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Part 95: Better Know A Majin: Apis

Better Know A Majin: Apis

Name: Apis
Meaning: Apis is Latin for ‘bee’.
Appearance: Apis are large, bulbous hornet shaped Majin.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Low
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Very Low
Vulnerabilities: Apis are very vulnerable to Fire, and are not particularly resistant to anything.
Skills: Low level Apis have no skills at all. They later on will get some skills that augment their physical attacks.
Special Notes: Apis are Flying movement type, which allows them to bypass certain types of terrain and dodge around our ability to control areas. They also have a 2-4 square ranged attack like a Shortbow.
Tactical Assessment: Apis are either almost meaningless or very threatening depending on the situation. They’re very dangerous if we’ve got vulnerable casters like Thage, because they can attack them with near impunity. In Ashley’s story, though, Apis are pretty trivial to swat out of the sky.
Threat Level: Low/Medium