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Part 94: Better Know A Majin: Caprus

Better Know A Majin: Caprus

Name: Caprus
Meaning: Caprus’ name derives from the Latin word for ‘ram’.
Appearance: Caprus are a relatively traditional goat-man design. They’re armed with a large two-pronged claw weapon.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Medium
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Very Low
Vulnerabilities: Caprus are very vulnerable to Fire and Light, but take half damage from Dark skills. They’re also somewhat vulnerable to slashing and piercing physicals.
Skills: Caprus rarely have active skills. Higher level versions often have passives like Critical, however.
Special Notes: Higher level versions of Caprus are often armed with a spearing attack instead of their normal Shredder, allowing them to threaten a two square area in front of them.
Tactical Assessment: Caprus is, in general, one of the least threatening forms of Majin we can encounter. They’re relatively slow and have no magic or special movement abilities, so they’re very easy to keep bottled up in our melee while we massacre them with physical attacks or magic. To add insult to injury, they don’t even hit very hard for a Majin that relies totally on physical attacks.
Threat Level: Low