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Part 96: Better Know A Majin: Nightwalker

Better Know A Majin: Nightwalker

Name: Nightwalker
Meaning: English derivation.
Appearance: Nightwalker is a black mechanical creature with four legs. They attack by charging.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Low
Magical Power: Low
Magical Defenses: Very Low
Vulnerabilities: Nightwalkers, as with all mechanical Majin, are vulnerable to Strike attacks. They’re also critically vulnerable to Sacra attacks, making them doubly screwed when Ashley takes the field.
Skills: Nightwalkers will have level appropriate Malus skills and resistance to Dark attacks for sure. Keep them away from anyone who’s not going to be able to withstand magic.
Special Notes: In Ashley’s story this is the first Majin we see with magic.
Tactical Assessment: Nightwalkers may have magic, but they’re really no threat. They tend to have very few casts of whatever spells they have access to, and they’re very easy to defeat once we’ve got them engaged. Just make sure they don’t get to unleash a big Malus spell on someone who’s weak to Darkness.
Threat Level: Low