Echo of Time has to be broken now.
I won’t be destroyed by the likes of you, monster!
It’s too late.
Breathe your last breath, and disappear forever.
It’s too late, Morpheus!
Izel is reborn.
My dream has been achieved!
Wh-What!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Battle Result:

Morpheus 23->25


If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself it seems.

Video- “Sovereign Lead Out”

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But why does Besek continue to howl!? Why does it not disappear?
I’ve defeated King Valdus!
Didn’t you listen to his last words?
My Princess!
He said Izel’s already awakened.
Ah, but the King is slain. Should the ritual not be disrupted?
I don’t know…
But our tales ended differently.
Huh? Do you DO know of the Echo of Time…?
That’s not important right now.
I see. And what is so different between our tales?
The Goddess Statue.
The statue of Atona isn’t destroyed.
Do you know what that means?

Huh…? But why here!?
I’ve been waiting for this.

It’s time to see how it all ends.